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Seasons 7

153. - "The Adventure of CS-43" - More truth and consequence to come in time where the two group realizes their do's and don'ts in their school.

154. - "G, I'm Afraid of the Bunny" - Bad day para kay Ef ang Byernes dahil nagkaroon sila ng revelation ni Mr. F dahil sa isang bintang na di naman nya ginawa.

155. - "Lost and Ground" - "Opposition Power Failure" -  Supporting the student 43 by the opposition, the two groups seems to get their power in the faculty loose because of one by one leaving and resigning of the professor in opposition side in the faculty.

156. - "Numerical Ni Numeriko" - Tama ang hinala ng Alfha_Chufafis na si RB ang kanilang magiging guro sa Numerical Method.

157. - "The Tale of A Stroke Teacher" - Being consider as one of the administration side, Lai almost collapsed and stroke for having a bad mood for her broken schedule.

158. - "Secrets and Scars" - More unrevealed truth are found in the floor of our school and more heart that will hurt in this coming days that will also affects the Grand Design in the school.

159. - "Everybody Loves Elmer" - Even Mr. Elmer takes a leave in the school of Jaya, Canton, and all the groups, he seems not to forgot the showbiz life in the school.So he contact their friendship and even us to take some information about what's in and latest....

160. - "Money Test Problem" - Having a day without class, Jaya and Canton have their day without any support in the opponents, Jaya decided went to Ms. Sadol and Mr. Elmer to get some support from them.

170. - "Pakiramdam Ko Siya Nga!" - Muling nagkita at nagparamdam kay Jaya ang matagal na nitong inibig na si Ken.Sa hindi sinasadyang pagkakataon, nagkita sila at nagngitian.

171. - "Admin Win" - Almost all of administration except DVV holding the two groups in their subjects this coming semester.

172. - "Don't Answer The Phone" - Having a trouble with his fone, Jaya must keep himself stop using first his fone.

173. - "Teach The Teacher" - Not knowing the knowledge of professor of two group, their teacher must seem to find a new learning from their students.

174. - "The Mis-Understood of 43" - Some information that been channeling by the two groups are sometimes wrong that causes them to report a worng news.

175. - "Another Headache" - "Headache Come, and Again" - More adventure and experience again will confront the two group like the Star City adventure again.

176. - "The War Against Friends" - Ang dating magkaibigan na si Jaya at Canton ay nagkaroon ng isang little war na nagdadala sa kanila ng hindi magandang samahan.

177. - "Monkey Business" - Jaya and G make their way to solve their financial problem by helping their prof for buying things and others.

178. - "Phone-atic" - Isang masayang araw para kay Jaya dahil sa pagkakaroon niya ng bagong selpon.

179. - "Quiz it Low" - When Rene helped JB for answering her quiz, she and JB got their first ever classcard to their prof for being rude.

180. - "Project in the City" - The two groups been using their all effort to make their first project in one of their subject.

181. - "Pinocchio: Star For All Season" - The two groups enjoy the day when they came to Star City and have fun.

182. - "A Simple Party" - Having a vacation, some of group got themselves in a party held by their professor.

183. - "Midnight To Remember" - Some of the two group celebrate their "Simbang Gabi" together at the Tondo Church, some complete the 9 day and others not.

184. - "Okay Ka Rob Place Ko.." - Christmas came and Lhoro, Yna, Uno and Jaya decided to watch Enteng Kabisote in the Robinson Place even if the people are crowded.

185. - "Higit Pa Sa Tsunami (I)" - More truth and revelation come when the Alfha_Chufafis and The_Bandidhos face the ending of the year. They encounter more chikas that they don't know before.

186. - "Higit Pa Sa Tsunami (II)" - Pregnancy issue again, The reunion, reconciliation, and more projects too come will be the bad weather for the two groups.