Befriends Spoilers
Seasons 6 - 12


Seasons 6

127. - "Ang 43, Bow!" - Something never change about the two groups. Still their noisy, clumsy, and dependent. but one thing that never change in the is the friendship.
128. - "He's a Hater, Baby, a Hater" - Jay seems to be angry from the two boys of The_Bandidhos...they just depending on their love one's and not caring about their project to be passed.
130. - "Dang Noir" - Rachel just always seems to be fooled by her friends for her being black in the class...luckily, she didn't get mad to the situation.
131. - "One Big Bad Trip" - Day gone bad when Dang feel hatred with her mother, Jay been hatred too by his mother with his coming birthday. Aiza feel bad too for the Ronel and Mafe relationship.
132. - "Fright-quake" - Late at night when all of the people and even the two group feel the intensity of earthquake.
133. - "Gift Wrapped" - Natuwa si Jay at Melanie nang bigyan sila ng munting regalo ni JS at EP... isang small na shake-a-shake at isang handkerchief.
134. - "Debut-not" - Sa galit ng sis ni Jay, may pagkakataong baka hindi matuloy ang handaan nito.Natatakot si Jay sa mangyayari sa darating na kaarawan.
135. - "Cheat Chat" - AS caught Ever use his cap as cover for his 'micro codes'. AS just warn him and nothing to say. But that thing happen seem bad when he knows that he was failed for his subject.
136. - "Gina-grado" - Two group shock their grade for being failed of it in other subjects, luckily in other their grades are in good conditions.
137. - "Prof-ing Time" - After the classes ended, the two groups need to talk with their prof about their current grades s
o that no one can ever got failed subjects.They need to use their charm to impress the prof to pass them.
138. - "Cry Ko 'To" - members of two group shock when they hear the real story that they're teacher hold their grade. Some cry and some panic of this situation.
139. - "Passed Out" - Dahil sa hirap ng pagkuha ng mataas ng grado kay Ms. Annie, napipilitang si Jay, Jefryl, at Melanie na tulungan si EP na ipasa ang ilan sa kanila.
140. - "My Three Jay" - Jay help the group in their grade but his tempt cant fight anymore when it begun to struggle to his friends that he help their grade.
141. - "Danny's Angels" - Laking gulat ng dalawa sa Alfha_Chufafis ang pag-alis ni DVV sa CS, kaya minabuti nilang kausapin ito at pakiusapang tumagal muna bago sila makagraduate.
142. - "Cash-ayahan" - Sa kakaunting pera ay nagawa ni Jay na i-celebrate ang kanyang debut ng simple at maayos.
143. - "When Happy Turn Saddy" - While in a celebration, Rheni text saying that she can't make to attend at the party because no space for her...but truly, it's not true. We love her!!!
144. - "Sex Marketing Liar" - Isang misteryosang babae ang naiwan sa party at nakiusap na makitulog,hindi nila alam na ang babaeng ito ay sinungaling at mahilig magpa-ikot ng tao. Samantala, isang lalaking nagngangalan Ivan ang pumasok sa buhay ng dalwang grupo.
145. - "Love To Be Friends" - Sa paglalakad ni Ef, Jelai at Jay, nakasalubong nila si Jepoi at sinamahan nila ito para bumili ng gamit sa bahay.
146. - "Cinco Llagas" - All are shocked when they know they're failing grade in one subject. Depressed the feeling, they just went drunk to forget the misery.
147. - "Cam and See" - Because of Redeemer, Fino, Lhori, and Jay borrowed the web cam of him to take picture of them and their family.
148. - "Pay En Roll" - The next semester is coming and the worth nightmare of every student is to pay a big amount for their tuition.
149. - "For Tea Three" - Kahit na hirap pinilit ng dalawang grupo na makapasok at gumawa ng isang seksyon na puwede sa kanila sa huling pagkakataon, ang CS-43.
150. - "I'm Doing My Job" - [La Conte 150th episode] - Isang semester na naman ang papasok sa buhay ng dalwang grupo, ngunit kelangan nila na maghanap ng isang trabaho para sa pangangailangan nila sa kanilang araw-araw na financial problem.
151. - "Next Episode (Part 1)" - Karamihan sa dalawang grupo ay handa na para sa pasukan sa susunod na buwan...Ang ilan sa kanila ay nakapag-enroll na kahit wala pa sa master list.
152. - "Next Episode (Part 2)" - Kahit wala pa sa master list ang ilan ay di nila alintana kung ano man ang mangyari sa kanilang ginawang pag-eenroll....Handa na sila para sa susunod na hamon ng kanilang buhay.

Seasons 7

153. - "The Adventure of CS-43"
- More truth and consequence to come in time where the two group realizes their do's and don'ts in their school.
154. - "Gee, I'm Afraid of the Bunny" - Bad day para kay Ef ang Byernes dahil nagkaroon sila ng revelation ni RBF dahil sa isang bintang na di naman nya ginawa.
155. - "Lost and Ground" - "Opposition Power Failure" - Supporting the student 43 by the opposition, the two groups seems to get their power in the faculty loose because of one by one leaving and resigning of the professor in opposition side in the faculty.
156. - "Numerical Ni Numeriko" - Tama ang hinala ng Alfha_Chufafis na si RB ang kanilang magiging guro sa Numerical Method.
157. - "The Tale of A Stroke Teacher" - Being consider as one of the administration side, LA almost collapsed and stroke for having a bad mood for her broken schedule.
158. - "Secrets and Scars" - More unrevealed truth are found in the floor of our school and more heart that will hurt in this coming days that will also affects the Grand Design in the school.
159. - "Everybody Loves Elmer" - Even EP takes a leave in the school of Jay, Melanie, and all the groups, he seems not to forgot the showbiz life in the school. So he contact their friendship and even us to take some information about what's in and latest....
160. - "Money Test Problem" - Having a day without class, Jay and Melanie have their day without any support in the opponents, Jay decided went to JS and EP to get some support from them.
170. - "Pakiramdam Ko Siya Nga!" - Muling nagkita at nagparamdam kay Jay ang matagal na nitong inibig na si Ken. Sa hindi sinasadyang pagkakataon, nagkita sila at nagngitian.
171. - "Admin Win" - Almost all of administration except DVV holding the two groups in their subjects this coming semester.
172. - "Don't Answer The Phone" - Having a trouble with his fone, Jay must keep himself stop using first his fone.
173. - "Teach The Teacher" - Not knowing the knowledge of professor of two group, their teacher must seem to find a new learning from their students.
174. - "The Mis-Understood of 43" - Some information that been channeling by the two groups are sometimes wrong that causes them to report a worng news.
175. - "Another Headache" - "Headache Come, and Again" - More adventure and experience again will confront the two group like the Star City adventure again.
176. - "The War Against Friends" - Ang dating magkaibigan na si Jay at Melanie ay nagkaroon ng isang little war na nagdadala sa kanila ng hindi magandang samahan.
177. - "Monkey Business" - Jay and Ef make their way to solve their financial problem by helping their prof for buying things and others.
178. - "Phone-atic" - Isang masayang araw para kay Jay dahil sa pagkakaroon niya ng bagong selpon.
179. - "Quiz it Low" - When Rheni helped JB for answering her quiz, she and JB got their first ever classcard to their prof for being rude.
180. - "Project in the City" - The two groups been using their all effort to make their first project in one of their subject.
181. - "Pinocchio: Star For All Season" - The two groups enjoy the day when they came to Star City and have fun.
182. - "A Simple Party" - Having a vacation, some of group got themselves in a party held by their professor.
183. - "Midnight To Remember" - Some of the two group celebrate their "Simbang Gabi" together at the Tondo Church, some complete the 9 day and others not.
184. - "Okay Ka Rob Place Ko.." - Christmas came and Lhori, Fino, Aiza and Jay decided to watch Enteng Kabisote in the Robinson Place even if the people are crowded.
185. - "Higit Pa Sa Tsunami (I)" - More truth and revelation come when the Alfha_Chufafis and The_Bandidhos face the ending of the year. They encounter more chikas that they don't know before.
186. - "Higit Pa Sa Tsunami (II)" - Pregnancy issue again, The reunion, reconciliation, and more projects too come will be the bad weather for the two groups.

Seasons 8

187. - "There's Something About CS"
- Having fun and excitement of everyone, they don't realized that all happy things in their life got a special surprise that cause them to worry so much.
188. - "In Search of an Impolite Friend" - Jay, accompanied by Jelai and Ef had a great time watching and strolling at Robinson's Place.
189. - "Feast-e Ka Sa Buhay Ko" - "43 Reunite" - Nagdaan ang Piyesta ng Tondo at tila nagkaroon ng isang pagpupulong ang Alfha_Chupafis at The_bAndidHos dahil sa di inaasahang pagkikita nilang muli.
190. - "Secret's Untold, Secret's Refold" - More unrevealing secrets are revealed when the feast come and more feeling are hurts for having relationship with their love ones.
191. - "It's Autorun-atic" - Having the problem of autorun thing, FPJ (Ef, Panton, Jay) got themselves no one to help according to their system to be passed on that same day.
192. - "The Big Bad Day" - Bad Day for Aiza and Melanie because of having a recitation abruptly.
193. - "Quiz Another Day" - Having busy for their graduation thing, the two groups also busy for their coming exams in their school.
194. - "The Platinum" - Jay, Aiza, Mai, Empoy, Buboi, Fino, Lhori with Rheni and Cecille join the party when they discover the new site to fun, the Platinum.
195. - "Wag Na Init Ulo Baby" - Temper become over when Lhori got herself in the end of the line, when the 'Black student' got their way to pass their requirement in graduation.
196. - "Japanerang si Jenny" - Long lost friends Jenny met her old friendship in their manor. Ef, Empoy, Ever, Melanie, Jepoi together with Jay, Ivan Boy, Grace Paragas, Ivan Girl, Cherry, Michelle Cabrera and Bhea are come together in this events.
197. - "The Deliveration Show" - The two group must find a way how to get passed in the two Midterm that coming from their lives before they graduated.
198. - "Ang Laki ng Avon Mo" - Dahil sa isa sa nabunot si Jay sa raffle ng Avon, ninais nitong mapunta para alamin ang gift nya.
199. - "Cheaper by the Computer" - Jay, Aiza, and Dhang must find a way how to make their thesis by borrowing others computer
200. - "Memory of the Wall" - [La Conte 200th episodes] - Some two group got their very own reunion at the Wall of Intramuros. They talked about the things that come to their lives and things that will come sooner and sooner more.
201. - "Extreme Makeover Graduation Edition" - CS-43, 5th year enjoy themselves as they have a pictorial on their graduation events. They did makeover to emphasize more their face when in the front of camera.
202. - "Ang Dulas ng Dilang Makati" - Halos mautal si Jay nang hindi nito maalala kung paano sasabihin sa mudra ni Dhang kung magkano lahat ang bayarin sa kanilang graduation
203. - "Movie Maniac" - Kinilig sa palabas na "Let The Love Begin" sina Aiza, Dhang, Lhori, Fino na ginanap sa SM Manila.
204. - "Defense @ 50" - Having thesis before they graduate, the groups proof that they learn much in the school and present their 50% system in progress.
205. - "There's Gonna Be More To Pay" - Before things get on the graduating day, the groups must pay how much will cost in their graduating events.
206. - "Free Ricky" - Pagkatapos ng klase ay nanlibre si Ricky sa ilang grupo ng Alfha_Chufafis at The_Bandidhos. Nagpunta sila sa Intramuros para mag-Walling.
207. - "The Tarot Never Lies" - Jay tries his luck by seeing how will his future will be by reading in tarot card, he try it with his friends.
208. - "Life of Being Empoy" - Empoy being addicted to her job by and expected to be a new supervisor in the shop.
209. - "Phantom of Friendship" - Friendship tries in the group when Redeemer got his true feeling by being groups with Lhori.
210. - "The New Three" - After the silent war of Redeemer and Lhori, Jay, Aiza at Lhori are now reconstituted and become the new group.
211. - "The Friend, The Faculty, The Foe" - Jay and Melanie got their war start, elsewhere the other group problem their project in the other subject. Bad Season Ender.

Season 9

212. - "Preacher Teacher" -
Being a graduating student, the group face their teacher's best weapon, our project. Their all at the same time want to pass their project before the gathering thing will arrive.
213. - "Project 6" - Dahil sa pagiging busy ng bawat isa, ang dalawang grupo ay di inaasahan ang magiging desisyon ng kanilang guro ukol sa ginawa nilang project.
214. - "The Spy Who Shagged Us" - Inisip ng dalawang grupo na meron isa sa kanila na nagsabi sa kanilang grupo ukol sa nasabing proyekto.
215. - "Fast and RUSHious" - When defense will held tommorow, the two group had their different way how to deal with their project.
216. - "TPL EPAL" - Halos di magkandaugaga ang dalang grupo dahil sa mga proyekto nila, dahil sumbabay ba ang guro nila sa TPL sa pagpasa ng mga proyekto.
217. - "Danny Don't Lose" - Mr. DVV almost lost his temper when the computer 4th year student where the one who hates Mr. DVV.
218. - "Big Dome Show" - Jay and Ef almost lose their breath when they reach Araneta and see the concert of Christian Bautista. They got also been exposed on the big screen while on the show.
219. - "Panel for the Month" - Halos di makapaniwala na ang dating Jelai ay isa nang panelist sa nangyaring defense sa thesis..
220. - "Samahang Chufafis" - Kahit masyadong hectic ang lahat ng schedule at preparation ng mga grupo ay di nila nakakalimutan ang kanilang pag-kekeep in touch.
221. - "Overnyt Overhype" - When the groups planned overnyt everynight, they almost got hype to get sleep.
222. - "Aiza Tipalok" - "Listen To Me" - Dahil sa di pakikinig nila Empoy, Buboy, at Dang ay natipalok (natalapid) si Aiza sa isang iskinita kung saan maraming tao.
223. - "The Fifty Five Pesos" - The thesis make a great effect when the two group require to gave 55pesos.
224. - "Numerical Failure" - When they've realized that LA is going to take them seriously, the two groups are getting ready for the removal exam they have to passed.
225. - "Toga De Boda" - The group get their TOGA and suprised other of their person.
226. - "Three Faces of Danny" - DVV almost lost his temper when the fifth year show up late in their right time.
227. - "Anda Street" - The groups are losing their strength when they find out that they also losing their money just to make it on top.
228. - "Away Nanay" - Nasampal ng di oras ng galit na ina si Jay dahil sa balang nitong pagsagot, di nya ito masyado na bigyang pansin dahil sa sobrang pagod sa paglalaba at paggawa ng project ng mga nagdaang araw.
229. - "Kahit Kelan Pasaway" - Dahl sa pagiging pasaway, na-late sa pagkuha ng class picture and grupo dahilan para sila makakuha ng kanilang larawan ng sama-sama at huli sa pagdefense sina Ef at Jane dahilang gumawa pa sila ng poweroint ng kanilang proyekto.
230. - "Keep on Ballin'" - "Reunion Never Dies" - When Graduation Ball party came, the group takes the chance to celebrate their reunion as friendship and make some poster signing and dedication thingy.
231. - "Mass Sozy" - The Baccalaureate Mass of all graduating student including the two groups, held at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Church. All of the students are wearing their own toga.
232. - "Halukay Ukay" - "We Love UK" - Jay and other member of the group appreciate some of the Ukay-ukay dress for the upcoming graduation.
233. - "Hard Tickets" - When all the graduating student are now facing the graduation events, they're almost lost all their patience because of slow processing of their papers to get the ticket for the graduation.
234. - "Wanted Perfect Prof" - Being naughty and pasaway in the school, the groups thanks a lot for all their prof. They also have some picture taking outside in the school.
235. - "CountDown DownTown" - Bago naganap ang graduation, marami ang mga klasmeyt, sa mga krush, at lahat...halos ay busy kaya di masyado makausap ang bawat isa sa amin ng kung sino lang.
236. - "Graduated Finally...The Celebration" - Nakapagtapos ng maayos lahat, nagkaroon ng ilang kasiyahan at may mga taong bumati at nagparamdam at nagpabalita.

Season 10

237. - "Aloha Toga" - Halos magmadali ang bawat isa sa pagsauli ng toga dahil sa araw-araw itong kinakaltasan ng 30 pesos.
238. - "Christening" - "Eurey's Day" - Kasama si Empoy, Jay, Buboy, Fino, Jonna, Mark at Ever, dumalo sila sa binyang ng anak ni Jeff at Eunice na si Eurey. Nagkaroon ng kaunting inuman at ilang harutan.Minsan ay nagkakahiyaan.
239. - "Trabaho.Com" - Dahil sa busy ng paghahanap ng mga trabaho, halos hindi na masyado nakakagala ang dalawang grupo, ni hindi nila magawang magkita-kita.
240. - "Arrested Requirement" - Pagod at hirap ang naranasan ni Jay, Aiza, at Fino sa pagkuha ng requirement para sa kanilang pagtatrabahuhan.
241. - "Visita Iglesia" - Empoy and John Mar make themselves a war in the middle of Visita Iglesia because of Empoy's cellphone.
242. - "What's With The Blue Eyes" - Jay against try for the first time to used his blue contact lens.
243. - "Ang Bagong Alias" - "Name Beneath The Wings" - Pagkatapos dumaan ang Easter Sunday, nagkaroon ng mga alias ang mga grupo ng Alfha_Chufafis at The_Bandidhos.
244. - "Trabaho Sa Tamo" - Halos masyadong na-focus ang intensyon ng grupo ng malaman nila ang tanggapan sa Pasong Tamo.
245. - "Ang Libog na, Pasaway na, Tsismoso Pa!" - Halos magkandawala sina Jay, Aiza, Dang, at Buboy dahil sa di alam ni Buboy ang mga dapat applyan, lalong lumala ng magkaroon ng hulihan ng paninda sa Quiapo at halos si Buboy ay tila tsismosong nakikinig.
246. - "The Wrong Job" - "Call The Applicant" - Jay, Aiza, Dang, Lhori, and Melanie realized that they been applying for a customer service applicant not the encoder thing
247. - "Jay I Am" - With only Melanie at his side, Jay try to face his fear by going to Quezon City Hall with himself to apply for some jobs.
248. - "Ka-Burke" - Having confident with themselves, the group got job in the agency in the Burke Building.
249. - "Halimaw sa Mata" - Halos maging halimaw si Lhori ng magkaroon sila ng maliit na alitan ni Dang.Di sa intensyon na gawin ito ni Lhora, ay nagawa pa rin ni Dang na magwalk out.
250. - "Job Never Been on Sun...For Free" - [La Conte 250th episodes] - Even the groups are busy doing the applicant thing, they didn't forget to have fun and they planned to make a swimming thing to have fun.
251. - "Don't Disturb Us" - "We're On the Job... I Guess" - Dealing with their different kind of job in hiring, the groups are all busy and cannot be disturb, no happenings and events where affect all the other member.
252. - "You'll Never Walk-Out Alone" - Dahil sa 'she said, he said' issue ni Fino at Lhori, they both try to walk out in the middle of job fair, but certainly only of them walk-out finally.
253. - "La Konti Ang Tsismis" - No topic and issues for the past few days dahil sa di halos nagkikita ang lahat at di nagkakaroon ng pagkakataong mag-usap-usap.
254. - "Find Stuff" - Applying another new job, Findstaff Company want Jay and canton to make a proposal for the site to get the job.
255. - "Way To Go Lhori" - Sa 'pagpupunyagi' ni Lhori ay nakahanap ito ng trabaho sa tulong ni Armida. Medyo namahalan lang sila sa presyo ng pa-medical.
256. - "Dream, Believe, Goodbye" - Halos maniwala sina Buboy at Aiza sa mapapasukan nilang trabaho ngunit nagulat sila na parang Starstruck at SCQ ang mangyayari sa kanila.
257. - "Alfha_La Chicas" - Andami chika ang kumakalata khit di nagkikita ang lahat, andyan na si Jonna ay 3 mos. na buntis, si Empoy ay may utang na di mabayaran at si Mai ay magpapabinyag sa April 24.
258. - "Crazy In Boys" - Halos parehas ng maligaya ngaun si Melanie at Jane dahil pareha silang magkakaroon ng pagkakataong magkaroon ng lalaki sa buhay.
259. - "2GO or Not 2GO" - Dahil kay Jay ay muling nagkaroon ng gana si Buboy at Fino para mag-aaply muli sa isang Cargo Office na kung saan tinadtad naman sila sa tanong.
260. - "Christening II" - "Tagay Para Kay Andrea Soriano" - Sina Jay, Fino, Empoy, Rheni, Carol, Mark, at Ivan Boy kasama si Buboy at Ever ay biniyagan ang anak ni Mai at Conrad na si Andrea, pagkatapos ng bininyagan ay kasiyahan to the max ang lahat.
261. - "Waiting For Your Call" - Wanting to get the job that given by the Topserve, Jay, Buboy, and Fino wait every day just to answer the phone.

Season 11

262. - "Happy Bday, Aiza" - Party never stop when Aiza celebrate her 23rd birthday at her home. Some of the group joined the party.
263. - "Over Pasaway" - Dahil sa over pasaway si Buboy ay di nakapagtimpi si Jay at iniwan nya ito ng ngagalit kay Buboy dahil sa paggamit ng telepono habang andun ang mudra ni Jay.
264. - "Aiza In Field Job" - Swerte ni Aiza sa isang inapplyan nya dahil sa pagkakaroon nito ng trabaho sa bilang Field Work.
265. - "Jay And Buboy, You're In" - Parang SCQ and nangyari ng makapasok si Jaya at Bubba sa inapplyan nilang trabaho sa Aboitiz.
266. - "Sa Iyo Ang Handaan" - Naicelebrate ni Mean ang bday nya sa isang simpleng inuman at habang si Jay ay di inimbitahan, na syang busy naman kung saan hahanapin si Buboy.
267. - "Grabe Sa VIP" - Dahil sa inis ay di na hinintay ni Jay si Buboy, although na kelangan nya ang tulong nito.
268. - "The Power of Friends" - Even hectics of every schedules, the group got their first ever again when they met again at their school where they graduated college. They got their diplomas, pic and went on missing everyone.
269. - "First Day...Not" - "Ayoko Ng Ganitong Job" - When Buboy and Jay start they're first day training in their job, they didn't come back on the next day because of companies do's and don'ts .
270. - "Balitang Bandichufafis (I)" - Jack and Buboy got together again on the third time around. Aiza got resigned in her job for she doesn't still paid yet in her job. Lhori want another job and want to quit in her present job.
271. - "Finally Fino" - The time where Fino want a job is come and that for all, he just got the job when times that he will celebrate his b-day and their town fiesta.
272. - "Still More Agency" - Tila hindi pa rin tinigilan ni Jay ang pag-aaply nito sa agency ngaun kasma pa nito si Ef.
273. - "Once In A Love Time" - Balik sa buhay ni Ef ang kanyang jowang si Jak, ganun din ang sitwasyon ni Jelai sa kanyang jowa in far na si Ronald.
274. - "Balitang Bandichufafis (II)" - Kinagulat ni Jay nang malaman nito ang balitang truely daw na pregnant si Jonna dahil nakita ito ni Elvin.
275. - "School News In Behind" - Nakuha ni LM ang posisyon ni RK, samantala wala na raw si RBF sa skul. Isa sa tsika na nagfile si *** ng case at isa isa na tanggal ang mga pumirma at nais magtanggal sa kanya noon.
276. - "The New Job On The Block" - Nagbabalak ngaun si Jay na makapasok sa isa sa kaibigan ng ate nya sa opisina nito sa isang call center. Samantala busy sya sa darating na exam sa Paranque bilang Software Library Staff. Si Melanie naman ang mukhang makakatanggap ng trabaho na inayawan ni Jay at Buboy.
277. - "The Liar is a Pregnant...Daw!" - Jonna want to knew to her bunch of friendship that she has a baby when the right time came, she remain silent when the issue about her having a baby discussed.
278. - "Christening III" - "A Simple Reunion" - The party in christening is happened, it is happy for the two couples that their baby is now a christian.
279. - "Jay In Pasig" - Jay survive the job interview on Pasig and will be deployed on Robinson Ortigas.
280. - "When Jay Strikes Again" - Jay with the help of Melanie find a job that almost make him stay in there, missing his family, friends, and culture, Jay goes back in his hometown.
281. - "Thursday is Friendship Day" - di pa rin nahinto ang pagkikita ng magkaibigan lalo na sina Jay, Ef at Jelai na nagkikita tuwing saint jude day..
282. - "To Market with Friends" - Lani (Melanie) together with Jay and Aiza got themselves in MarketMarket.
283. - "The Unlimited Show" - The newly unlimited of globe makes the globe friendship stay in bonding.
284. - "Ang Kaibigan Ko Sa San Lazaro....SM!!!" - Kita-kita ang magkakaibigan sa SM San Lazaro to stroll and take pictures.

Season 12

285. - "Still Unlimited and Texting" - When unlimited is still running, the lost friendship of two groups are still connected to each other.
286. - "Job Done For Job None" - Jay is in secret meeting with his sister that here in the Philippines that hiding in Jay's mother for family problem.
287. - "Mas Chicas" - Exequiel (Buboy) got the job of installer but seems he don't want it, Eliza (Aiza) got her job too. while Melanie been sad because her phone is been snatched at SM Megamall.
288. - "Salary For Cause" - Melanie and Efrelyn feel sad when they realized that their first salary is a training allowance only.
289. - "Balitang Bandichufhafis (III)" - Jelai got scold by her father and her father want to get out in their home. Meanwhile the group will held a meeting where they have to see Jonna who now is done for her birth of her beautiful baby boy to Mark Tan.
290. - "Hip/Trunks" - Ricky consult Jay to buy his new trunks for the incoming of his outing with the company.
291. - "Love at First Sight" - New apple of the eye is what Jay is in mind when he meet his what he called Dad in Nagtahan named Dharryl Aljer.
292. - "Unlimited is Over" - Globe user will be back to normal for their having no unlimited at all.
293. - "As Fuck For Love" - Jay got himself in a serious relationship when he met Dharryl Aljer and made a decision for himself give in to temptation and lust for love.
294. - "We Ain't Over Yet" - Shock but enjoy, the globe friendship knew that Globe Unlimited is been extended for at least one month again. The happier in this event is they extend the unlimited into: P15/1 day, P25/2 days, and P50/5 days, so the friendship keep their bonding together again.
295. - "Boyfriends Issue #1" - Lanie got herself back in her ex-boyfriend, Glenn. Meanwhile Jelai goes badtrip when she didn't text by his boyfriend that is busy for his varsity. Lhori is worried when her boyfriend Fino got sick and didn't went to his job for almost 4 days.
296. - "Fun Job" - Buboy got lucky when he knew his first salary is much in his job, he decided to treat his girlfriend, Jacqueline to buy a new phone. Meanwhile, Elaine got also a job in a warehouse where she almost walk it because it is near in her home.
297. - "Lola Ef" - Another year came when Ef celebrate her 23rd birthday.
298. - "The Ghost on The Phone" - Jepoy who is knew as ghost on the class was coming back as ghost on the phone.
290. - "Wala na...Tapos na!!!" - The time has come to end the Globe TxtNonStop Unlimited promo. Seems the day will be back in ordinary texting.
300. - "Forbidden Friends" - [La Conte 300th episodes] - Dahil sa trabaho, wala ng koneksyon ang ilang magkakaibigan na nagsisilbing kwento sa storya na ito. Samantalang ang karamihan naman sa kanila ay mukhang nakakalimutan na ang dati nilang mga pinagsamahan.
301. - "Undiscovered" - "Aiming Premiere" - Unexpected that they watch movie, Jay need a help to watch a premiere night at SM Manila with his friend Jelai, Eliza, and Melanie. Unluckily after the show, they been stranded because of the rain.
302. - "Akala Ko Wala na!?" - The Globe unlimited program continues but seems that their program is not too friendly to all subscribers..
303. - "Jepoy: Back in the Future" - Jepoy back in to the group after the long rest in his day.
304. - "Slow Season in Year" - No issues and chismax been happened for the past months and days on the groups.