Witches Greetings 

These are some of the common greetings used by witches:
Merry meet A common Wiccan greeting, sometimes abbreviated MM.
Merry part A common Wiccan parting, sometimes-abbreviated MP.
Blessed be A common Wiccan greeting and parting, sometimes abbreviated bb. Sometimes you will here jokes about blessed bees.
LL New Age and Witchcraft greeting and parting, meaning LOVE AND LIGHT. Sometimes you will hear jokes with different meanings for the two L, such as lust and licks.
Em Hotep Egyptian greeting. Translates into “in peace” or “in love”.
93 Thelmic greeting. “It’s the Gematria (numerology) for the word thelma (Will) and Agape (Love), used as a Thelmic greeting.”, according to Snakedaddy156. “93 is the numeric value of the Greek words for Love and Will. 93 is shorthand for ‘Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the Law. Love under Will.’ ”, according to Cerridwyns Fire.

Book of Shadows

The Wicca ABC's - we define witches as wicca (modern witch), and these page explain the simplest meaning.
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Wiccan Rede - Witch rules and regulations
The Spell - The entire meaning of spell and some spell you can use
Casting A Circle - Your circle is important
List of Gods and Goddesses - Your Deities
Witches Powers - Can you handle these
Herbal Knowledge - medical knowledge
SALEM Witchcraft Trials - Remembering Old Salem (1690)
Magical Creature and Beings - Other beings connected to witches