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Seasons 8

187. - "There's Something About CS" - Having fun and excitement of everyone, they don't realized that all happy things in their life got a special surprise that cause them to worry so much.

188. - "In Search of an Impolite Friend" - Jaya, accompanied by Gel and G had a great time watching and strolling at Robinson's Place.

189. - "Feast-e Ka Sa Buhay Ko" - "43 Reunite" - Nagdaan ang piyesta ng tondo at tila nagkaroon ng isang pagpupulong ang Alfha_Chupafis at The_bAndidHos dahil sa di inaasahang pagkikita nilang muli.

190. - "Secret's Untold, Secret's Refold" - More unrevealing secrets are revealed when the feast come and more feeling are hurts for having relationship with their love ones.

191. - "It's Autorun-atic" - Having the problem of autorun thing, FPJ got themselves no one to help according to their system to be passed on that same day.

192. - "The Big Bad Day" - Bad Day for Uno and Canton because of having a recitation abruptly.

193. - "Quiz Another Day" - Having busy for their graduation thing, the two groups also busy for their coming exams in their school.

194. - "The Platinum" - Jaya, Uno, Moi, Empoy, Buba, Yna, Lhoro with Rene and Cecille join the party when they discover the new site to fun, the Platinum.

195. - "Wag Na Init Ulo Baby" - Temper become over when Lhoro got herself in the end of the line, when the 'Black student' got their way to pass their requirement in graduation.

196. - "Japanerang si Jenny" - Long lost friends Jenny met her old friendship in their manor. G, Empoy, Eva, Canton, Jemma together with Jaya, Ivan Boy, ,Grace P.,Ivan Girl, Cherry, Michelle C. and Bhea are come together in this events.

197. - "The Deliveration Show" - The two group must find a way how to get passed in the two Midterm that coming from their lives before they graduated.

198. - "Ang Laki ng Avon Mo" - Dahil sa isa sa nabunot si Jaya sa raffle ng Avon, ninais nitong mapunta para alamin ang gift nya.

199. - "Cheaper by the Computer" - Jaya, Uno, and Dhong must find a way how to make their thesis by borrowing others computer

200. - "Memory of the Wall" - "La Conte 200th episodes" - Some two group got their very own reunion at the Wall of Intramuros. They talked about the things that come to their lives and things that will come sooner and sooner more.

201. - "Extreme Makeover Graduation Edition" - CS-43 5th year enjoy themselves as they have a pictorial on their graduation events. They did makeover to emphasize more their face when in the front of camera.

202. - "Ang Dulas ng Dilang Makati" - Halos mautal si Jaya nang hindi nito maalala kung paano sasabihin sa mudra ni Dhong kung magkano lahat ang bayarin sa kanilang graduation

203. - "Movie Maniac" - Kinilig sa palabas na "Let The Love Begin" sina Uno, Dhong, Lhoro, Yna na ginanap sa SM Manila.

204. - "Defense @ 50" - Having thesis before they graduate, the groups proof that they learn much in the school and present their 50% system in progress.

205. - "There's Gonna Be More To Pay" - Before things get on the graduating day, the groups must pay how much will cost in their graduating events.

206. - "Free Ricky" - Pagkatapos ng klase ay nanlibre si Rica sa ilang grupo ng ALfha_Chufafis at The_Bandidhos. Nagpunta sila sa Intramuros para mag-Walling.

207. - "The Tarot Never Lies" - Jaya tries his luck by seeing how will his future will be by reading in tarot card.

208. - "Life of Being Empoy" - Empoy being addicted to her job by and expected to be a new supervisor in the shop.

209. - "Phantom of Friendship" - Friendship tries in the group when Edna got his true feeling by being groups with Lhoro.

210. - "The New Three" - After the silent war of Edna and Lhoro, Jay, Uno at Lhoro are now reconstituted and become the new group in Jaya's side.

211. - "The Friend, The Faculty, The Foe" - Jaya and canton got their war start, elsewhere the other group problem their project in the other subject. Bad Season Ender.