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Season 12

** note that the cast here didn't hide their names

285. - "Still Unlimited and Texting" - When unlimited is still running, the lost friendship of two groups are still connected to each other.

286. - "Job Done For Job None" - Jay is in secret meeting with his sister that here in the Philippines that hiding in Jay's mother for family problem.

287. - "Mas Chicas" - Exequiel got the job of installer but seems he don't want it, Eliza got her job too. while Melanie been sad because her phone is been snatched at SM Megamall.

288. - "Salary For Cause" - Melanie and Efrelyn feel sad when they realized that their first salary is a training allowance only.

289. - "Balitang Bandichufhafis (III)" - Jelemie got scold by her father and her father want to get out in their home. Meanwhile the group will held a meeting where they have to see Jonna Bel who now is done for her birth of her beautiful baby boy to Mark Tan.

290. - "Hip/Trunks" - Ricky consult Jay to buy his new trunks for the incoming of his outing with the company.

291. - "Love at First Sight" - New apple of the eye is what Jay is in mind when he meet his what he called Dad in Nagtahan named Aljer.

292. - "Unlimited is Over" - Globe user will be back to normal for their having no unlimited at all.

293. - "As Fuck For Love" - Jay got himself in a serious relationship when he met Dharryl Aljer and made a decision for himself give in to temptation and lust for love.

294. - "We Ain't Over Yet" - Shock but enjoy, the globe friendship knew that Globe Unlimited is been extended for at least one month again. The happier in this event is they extend the unlimited into: P15/1 day, P25/2 days, and P50/5 days, so the friendship keep their bonding together again.

295. - "Boyfriends Issue #1" - Lanie got herself back in her ex-boyfriend, Glenn. Meanwhile Jelai goes badtrip when she didn't text by his boyfriend that is busy for his varsity. Lorie Ann is worried when her boyfriend Rufino got sick and didn't went to his job for almost 4 days.

296. - "Fun Job" - Buboy got lucky when he knew his first salary is much in his job, he decided to treat his girlfriend, Jacqueline to buy a new phone. Meanwhile, Elaine got also a job in a warehouse where she almost walk it because it is near in her home.

297. - "Lola Len" - Another year came when Efrelyn celebrate her 23rd birthday.

298. - "The Ghost on The Phone" - .

290. - "Wala na...Tapos na!!!" - .

300. - "Forbidden Friends" -  "La Conte 300th episodes" -.

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