Seasons 5

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5.01 - "A Witch's Tail Part 1" - Piper, Phoebe and Paige come to the aid of Mylie, a Mermaid-turned-human, when she shows up looking for their help after a pact she made with an evil Sea Hag begins to go drastically wrong. Meanwhile, Phoebe attempts to divorce Cole, until he shows up claiming to want her back, Paige, attempts to juggle her new position as a full fledged Social Worker, as well as being a Charmed One, and Piper must protect her unborn baby, and face her fear of water.

5.02 - "A Witch's Tail Part 2" - Piper, Paige and Leo struggle to convince Phoebe, now a mermaid, to come back to her life as a Charmed One, when she decides to "swim" away from her problems with Cole. Meanwhile, Piper casts a spell to stop her panic attacks but instead of facing her fear, she suppresses it, endangering herself and her baby, when a Sea Demon comes after her mermaid sister, Phoebe. In order to help Phoebe, Paige takes drastic measures and enlists the aid of Cole, and his newfound demonic powers.

5.03 - "Happily Ever After" - "Fairy Tales" - An evil witch traps the Halliwell sisters in distorted versions of classic fairy tales, where Phoebe attends a ball as Cinderella and meets Prince Charming, Paige has a taste of Snow White's poisoned apple, and Piper encounters a big, bad wolf, as Little Red Riding Hood.

5.04 - "Siren Song" - Cole and Phoebe both fall under the spell of the Siren, who lures husbands to her and entrances their wives to follow with the intent to kill, leaving Piper and Paige to figure out how to save Phoebe. Piper, upset with Leo because he does not understand the challenges of being pregnant, and Leo, frustrated that Piper does not realize the demands of being a Whitelighter, have their personas switched magically by their unborn child.

5.05 - "Witches In Tights" - "Magic Wears A Mask" - When a demon coerces a boy into turning him into an evil comic book villain so he can steal an Elder's powers, the boy transforms The Charmed Ones into comic book heroes with superhuman strengths to prevent this from happening

5.06 - "The Eyes Have It" - "The Gypsy Curse" - With her power of premonition gone, Phoebe seeks advice from a fortune teller and discovers that a demon, Cree, is stealing the Eyes of Gypsies in an attempt to reverse a curse placed on his father. Meanwhile, when Phoebe touches a Gypsy pendant, her powers return stronger than ever and she vividly witnesses the deaths of The Charmed Ones.

5.07 - "Sympathy for the Demon" - "House of Fear" - When the Demon of Fear, Barbas returns to seek revenge on The Charmed Ones for vanquishing him years ago, he manages to trick Paige into performing a spell that gives him powers to trap the Charmed Ones in the manor and use their own fears against them.

5.08 - "A Witch in Time" - "Firestarters" - Phoebe inadvertently opens a tunnel in time by repeatedly saving the life of her new boyfriend, Miles, who has been preordained to die. The time tunnel provides a pathway for a warlock from the future, Bacarra, who steals the Book of Shadows and uses its power to kill two of the Charmed Ones, leaving the last remaining sister to reverse the chain of death.

5.09 - "Sam I Am" - "Daddy Dearest" - Paige gets to know the Whitelighter in her, when she meets her first charge, a man named Sam, unbeknownst to her is actually her real father. Meanwhile Cole tries every possible way to get himself vanquished by the Charmed Ones. Piper and Leo have problems in finding a magical creature that does the babysitting part, and things go bad to worse when they're poisoned by a Darklighter, leaving Sam as the only one who can save them.

5.10 - "Y Tu Mummy Tambien" - "The Mummy's Tomb" - Jeric, demon who uses witches' bodies to keep the spirit of his dead lover alive transfers the spirit to Phoebe's body, transforming her into the Cleopatra-like girl she originally was. Wanting Phoebe for himself but needing time to figure out how to win her back, Cole strikes a deal with the demon in which Paige receives the spirit of the demon's girlfriend while Phoebe is mummified. Piper is forced between saving Phoebe or Paige.

5.11 - "The Importance Of Being Phoebe" - After kidnapping Phoebe, Cole sends a shape-shifter, who is in love with him, to assume Phoebe's identity. Together, Cole and the fake "Phoebe" manipulate Piper and Paige into giving them ownership of the Manor, allowing Cole to access the powerful Nexus located beneath the house. The real Phoebe must escape her imprisonment and stop Cole before he can use the Nexus for evil.

5.12 - "Centennial Charmed [100th episode]" - Taking one last attempt to win Phoebe back, Cole uses his powers to alter the one moment that changed his relationship with her forever - when Phoebe and Piper met Paige and restored the Power of Three. Paige, in mid-orb when Cole casts his spell, returns to a world in which her sisters have no knowledge of her existence and where Phoebe is an unhappy, materialistic trophy-wife, while Piper has divorced Leo and become a demon-killing vigilante consumed with avenging Prue's death.

5.13 - "House Call" - "Obsessions" - The Council of Witch Doctors, believing that the Charmed Ones will eventually be corrupted by their power, use Voodoo dolls to lead them down a path of self-destruction: a jealous Paige abducts her former boyfriend's fiancée and assumes her place at the wedding; a competitive Phoebe, after posing for a centerfold to increase her readership, kidnaps another columnist whose popularity is surpassing her own; a clean-freak Piper destroys the manor when she can not clean it to her satisfaction.

5.14 - "Sand Francisco Dreamin'" - "Dreamspell" - A demon attacks the Charmed Ones with dream dust causing their nightmares to come to life: Phoebe is chased by a chainsaw-wielding maniac; Paige is harassed by an evil clown; a no-longer-pregnant Piper is having an affair with a soap opera character. The sisters must magically put themselves to sleep in order to enter their dreams, conquer their nightmares and restore reality.

5.15 - "The Day the Magic Died" - "Special Delivery" - Without warning, the girls lose their powers and they discover that magic has disappeared for both good and evil. With Piper and her baby now vulnerable, Phoebe and Paige attend a summit meeting with the leaders of evil to figure out how to get magic back. They uncover that magic disappeared to make room for a blessed child and the leaders of evil intend to steal Piper's baby. With Piper held captive and about to deliver, the girls must escape from the demons and save the baby without the use of magic.

5.16 - "Baby's First Demon" - When Piper's baby is nearly kidnapped by demons, Paige tracks down the culprits to a demonic black market but is captured before she can vanquish them. The demons, using Paige as bait to lure Piper and Phoebe away from the Manor, launch an attack on Leo and the baby. Phoebe must learn to juggle her new role as an aunt with her added responsibilities at work. Piper and Leo struggle to come up with a male name for their new baby.

5.17 - "Lucky Charmed" - The Charmed Ones must bring down a demon who has been killing Leprechauns and stealing their magic. To help defeat the demon, one of the Leprechauns uses his magic to endow the sisters with good luck, which enables Paige to gain material wealth, Phoebe to meet a man, and Piper to book a major star to play P3. Things sour when the demon casts a bad luck spell on the girls and kidnaps Piper. Phoebe and Paige must find the location of the Leprechaun kingdom and rally the Leprechauns in order to reverse their bad luck and rescue Piper.

5.18 - "Cat House" - Piper and Leo see a marriage counselor to work out their recent marital problems. Wanting to avoid a "he-said, she-said" rehashing of their past, Piper casts a spell to allow them to literally see the key moments in their relationship. However, the spell goes awry when Phoebe and Paige are sent back in time to relive Piper's memories. Unbeknownst to Phoebe and Paige, a warlock, accidentally caught up in Piper's spell as well, is using the opportunity to kill the Charmed Ones' cat, their familiar, altering the future.

5.19 - "Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun" - "Naughty Nymphs" - When a demon kills the Satyr of the Spring of Life, the satyr's underlings, a trio of wood nymphs, escape to San Francisco to find a new leader. After the Nymphs magically transform Paige into one of them, they are all captured by the demon, Tull who forces them to lead him to the Spring. Piper and Phoebe must rescue Paige before the demon destroys the forest with his newfound powers.

5.20 - "Sense and Sense Ability" - The Charmed Ones are weakened when an old Crone magically steals their senses making Piper blind, Phoebe deaf, and Paige mute in an effort to steal Piper's baby who holds the vision of "all" power. When the Crone kidnaps Leo in another attempt to steal the baby, Piper, Phoebe and Paige tap into their sixth sense to overcome their handicaps and defeat her. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo are pleasantly surprised to discover that baby Wyatt is coming into his own powers.

5.21 - "Necromancing the Stone" - When Grams and the Halliwell matriarchs are summoned to bless baby Wyatt, they fall prey to the Necromancer demon who has returned from the Spirit Realm seeking to absorb their magical spirits. Meanwhile, Piper is hurt by Grams' disappointment over the newest addition to the Halliwell family; Phoebe contemplates Jason's invitation, even though it will take her away from her family; and Paige casts a truth spell on her boyfriend to see if he can handle her big, bad secret.

5.22 - "Oh My Goddess - Part 1" - "Charmed Goddesses - Part 1" - Buried years ago beneath the Arctic ice, the Titans, Greek mythic gods, escape and set out to eliminate the Elders. The Charmed Ones themselves are nearly defeated by the Titans, only to be saved when a mysterious Whitelighter named Chris appears to help them. When most of the Elders are killed, Leo uses an ancient artifact to transform the Charmed Ones into Goddesses despite the risk of the sisters being seduced by their nearly omnipotent powers; Phoebe becomes the Goddess of Love, Paige the Goddess of War, and Piper the Goddess of Earth.

5.23 - "Oh My Goddess - Part 2" - "Charmed Goddesses - Part 2" - Phoebe and Paige begin abusing their recently attained powers of the gods: Phoebe seduces a harem of men to grant her every desire and Paige begins to amass an army of demons to worship her. Piper must refocus her sister's priorities to help her stop the Titans. Leo, now an Elder, lays an elaborate trap for the Titans, betting on the fact that Piper's love for him will be strong enough to defeat them. Piper, with Paige and Phoebe's help, vanquishes the Titans but loses Leo when he is called upon to become the new leader of the Elders. Before he leaves, Leo asks the mysterious Chris to be the Charmed Ones' new Whitelighter