Season 8 Spoilers


8.01. Still Charmed and Kicking - Sunday September 25, 2005

                     The sisters and Leo cast a spell so that only their loved ones can see their true identities. Everyone else will see them differently and believe they are the Charmed Ones' cousins, Julie, Jenny and Jo Bennet. The new order of demons mentioned earlier are named the Young Turks.

                     The episode opens with a wake at the manor. Victor greets the mourners. The sisters are still morphing in order not to be uncovered. Victor is overwhelmed by all of this but the sisters remind him they are alive and free. Paul Haas, a darkly handsome man in his late 20’s, is at the manor and starts chatting with Victor asking if there was ever an official cause of death, if the police found Leo, etc. He seems to be interested in the manor as well… In the Underworld, a new generation of demons (in their 20s with rock star looks), rejoices when they learn the sisters are dead as no one, except other demons, will be able to stop them now. They want to establish a foothold in the mortal world and what better foothold then the manor? Agent Keyes is ready to go back to D.C. even though he admits the case isn’t really closed. He has Agent Murphy stay behind to keep an eye on things. An Elder visits Victor to talk about Wyatt and Chris. Victor is in charge of P3 but it seems Piper is somehow working there too. Elise, leprechauns, Little Wyatt, and Leo appear in the episode. It seems Jason Lewis’s character will be named Dex and will be in this episode. Kaley Cuoco's character seems to be named Billie, and if we are not mistaken about her character, she will be in this episode.

8.02. Malice In Wonderland - Expected Sunday October 2, 2005

                        This episode will feature Phoebe narrating à la Sex and the City. Per Piper's suggestion, Phoebe pursues Dex. She also ponders on her future child (which she saw in her vision quest). Haas and his gang, including a female demon named Black Heart, take possession of the remains of Magic School. Haas still isn't sure the Charmed Ones are dead, which is why he has Black Heart lure teenagers to him by using the "Alice in Wonderland" tale in the hope it will force the sisters out of hiding if they are indeed alive. Billie is pursuing demons and missing teens. Paige gets arrested by a cop and while talking with the officer, she discovers that maybe becoming a cop could be an option for her... There are electricity problems at P3. The sisters are still posing as Julie, Jenny and Jo Bennet. Leo is also in this episode.

8.03. Run, Piper, Run - Expected Sunday October 9, 2005

                        The sisters are still living undercover. Someone looking exactly like Piper’s alias Jenny is wanted by the police for murder. This “double” is named Maya Holmes. She meets with a corporate recruiter in order to get a full-time job. The recruiter offers her a job if she passes the background check… He takes a picture of her (as Jenny Bennet). It doesn’t take long for the company’s security to link her to Maya’s mug shot… Piper soon gets in trouble. Paige and Billie try to find Maya in order to help free Piper. But there is more to this case than meets the eye. Phoebe and Dex get closer. When they kiss, Phoebe gets a premonition of what will happen at Dex’s gallery opening… it’s chaotic to say the least. Leo hosts a playgroup for Wyatt and other toddlers at the manor. He must deal with the moms. Piper will be narrating here and there in the episode. Paige and Billie are also in the episode.

8.04. Desperate Housewitch - Expected Sunday October 16, 2005

                        Wyatt is in a school play with other little boys and girls whose mothers are all very much Desperate Housewives. One in particular, Mandi, is praised about putting it all together. Piper feels inferior, but little does she know, Mandi is after Wyatt to tap into his powers to help resurrect the Source. She plans to rule with him, and have them be parents to Wyatt. A happy, evil family. Paige has a date with Bob, a guy she met online, and during the date she spots Dex being kissed by another woman, Sylvia. She decides to investigate. Phoebe and Leo also appear. Source: Charmed-Streetteam.org

                        The sisters are still undercover. There is a sort of pageant about Cinderella at Wyatt’s pre-school. Piper must sow him a costume from pieces another mom made but she isn’t good at it… even Wyatt is ashamed of the costume. At the pre-school, Piper meets the other moms, which could all easily be characters from “Desperate Housewives,” and has to suffer from the looks, comments, and whisperings from them all. Piper gets angry due to the unhealthy competition between the mothers. Paige has a date with a guy named Bob, whom she met through a dating service. While on that date, Paige sees Dex do things that will not please Phoebe… She will investigate this matter. Demons still have possession of Magic School. They are planning to bring a very powerful demon back from the Wasteland and need Wyatt’s powers to do so. The sisters, Billie and Leo will have to go to Magic School in order to set things right.

8.05. Rewitched - Expected Sunday October 23, 2005

                       The girls are still in hiding-mode but, as the title say it, it's the episode where they will embrace their witch selves again... so in a sense they will "rewitched" themselves. Paige takes potions away from Billie probably to tone down Billie's involvement in chasing demons. Near the hospital, a man, Antosis, screams for help as he crashed his car and his pregnant wife is trapped inside. He convinces a man to help him. But as that man runs to the car, Antosis stays behind and instead summons the Imps (a buzzing swarm of tiny green lights) which will go after the man. Billie gets on the scene and uses her telekinesis power to have the Imps leave the man alone. Later, Agent Murphy from Homeland Security drops by the manor and has a chat with Billie... Antosis is staying at Magic School, which still seems to be demon central. The Imps and their master are there too. Antosis wants to kill good samaritans and destroy neighborhoods in order to claim territory. Phoebe is angry at Billie because it seems that the young witch used a memory spell and Dex has forgotten something. Paige is taking part in a speed dating event held at P3. When Paige is talking with a guy named Whit that interests her, Piper budges in saying that there is a family emergency (aka what Billie did to Phoebe and Dex). Paige says that she will stay at the speed dating event. Later, she and Whit will hit it off... but what will Paige do when she sees that he's interested in Jo and not Paige? Billie studies the Book of Shadows to get more information on the Imps and whom they are working for. Antosis and the Imp master come to her ... in the manor! Only the Charmed Ones can vanquish Antosis. The sisters learn that Agent Murphy is closer in his search to know if the Charmed Ones are still alive. Will he finally get the proof?

8.06. Kill Billie: Vol. I -
Expected Sunday October 30, 2005

                       This episode takes place at Halloween and is focused on Billie. The Charmed Ones are helping Homeland Security and the reporters want details. Homeland Security told the press that the government faked the sisters deaths. Reporters, including a reporter from the Bay Mirror, are outside the manor trying to get info. Later in the episode, Paige meets with the Bay Mirror reporter and tries, with Piper's help, to have him back off the story. Billie offers to take care of demons since the press doesn't know her. The new demon in town (and at Magic School, since it's still Demon-central) is The Dogon. He vanquishes other demons in order to get more powers to eventually rule the underworld. Demons know the Charmed Ones are not dead. This demon is similar to one Billie saw as a child and whom took her sister back then. Billie has a hard time facing the demon since it brings up memories and fears. Dex and Phoebe [highlight if you want to be THAT spoiled... are now married and he knows she is a witch. She also took "a test" (hint hint).] Leo appears in the episode.

8.07. The Lost Picture Show - Expected Sunday November 6, 2005

This is the first episode of the season to air during the all-important November Sweeps period.
Paige wants Billie to concentrate on school as it will help her focus on something else than demon hunting. The demon of the episode is named Vaklav, who specializes in pain. We first see him in a photo studio where it seems he trapped people inside pictures for years and years. Vaklav frees JD, one of the "prisoners", from his picture in order to make room to entrap someone else. JD was trapped in a picture in the 1950s. Before being killed by Vaklav, JD escapes... Vaklav tracks down JD. Eventually, the sisters learn about JD and try to help him escape the demon. Billie will have to "babysit" JD for a while, so expect a clash of the generations. Leo and Piper have couple problems. Leo calls onto Soothsayer, a magical gardener, to help them work on their problems. In order to help the couple better understand one another, Soothsayer has Leo and Piper switch bodies. Phoebe goes to a Sperm Bank to find a donor... (Note: We do not know how this ties in with the spoilers-to-be-highlited in 8.06). Agent Murphy and Sam, Paige's father, appear in the episode.

8.08. Battle of the Hexes - Expected Sunday November 13, 2005

Former "Hawaii" and "Crossing Jordan" star Ivan Sergei has signed on to a multi-episode role as a lawman who strikes up a flirty, "Moonlighting"-esque relationship with Paige. Sergei will first appear in the WB show's eighth week this season and is booked for at least nine episodes

8.09. Hulkus Pocus - Expected Sunday November 20, 2005

No further information yet.