X-Men Evolution


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Season 1

1. Night of the Sentinels (1) - The X-Men connect a mutant registration program, with ties to the government, to a group of mutant-capturing robots called Sentinels, after they rescue a teenage mutant girl named Jubilee.

2. Night of the Sentinels (2)  - Breaking into the Mutant Control Agency's headquarters to destroy the registration files on mutants, the X-Men lose two of their members against the Sentinels, but eventually gain another.

3. Enter Magneto (1) - As the Beast faces an arraignment in court before a mutant-hating public, the X-Men unwillingly take in an old enemy of Wolverine's. Magneto, an old friend turned enemy of Professor Xavier's, attacks a military base in an attempt to unite mutants against humanity.

4. Deadly Reunions (2) - Magneto & Professor Xavier come face to face for the first time in years amid an exploding factory, while Sabretooth & Wolverine face off in the mansion.

5. Captive Hearts (1) - Wolverine must overcome his feelings for Jean, and Storm must overcome her crippling claustrophobia, when the team journeys into the sewer to rescue Jean Grey & Cyclops from a race of hideously deformed mutants known as Morlocks, and their leader Callisto, who wants to make Scott her king.

6. Cold Vengeance (2) - Having left the X-Men to seek peace in the arctic, Wolverine instead finds himself battling Sabretooth for the safety of an Inuit tribe. Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee investigate an island resort which welcomes mutants, and might be too good to be true.

7. Slave Island (3) - Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee become slave labor on the island resort of Genosha, along with other mutants, forced to help build the new power source for a Sentinel factory. They're given aide in escaping by a mysterious mercenary named Cable.

8. The Unstoppable Juggernaut - The X-Men return from Genosha, finding the home destroyed, and Professor Xavier missing. They suspect a super-strong Russian mutant named Colossus, but the real culprit turns out to be someone more human, far tougher, and with deeper ties to the Professor.

9. The Cure - Rogue seeks a scientist who claims to be able to "cure" any mutant of their powers, unaware that neither he, nor his process, are what they appear to be.

10. Come the Apocalypse - An ancient and immensely powerful mutant, known as Apocalypse, creates four Horsemen to help usher in a new world where survival of the fittest reigns.

11. Days of Future Past (1) - A mutant from more than half a century into the future, named Bishop, arrives in the present, attempting to change history for the better, by stopping an X-Man from committing an assassination. But between being chased by a future breed of Sentinel, and the details of his mission being fuzzy, he's got his work cut out for him.

12. Days of Future Past (2) - Aware of an impending assassination which will create a catastrophic future, the X-Men must deal with threats both outside and within their team.

13. The Final Decision (3) - Prominent anti-mutant and presidential hopeful Senator Kelly is caught in a tug-of-war between Magneto's goal of mutant superiority, the X-Men's dream of peaceful co-existance between mutants and humans, and the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots' goals of global domination.

Season 2

14. Till Death Do Us Part (1) - The X-Men are divided and conquered, by none other than a friend they had thought dead.

15. Till Death Do Us Part (2) - As Morph's seeking of revenge on the X-Men begins to run into some snags, Cyclops & Jean Grey get their Honeymoon cut short by the machinations of Mister Sinister and the Nasty Boys.

16. Whatever It Takes (3) - Storm returns to her village in Africa, and must choose between her life and that of her godson when a powerful evil overtakes him. Meanwhile, Wolverine tracks down Morph in the Amazon, and Professor Xavier & Magneto find their situation going from bad to worse as they end up in a hidden land.

17. Red Dawn (4) - Jubilee joins Colossus as he returns to his homeland of Russia, and helps him face an unbeatable menace from the Cold War, who wishes to restore the former Soviet Union, and has a history with Wolverine.

18. Repo Man - Wolverine is led back to his homeland of Canada, and is attacked by his former teammates from the supergroup Alpha Flight. The government wants the secrets of his adamantium skeleton back, and are willing to take him apart to get it.

19. X-Ternally Yours - Gambit must come face to face with the past he's been running from for years, as he returns to Louisiana to save his brother from the woman he left at the altar.

20. Time Fugitives (1) - Bishop returns from the future to again attempt to fix his world, this time trying to stop a plague from infecting mutants. But his noble actions lead to a far greater tragedy.

21. Time Fugitives (2) - To stablize his own timeline, Cable comes to the present to prevent Bishop from saving mutant-kind from Apocalypse's plague.

22. A Rogue's Tale - Haunted by visions of a strange woman, Rogue must come to grips with the dark secrets of her past prior to joining the X-Men.

23. Beauty & the Beast -Beast falls in love with his patient, a blind woman named Carly, and though the feelings are mutual, her mutant-hating father and anti-mutant sentiment drive a split between the pair. Meanwhile, Wolverine seeks to take down the Friends of Humanity from the inside out.

24. Mojovision - An alien being named Mojo abducts the X-Men to use as forced action stars of television programming.

25. Reunion (1) - Professor Xavier and Magneto gain a native ally, as they finally come face to face with the new ruler of the Savage Land. A lead from Morph sets up a rematch between Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Mister Sinister & his Nasty Boys.

26. Reunion (2) - The X-Men find themselves powerless in the Savage Land, and become fodder for Mr. Sinister's experiments. It's up to Wolverine and Ka-Zar to initiate a rescue.

Season 3

27. Out of the Past (1) - A group of cyborg mercenaries, led by a woman from Wolverine's past, seek his forced help in unlocking the secrets of a long buried alien spacecraft.

28. Out of the Past (2) - An alien being called the Spirit Drinker drains the life-force of Jubilee and the Reavers, making strained allies of Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike.

29. The Phoenix Saga (1): Sacrifice - Following visions from recent dreams, Professor Xavier sends his X-Men on a mission to the Eagle One Space-Station, putting them in the middle of an interstellar conflict.

30. The Phoenix Saga (2): The Dark Shroud - The X-Men barely survive their return trip from space, Jean Grey discovering herself changed by the experience. Professor Xavier's dark half is given form, and proceeds to attack his students.

31. The Phoenix Saga (3): Cry of the Banshee - Professor Xavier's claims of the capture of his alien soulmate Lilandra by Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy are met with skepticism.

32. The Phoenix Saga (4): The Starjammers - Lilandra seeks to protect the M'Kraan Crystal from her wicked brother, the Emperor D'Ken. But the interstellar pirates known as the Starjammers capture it, and Cyclops, in an effort to enact their own revenge scheme on the emperor.

33. The Phoenix Saga (5): Child of Light - Shi'ar Emperor D'Ken's rise to power via the M'Kraan Crystal is causing a universal implosion. The X-Men, Imperial Guard, and Starjammers find themselves overpowered and unable to stop it. Jean Grey must unleash her destiny as the host of the Phoenix, even at a most personal cost.

34. Savage Land, Strange Heart (1) - Mutant-draining, pterodactyl-man Sauron is persuaded into capturing Storm by Zaladane, the high priestess of Savage Land Sun God Garokk, unaware of her ulterior motives for unleashing the mutant's full potential.

35. Savage Land, Strange Heart (2)  - Storm's unfettered weather-fury continues setting the stage for the rise of Garokk. Even if Storm can be brought back under control, the Sun God's geothermal rejuvenation will spell an end to the Antarctic paradise known as the Savage Land.

36. Obsession - Fueled on by his desire to seek vengeance against the immortal mutant that changed him into a weapon of evil, Archangel persaudes Rogue into helping him hunt down and destroy Apocalypse.

37. Dark Phoenix (1): Dazzled - The flirtation between Cyclops and a mutant singer named Dazzler exacerbates the Phoenix-controlled side of Jean Grey, leaving her open for manipulation by a secret sect of mutants coveting her immense powers for their own evil designs.

38. The Dark Phoenix (2): The Inner Circle - The Circle Club makes the Phoenix-controlled Jean Grey their new Queen, but finds two factors opposing it: her mental bond with Cyclops, and the presumed-dead Wolverine stalking after them.

39. The Dark Phoenix (3): The Dark Phoenix - As the Dark Phoenix grows increasingly hostile, even destroying an entire star system, the X-Men struggle to figure out a way to stop her without harming their teammate Jean Grey.

40. The Dark Phoenix (4): The Fate of the Phoenix - The X-Men face the Shi'ar Imperial Guard in a trial by combat to spare the life of Jean Grey, though even they begin to question the safety of the universe as long as the Dark Phoenix remains alive inside her.

41. Cold Comfort - A founding member of the X-Men, named Iceman, breaks into a government facility. He refuses to trust his former teammates about his reasons for doing so, but when Jubilee aids him in his quest, it leads to the team going up against another group of mutants, known as X-Factor.

42. Orphan's End - Cyclops discovers that Corsair, the leader of the interstellar band of pirates known as the Starjammers, is his father. He's a fugitive on the run from the Shi'ar empire, and seeks his help in proving his innocence. But can the man who abandoned him as a child truly be trusted?

43. The Juggernaut Returns - Professor Xavier's step-brother, and sworn enemy, the Juggernaut loses his powers to a bumbling archeologist. He must overcome the pain of their childhood together, and have the powers restored to him to save his life.

44. Nightcrawler -
While vacationing in Europe, Wolverine, Gambit, and Rogue hear of a local legend about a blue-skinned demon terrorizing an isolated town. They investigate, and not only discover that the demon is actually a mutant called Nightcrawler, but the nature of faith in the face of adversary.

45. Weapon X, Lies, and Video Tape - Tormented by memories of his hidden past, Wolverine sets out, along with Beast, to the Canadian government facility where he gained his Adamantium skeleton. There, he discovers everything he knows about himself, which isn't much as it is, is wrong.

Season 4

46. One Man's Worth (1) - Bishop & Shard recruit Wolverine & Storm for a time travel mission to save Professor Xavier's life. Except they're from the parallel timeline where he died before founding the X-Men, a world where humans and mutants are in a constant war with one another. Not only do they pair lack a connection to him, but correcting history may put an end to their marriage.

47. One Man's Worth (2) - Bishop, Shard, and the alternate-present versions of Wolverine & Storm, will have one more chance to save Xavier from being killed before he founded the X-Men... if they can survive the alternate-future ruled entirely unopposed by Mastermold.

48. Courage - Morph feels he's finally ready to return to the X-Men. But his homecoming is interrupted by the return of the Sentinels, the robotic mutant-hunters who nearly killed him the last time he faced them. Will history repeat itself?

49. Proteus (1) - The long hidden secret patient of Muir Island, a reality-warping mutant teen known as Proteus, escapes from his 15 year long captivity, and wreaks havoc across Scotland searching out his father.

50. Proteus (2) - Tracking down his father, who is now a candidate for Secretary of State, Proteus continues threatening lives with his uncontrolable powers. It's up to Professor X alone to try to stop the boy who brought even Wolverine to his knees.

51. Sanctuary (1) - Magneto builds a home strictly for mutants on the orbiting base known as Asteroid M. The message goes out worldwide of initial exodus, and he finds just as many eager to join him, as those anxious to destroy him.

52. Sanctuary (2) -  With Magneto seemingly dead, Fabian Cortez takes over Asteroid M, and initiates a nuclear war with Earth. The X-Men attempt to sabotage his warhead stockpile, and rescue Gambit, finding assistance in the most unlikely of places.

53. Beyond Good & Evil (1) - Apocalypse steals Cable's computer in the year 3999, allowing him to time travel to the past, where he schemes to bring an end to his struggle against inferior mutants once and for all. This leads to Bishop becoming trapped amid the timestream, and brings ruin to the second wedding attempt by Cyclops and Jean Grey.

54. Beyond Good and Evil (2) - When Oracle, the psychic member of the Imperial Guard is kidnapped by Apocalypse, Professor Xavier deduces his scheme involves capturing mutants with telepathic abilities. The X-Men are split up to track them down before the villains can, which puts Wolverine & Shard in the middle of a scuffle between Archangel and a ninja named Psylocke.

55. Beyond Good and Evil (3) - After swiping the government's own time machine, Cable ends up recruiting the X-Men on his mission to destroy Apocalypse's source of immortality at its creation.

56. Beyond Good and Evil (4) - Two of Apocalypse's former evil allies, the captive Wolverine, the loose cannon Cable, and the exiled Bishop, come together to free the kidnapped psychics and save reality from being rewritten.

57. Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas - Jubilee's first Christmas with the X-Men doesn't go exactly as she expected, when she, Storm, and Wolverine become involved with a mission to save the Morlock child known as Leech.

58. The Lotus and the Steel - Finding himself continually losing control, Wolverine takes a sabbatical to Japan, in an effort to find inner peace in temple-building. Instead, he faces a village under siege by a group of bandits, and struggles to help them without compromising his search for his true nature.

59. Love in Vain - Rogue's childhood sweetheart, the boy whom she put into a coma when her powers first manifested, returns to her life unexpectedly. But what strange connection does he have with the bug-like aliens Wolverine encounters in the desert?

60. Secrets, Not Long Buried
- Cyclops heads solo to the desert town of Skull Mesa, where humans and mutants live in harmony, to visit an old mentor from his youth. But he not only finds himself powerless when he arrives, but discovers the place under the rule of a maniacal mutant, with none of the citizens willing to take a stand.

61. Xavier Remembers - Trapped on the astral plane after suffering a concussion, Professor Xavier is at the mercy of the Shadow King, and in desperate need of help from his X-Men, who are unable to hear him.

62. Family Ties - X-Factor's Quicksilver, and his sister, the Avenger called Scarlet Witch, seek revenge against Magneto when they learn that he was responsible for their birth mother's death. But the trio is unaware of the common bond between them, nor the true purposes of the mysterious man who brought them all together.

Season 5

63. The Phalanx Covenant (1) - Rushing to investigate a disturbance downtown, the X-Men find Sabretooth on the rampage again, but realize too late that it isn't really Sabretooth at all. It is the Phalanx, a voracious alien life-form that can assume the guise of anything or anyone. Before long, the X-Men are all captured, except for Beast, who must find a way to stop the alien horror from devouring the entire Earth.

64. The Phalanx Covenant (2) - Snatched from the jaws of the Phalanx by the villainous Mr. Sinister, Beast and Forge search for allies to help them battle the alien threat. Gathering assistance from such unlikely sources as Magneto and Sinister himself, they embark upon a daring and risky plan to free the planet from the clutches of the Phalanx by traveling straight into the belly of the beast.

65. A Deal with the Devil - The former Soviet Union's living weapon, Omega Red, is thawed out by the US Military to deal with an abandoned Soviet nuclear submarine near Hawaii. He asks for his old enemy, Wolverine, and the woman responsible for freezing him most recently, Storm, to accompany him on the mission. Omega Red is offered restored humanity, but once aboard the warhead-filled sub, he reveals his true, deadly intentions.

66. No Mutant is an Island - Cyclops, still in mourning after Jean Grey's "death", quits the X-men and returns to his orphanage home and encounters his friend Sarah. She tells him that a wealthy man has decided to adopt all the mutant children, especially Rusty, but his intentions are to make them his army to destroy all humans in the world so that mutants are accepted. It's up to Cyclops to stop him and save the mutant children. Later, Cyclops returns to the mansion and he and the other X-men discover that Jean Grey hasn't died after all.

67. Longshot - Longshot, a rebel from another world, tumbles into this world with no memory and a murderous gang led by the six-armed woman warrior Spiral hot on his trail. It turns out that Longshot is on the run from Mojo, maniacal inter-dimensional TV executive. Using Jubilee as the 'prize', Mojo and his minions lure Longshot and the X-Men into a deadly contest which Mojo broadcasts 'live' to up his ratings.

68. Bloodlines -
Nightcrawler gets a mysterious message. He is informed that his birth mother (whom he never knew) is in trouble. He turns to the X-Men for assistance. Jubilee is baffled that Nightcrawler wants to help the mother who abandoned him -- she has never known her birth parents and feels pretty hostile toward them, whoever they are. Nightcrawler admits there has been pain, but his faith in God has helped him overcome her rejection. The plot thickens when one of the team members recognizes Nightcrawler's mother's voice. There are more 'bloodlines' here than anyone imagined, including the Friends of Humanity who arranged this 'reunion' in the first place.

69. Storm Front (1) - The dashing alien, Arkon, unleashes terrible weather conditions over Washington D.C. to get Storm's attention. It works, he begs her to return with him to his planet, Corsus, to save it from meteorological chaos which threatens his people. After much pleading, Arkon convinces Storm. Intrigued by this dynamic leader but slightly suspicious, Storm departs but leaves a clue for the other X-Men to follow. The X-Men travel through an inter-dimensional portal and arrive to 'rescue' Storm, just as she is in the midst of restoring the planet's raging eco-system. Once successful, Storm is proclaimed savior throughout this universe. What's more, Arkon asks her to marry him.

70. Storm Front (2) - Spectacular preparations for Storm's wedding to Arkon proceed quickly. But as Jubilee helps Storm, the new queen, prepare for the wedding, Jubilee can't help notice how badly the palace workers are treated. When Storm mentions this to Arkon, he reminds her she is new to his world, and asks her for her trust. meanwhile Wolverine, Cyclops and Beast discover there are fleet ships bringing slaves from the neighboring planet. Arkon, it seems, is a ruthless tyrant. Storm must know the truth. Back at the castle, Storm has been making a few discoveries of her own.

71. Jubilee's Fairy Tale Theatre - Jubilee tells children her own fairy tale having herself, her fellow X-Men and their greatest enemies be the characters in it.

72. The Fifth Horseman - Fabian Cortez helps Apocalypse escape from the astral plane.

73. Old Soldiers - Wolverine thinks back to the time when he fought during World War II and teamed up with Captain America.

74. Descent - Nathaniel Essex, known as Mr. Sinister, translate us to the Darwin era where he is experimenting with sinister purposes.

75. Hidden Agendas - When the army learns of Sam Guthrie's cannonball power, they try to enlist him in their ranks.

76. Graduation Day - Due to a serious injury, Professor Xavier is dying and must leave with Lilandra and go with her to the Shi'Ar Empire. He bids farewell to his X-Men. The last scene of this show ends with all of the X-men standing outside the mansion watching Lilandra's ship carrying Xavier flying away.

Season 6

1. Strategy X
- Mystique sees an opportunity to get a spy in Xavier's institute when the morally shady Todd Tolanski starts exhibiting mutant powers. Kurt Wagner, Xavier's latest recruit, arrives and tries to familiarize himself with his new life as part of the X-Men.

2. The X-Impulse - 15-year-old Kitty Pryde wakes up one day and finds herself able to walk though objects. She tries to ignore it, but finds that hard when she's approached by Jean Grey and a mutant trouble maker, who both say they know what she's going through and want to help her. Meanwhile Wolverine's old nemesis, Sabertooth, arrives in town - looking for trouble.

3. Rogue Recruit - After being kept in the dark about her powers for years, a young female mutant touches a fellow student and absorbs his strength, his memories - his life. Afraid and confused, and unable to differentiate her memories from the absorbed ones she runs away - straight in to the hands of Mystique.

4. Mutant Crush - The only thing bigger than Fred Dukes' strength and size, is his temper, which makes his first day at school rather difficult. When Jean Grey makes contact, trying to be friendly, he takes it just a bit to seriously.

5. Speed and Spyke - Ororo's nephew starts exhibiting mutant powers, but he's more interested in settling a rivalry with a fellow mutant than hearing about a "school for freaks".

6. Middleverse - After an argument with Scott, Kurt teleports away to an old lab, only to set off the security and it self-destructs. When Rogue enters the destructed lab, she accidentally sets of the only remaining piece in the lab, trapping Kurt in another demension. In an attempt to throw away the device, Toad gets his hands on it, and uses it to make things disappear into the other demsion. Will Kurt ever get out of the demension?

7. Turn of the Rogue - On a Geology club outing, Scott trys to be nice to Rogue, but because of Mystique's lies, Rogue has a completely false impression of the X-men and won't believe anything Scott tells her. But when Mystique ends up being on the trip in disguise, and pushes Scott of a cliff, Rogue realizes that Mystique was the one lying all along, but has she learned the truth too late?

8. SpykeCam - As an extra credit project, Evan is given a camera to record the "current events" in his life. Though most of them aren't keen on being caught on tape, Sabertooth is most definitively interested in the result.

9. Survival of the Fittest - While the X-Men are at a summer camp, learning survival training, Mystique releases Cain Marko - the unstoppable Juggernaut - in hopes of getting his help in obtaining Xavier's mutant location system.

10. Shadowed Past - Rogue's nightmares seem to show images from Kurt's past, but in them he's far too young to remember. So where did they come from?

11. Grim Reminder - A news report from the Canadian mountains triggers something deep inside Wolverine, and he starts having berserk fits. To find out why, he takes the Blackbird to the site, not knowing that Kitty and Kurt are sitting in the back.

12. The Cauldron (1) - While Scott and Professor X go to Hawaii to find his brother, Alex, Magneto's gang of mutants each picks one of the X-men and fight them individually, the winner taking their place at Magneto's fortress, whether they want to or not.

13. The Cauldron (2) - Magneto reveals the his plans for the winners of his challenge - to fully unlock their powers with a machine he has built. Back at the mansion, those left behind regroup, and decide to pay Magneto a little visit.

Season 9

14. Growing Pains - When Scott and Kurt use their powers to save several people from a car crash, the question of how much they're willing to ignore to keep their powers secret comes up. Professor X maintains that the world is not ready to know about them, however the other mutants, now without Mystique's guidance, has other ideas...

15. Bada-Bing Bada-Boom - When Tabitha and Kurt are grounded for misbehaving on a training session, Tabitha's father shows up, wanting her to steal the profits from the carnival that night. After coaxing Kurt into teleporting over there with her, they have a blast at the carnival, until Tabitha runs into her father again...

16. Power Surge - Jean's abilities start growing in sudden bursts. At first she tries to ignore it, but with each burst she has increasing trouble regaining control. Meanwhile the school gets a new science/phys. ed. teacher.

17. Fun and Games - A malfunction in Juggernaut's stasis field leaves the X-Men without adult supervision as Charles goes to check it out. Deciding to hold a party, the younger mutants ditch Scott and Jean in the wilderness. However, things soon get out of control when one of the guests gets himself access to Cerebro.

18. Beast of Bayville - The kids get worried when the normally cool and collected teacher Hank McCoy starts having fits of animal rage.

19. Adrift - Scott becomes lost at sea when trying to find his brother, who was swept out by freak wave while surfing.

20. African Storm - An African witch-doctor comes to the institute to steal Storm's powers while she is faced with the decision to send Evan back to his parents.

21. Joyride - When Lance decides to join the X-men, he finds it hard to fit in when half the students don't trust him and the Brotherhood members keep telling him what a mistake he's made. To make matters worse, he gets the blame for taking out the X-men cars at night. When Bobby, Jubilee, and Cannonball decide to take out the X-Jet, Lance and Kitty get on board to stop them. But a surprised Jubilee sparks the equiptment, and they're being tailed by sky patrol. Can they get out of the jam alive?

22. On Angel's Wings - Xavier starts worrying about the existence of mutants becoming public knowledge when the media starts reporting multiple sightings of a man with angel wings. With most of the X-men on Christmas leave, and Cerebro down for repairs, Scott and Rogue are left having to track the man down themselves.

23. Mindbender - After dreaming at the circus,Jean is acting weird lately and disappears.It turns out that she's collecting three rings for a mysterious man named Mesmero,open the first door to free the Apocalypse,a very powerful muant,and the only way to get the rings is to control the X-Men!

24. Shadow Dance - Trying to expand Kurt' teleport range, Forge creates a device that slows down the process so they can analyze where he goes while he's moving. What they find is a hellish dimension filled with fearsome, shadowy beasts, something you definitely don't want following you back out. Meanwhile, everyone's trying to find a partner the school dance, though with mutant powers and uncertain relationships, that's not an entirely straightforward matter.

25. Retreat - While Beast is taking Kitty, Bobby, Evan, and two other new recruits on a camping trip, a few hunters decide that Beast is really a Big Foot, and they plan to trap him.

26. Walk on the Wild Side - When Amara and Jean feel like boys think there better than girls, Tabitha puts together a girls crime fighting group! They get Kitty and Rogue to join them as the Bayville Sirens! No one knows who they are. But Rogues so called best friend wants to stop them!

27. Operation: Rebirth - Magneto steals the remaints of the top secret "Rebirth" project, a project Wolverine helped shut down all the way back in World War II.

28. The HeX Factor - After escaping an assylum hanks to Mystique,Wanda Maximoff takes revenge to her father and her brother Peitro.As The Brotherhood's secret weapon,they planned to have a battle with the X-Men in the empty Bayville Mall.Will the X-Men be defeated for the first time?

29. Day Of Reckoning (1) - After a little chase with Sabertooth,Wolverine is captured by mutant haters who'll performed an experiment on him meanwhile at the X Mansion,The Brotherhood reuintes with the X-Men because of the grumpy new Prof.X and off to the X-Jet to find Wolverine and Magnetowhile the New Mutants are trapped in the mansion with a mysterious person activate DecKon4,the self-desstructing of the mansion,while with Wolverine who's lying unconciuss on a Sentienel's hand who's going to blast him!

30. Day Of Reckoning (2) - The Brotherhood/X-men arrive where Magneto is with his new allies, but Quicksilver suddenly reveals he is part of Magneto's team. The others begin to battle the allies, but without warning, Magneto caves in the ground, and a mega-robot sentinel is released. The government agents with the sentinel trap a few members of the team, and the remaining retreat back to the destructed institute. Scott and the other students explain how they escaped then Scott suddenly accuses the Professor of setting it up. Professor X suddenly morphs into Mystique, shocking them all, stating that "Things are about to get much worse...."

Season 10

31. Day of Recovery - X-Men and Brotherhood deal with the aftermath of the world finding out about mutants. The Insitute is blown up and Mystique posed as Prof. X to destroy it. Some of the X-Men and Brotherhood are captured, leaving the remaining mutants to find Professor X. Nick Fury (from Operation: Rebirth) supplies them with info on the secret military base at Area 51 in Nevada where the captured mutants have been taken. Mystique takes command and the remaining X-Men split up into teams to rescue their comrades, find Magneto, and set up a refuge in the sewers. The rescue succeeds but Cyclops leaves Mystique behind when she refuses to give up Professor X's location. Meanwhile Wanda and Toad confirm that Magneto survived being crushed by the Sentinel.

32. The Stuff of Heroes - Rogue and Wolverine duck a squad of soldiers when the nationwide alert goes out against mutants, while Storm and Beast go into a meeting of Congress to defend themselves. Meanwhile Juggernaut goes on a rampage and the X-Men feel obliged to take him down before he further turns the public against mutants. Even Cyclops' unvisored energy blasts can't stop him, but they get his helmet off so Rogue can touch him and take his powers, defeating him and finding out from his thoughts where Professor X is - left in Juggernaut's old holding cell by Mystique. The President clears the X-Men of all charges, reveals that Trask was the one responsible for the Sentinel attack, and asks the public for understanding.

33. Mainstream - During the rebuilding of the manor, Kitty and Kurt intercept a bunch of graffiti artists disguised as monsters. The older students get to go back to Bayville High for one day before attending a hearing to determine their ultimate fate, while they are banned from using their powers. Kurt manages to avoid being associated with them using his hologram projector, putting him at odds with his friends. Wolverine spars with one of Magneto's henchmen, Colossus, while Principal Kelly maneuvers the Brotherhood into returning to Bayville and attacking Xavier's students along with Duncan. While the X-Men sans powers spar with the Brotherhood, Jean gives a speech at the hearing and the X-Men eventually prove themselves by using their powers to help during the Brotherhood's rampage and the board votes to allow them back in.

34. The Stuff of Villains - Wanda goes searching for Pietro - she finds him at a diner and procedes to get him arrested on the assumption that Magneto will come bail him out. Meanwhile the Brotherhood are expelled from school, much to Lance's disgust. Gambit shows up at school with the sole purpose of getting the Brotherhood to join Magneto and bust Pietro out of jail. although he first saves Evan from being expelled by scaring two students who got him to use his powers. Rogue and Kitty follow Gambit and the Brotherhood by their own way of hitch-hiking. They almost get captured by the Army but are saved by an officer who knew they were not to blame for the "accident" that busted Pietro, who immediately with Gambit;s help asserts himself as leader of the Brotherhood.

35. Blind Alley - Mystique escapes from imprisonment while the X-Men repair and rebuild the Institute. Disguised as Alex, Mystique lures Scott into a trap - leaving him stranded in the middle of the Mexican desert without his glasses. While Jean gets premonitions of danger from Scott, he is rescued from wolves by local oil riggers but is forced to flee. Jean and Professor X home in on Scott's mental signal while Mystique tries to capture him again and strand him elsewhere. Scott manages to even the odds by taking out the lights and making her as blind as he is without his glasses. He holds his own long enough for Jean to arrive and save him, and the two finally manage to acknowledge their feelings for each other.

36. X-Treme Measures - A mysterious group of mutants sabotage the Powr8 sports drink manufacturer while Evan discovers his power is growing beyond his control. At a skating competition one of the maruaders warns Evans the substance is poisonous to mutants but he drinks it anyway and after reacting badly they "capture" him. They're part of the Morlocks, a mutant underground. Their leader, Callisto, wants Evans to join and reveals the Powr8 manufacturers are dumping their stuff into the sewers. Evan goes along and the X-Men aren't far behind. Evan chooses to remain with the Morlocks while the Powr8 CEO chooses to manufacture the stuff despite Xavier's warning. Meanwhile, Kitty gets her training license much to the terror of all the licensed X-Men...

37. The Toad, The Witch and The Wardrobe - Wanda receives a clue from one of Magneto's minions, Pyro, directing her to a sky resort. Meanwhile, Kurt is meeting Amanda's parents for the first time, and the Toad believes he can use Kurt's holo-inducer to disguise himself and win Wanda's love. After wrecking the Seftons' home and stealing his inducer, Toad convinces Kurt to help him rescue Wanda from Magneto and his minions. They succeed but Magneto has employed a mutant, Mastermind, to wipe Wanda's memories of her bad childhood with her father.

38. Self Possessed - Rogue appears to have problems with her powers, as the residual impressions of everyone she has touched start flashing through her mind and body. Mystique, warned by Destiny, returns in her student guise to get close to Rogue as everyone attends a concert. Rogue is overwhelmed by the crowd and begins making random contact with everyone, including Mystique. Rogue begins shapeshifting and replicating the powers of other people she's touched, including Sabertoth, and goes on a rampage. The X-Men attack, unaware that it's Rogue. She manages to escape but Mystique tracks her down, revealing she adopetd Rogue. Wolverine figures out it's really Rogue as she begins using everyone's powers simultaneously, using Jamie's powers to make an army of super-powered selves. Logan and Xavier manage to get through to her but Destiny predicts the rise of an ancient, dark mutant power.

39. Under Lock & Key - Mesmero mentally controls Gambit into stealing half of the Spider Stone from Angel and is then captured by Magneto. Magneto finds out about the three keys that can free Apocalypse and tracks an escaping Mesmero to London. Angel goes to the X-Men for help and they pick up the trail to London as well. The two teams fight but Magneto finds and joins the two halves, which create a energy-spider. The X-Men set out to capture it while Magneto's team try to destroy it, weakening it down long enough for Magneto to eradicate it. Xavier reveals that Mesmero intended Magneto to destroy it all along - the spider was a guardian. Now the teams must find Mesmero before he acquires the third key and finally frees Apocalypse...

40. X23 - Wolverine discovers that Hydra created a "clone" of himself after SHIELD gets involved. This "clone" can erect two claws (instead of three like Wolverine) from he hand and can erect one claw from her foot unlike Wolverine. This girl is very lonely and has always been worked on her whole life. She decides to get revenge on Wolverine so she invades the mansion taking out nearly every X-Men w/a mind stunning device. When they meet Wolverine feels very sorry for her so instead of turning her to SHIELD like Nick Fury wanted Wolverine lets her go. At the end Wolverine decides to go easy on the new mutants and just let them be kids.

41. Dark Horizon (1) - As Jean´s and Scott´s graduation day approaches, Rogue suddenly leaves the mansion. She arrives at the Brotherhood house and knocks everyone with extreme easily but Pietro realizes that she isn´t acting normally. Later, she leaves and goes with Mystique. She absorbs her powers and goes after the Acolytes. After absorbing everyone´s powers, she leaves and goes to the graduation. Magneto arrived at the ceremony and tries to stop Rogue who is seeing everything. Charles persuades Magneto to leave Rogue who escapes as well as Mesmero who´s being seeing everything. Kelly claims that the mutants are a threat but none of them takes him very seriously. Magneto helps Charles saying that Mesmero has been controlling Rogue and will use her to get the last key. Magneto tells Beast how to find info about Apocalypse by revealing his true name: En Sabath Nur. Later, Charles uses the information acquired and the power of Cerebro to find his tomb in Egypt. The Acolytes and the X-men almost get Rogue but she has left in a plane. Both groups go to Egypt and find the place where the tomb is situated. Suddenly, the statues of the place start moving as they all release they have fallen in a trap.

42. Dark Horizon (2) - As all the monsters in tomb attack, the teammates try to oppose them with full strength, but suddenly the floor of tomb breaks. All the teammates get divided in groups of three such as Quicksilver, Cyclops, Pyro in middle chamber; Jean, Storm, Iceman in lower chamber, Kitty, Kurt, and Colossus in lowermost chamber & Professor X, Magneto, and Beast in uppermost chamber. As all of them fight with mechanical monsters, Beast finds much information about Apocalypse writings on walls of tomb in hyroglyphic. Finally, Magneto opens a door in which a device working on cerebro technology is placed. Charles tries to operate; Meanwhile, Logan, Sabertooth, and Gambit track Mesmero and Rogue along with Mystique. Mesmero sends Mystique as the third and final key in shape of snake. When she touches the sign of Apocalypse, she turns into stone. Gambit breaks open the door of the cave, and all three try to defeat Mesmero. He manages to fight with them till Rogue reaches the final tomb and opens it. As Logan and Sabertooth defeat the Mesmero, his mental hold on Rogue gets released. Before she realizes Apocalypse holds her hand and absorbs all powers in her. As the teleport ship of team reaches in mountains of Tibet where Apocalypse lies, all of them see him coming out of the open door. Everyone gets prepared to fight and defeat him, but only with a single blast, he knocks them down. He goes to the ship and vanishes with it. Now the only link to him is Mesmero.

43. Cruise Control - The X-Men are in vacation with Storm as their guardian. Amara starts acting not well, Scott and Jean want to go to a place where no one will call them freaks and Kurt and Kitty want to spy on them. The gang goes to St. Sebestian Island leaving Storm and Multiple behind. But what could be worse than an active volcano blowing up?

Season 11

44. Impact - Magneto ruthlessly hunts Apocalypse, but the X-Men aren't so eager. When nothing can be done about Mystique, the professor gives her to the Brotherhood. Much to Rogue's objection, Kurt brings it back. When the two fight, Kurt sees a tear. Jean discovers Apocalypse in Mexico, and the professor, Cyclops, Jean, Shadowcat, Beast, & Wolverine go to investigate. They try to be peaceful, but Magneto attacks. Apocalypse defeats him with ease, and appears to kill him. Back in Bayville, Kurt has Wanda contact Agatha. Rogue finds the two meeting, and Agatha tells her that she's the only one who can save her mother. Kurt begs her to do the right thing, but Rogue knocks the statue off the cliff. It shatters before Kurt can teleport down to it, and Rogue just walks away.

45. No Good Deed - When the Brotherhood saves a few people after Wanda accidentally causes a subway accident, they are regarded as heroes. The X-Men are utterly repulsed. The Brotherhood begins to cause accidents just to get famous. When the X-Men figure it out, Pietro tricks Wanda into using her powers to make it look like the X-Men are the villains. After the X-Men are arrested, the Brotherhood tries to cause one last accident. When they can't stop it, the X-Men are released to help. Shadowcat & Jean can't stop the explosion, so Avalanche does. He promises that there will be no more heroics.

46. Target X - Wolverine is kidnapped, but escapes in the forest. X23 returns and teams up with Wolverine to take on Hydra!

47. Sins of the Son - David Haller, Xavier's son, who has lived away from his father's knowledge, contacts him seeking help. He has been kidnapped by a man called Lucas. Xavier, Jean, Scott and Storm travel to Scotland where Xavier´s ex-wife lives with David and a street boy called Ian. When Ian leaves the house, Jean follows him and is kidnapped by Lucas. Scott tracks them to an old castle in ruins where teenagers throw parties and gets captured. Xavier and David´s mother find Ian and with his help, they get to the castle and face the boys there while Jean, Scott and David escape. David meets his father for the first time, and he reveals he is actually Ian. Lucas, too, by turning into Ian first and later into Lucas. His multiple personalities change his appearence every time. Xavier enters in his son´s mind trying to erase Ian and Lucas, but fails and Lucas is the only one left who disappears in the sky. Meanwhile, at Bayville, Kitty and Kurt are way too sick to go to school.

48. Uprising - A further mutated Spyke, now armored and able to throw flaming spikes, now protects mutants, including Magma and Cannonball who are walking out of a library when Duncan pulls up and tries to attack them. Xavier is concerned and sends a reluctant Wolverine to talk to him, to no effect. Callisto is also concerned that Spyke's efforts will bring down the wrath of mutant-haters on the other Morlocks who can't protect themselves. Her predictions come true when Spyke's efforts set off further anti-mutant hysteria. Spyke protects a young mutant named Dorian Leach, who it is revealed to have the power to suppress energy - electrical, mutant, whatever. The Morlocks and the X-Men come to Spyke's aid, and defeat Duncan and his men. Dorian shows up and temporarily negates everyone's powers. Duncan is arrested and Spyke returns to the underground. Meanwhile, Apocalypse creates a second sphere in China which resist all efforts to destroy it, and Nick Fury is ordered to free Trask and have him reinitiate his Sentinel program for the U.S. government.

49. Cajun Spice - Gambit kidnaps Rogue and tells her he is trying to help her to forget what she did to Mystique. When everyone notice she is missing, Wolverine sense Gambit´s smell and goes to Magneto´s base where he find Pyro and tells him the Acolytes are separated and he does not know where Gambit is. Gambit takes Rogue to city where a couple of criminals reconcile him and attack them both. Rogue touches the leader of them and discovers Gambit´s foster father is being hold in an old house near the swamp. They go there and Rogue accidentally touches Gambit and learns he is using her to get there. Gambit decided to go alone but Rogue comes back to help him and rescue his father and take on the Rippers. Wolverine and the rest of the X-men arrive and take Rogue with them while Gambit decides to quit that lifestyle for good.

50. Ghost of a Chance - Kitty is saved from a rockslide by a mutant girl named Danielle Moonstar. Danielle quickly joins the institute, but immediately causes trouble during a training session when she causes the nightmares of Jean, Kurt, and Kitty to come true. That night, Logan, Professor X, and Storm also have powerful nightmares, worrying Kitty that her new friend will be expelled from the institute. When Kitty wakes up the next morning, Danielle isn't there -- and when she asks, nobody has even heard of her. Kitty is determined to find Danielle Moonstar, and follows a path of strange messages that only she is receiving to her location.

51. Ascension (1) - When a new sphere appears in Egypt, Professor X wants to try to communicate with Apocalypse, taking Storm with him. With Cerebro technology, the rest of the group watches as Apocalypse telepathically communicates his plan to awaken the dormant X gene in all humans, a process which will kill most 'normal' humans. Xavier tells Apocalypse that this isn't necessary, which angers Apocalypse. Storm comes to his defense, but instead sends them both away in the same way Magneto was. The X-Men are mortified, and are soon joined by Nick Furry who announces the restart of the Sentinel program. Apocalypse is confronted by three sentinels at the Sphynx, which act as decoys while more sentinels are sent to use their superior technology to disable the three spheres. Apocalypse defeats the sentinels, but sends out four horsemen under his control to protect them - Magneto in Mexico, Storm in China, Xavier in Egypt, and Mystique at the Sphynx. The X-Men split into four groups to fight the horsemen around the world, while Rogue is sent on a 'special mission'.

52. Ascension (2) - The four teams fight a losing battle against their horsemen, until Apocalypse moves his plan to the next level. The tops of the pyramids come off and line the Earth's atmosphere, connected to each other by some sort of energy. Pressed for time, the teams become desperate. The Brotherhood joins the team in Mexico to fight Magneto, and Jean amplifies her power with Cerebro to battle Xavier psychically. Apocalypse lies down in his original resting place, and the evolution of humankind begins. But in the last moments of the battle, Rogue shows up with Leech, and she takes his power and negates Apocalypse's power, ending the evolution before any harm is done. Apocalypse is shut into his machine and sent to another time period, and the horsemen fall out of their trances. Rogue and Kurt give Mystique the cold shoulder, and the episode ends with Xavier deeply disturbed after seeing glimpses into the future of the X-Men, and seeing Jean become the Phoenix, among other changes.