Spoilers @ 7

7th Season Spoilers
based on The WB Schedules of airing Charmed

#1 A Call to Arms: Aired Sunday, September 12, 2004

Paige is bored as a stay-at-home aunt, while Phoebe is frustrated with how much time her job is taking up. Neither Piper nor Leo are dealing well with the death of their adult son, Chris. Piper is scared to even take her children outside for fear of what could happen to them, while Leo is completely obsessed with hunting down and vanquishing Barbas. On the strange advice of a demonic disembodied head, Barbas goes after baby Chris just to mess with Leo. Phoebe and Paige convince Piper and Leo to go to a friend's Hindu wedding to get out and relax, but Piper and Leo end up being possessed by Hindu gods. Piper becomes Shakti, the mother goddess with six arms, and Leo becomes Shiva, the great destroyer. Phoebe and Paige are pleased to see that this possession makes Leo and Piper, who are still aware who they are, enormously attracted to one another, but after reading the Book of Shadows the two sisters realize that they have to keep this godly couple apart, because their love could destroy the world. They send Leo, with his "great destroyer" powers, after Barbas again, despite the fact that the Elders are worried that Leo is a danger to himself and others. The Elders' fears are founded when Barbas tricks Leo into killing another Elder, Zola. Paige breaks the spell on Piper and Leo, excising the gods, and Piper comforts a distraught Leo while Paige and Phoebe take care of Barbas once and for all. Inspector Sheridan, now with an unwilling Darryl as her partner, continues to persecute the Charmed Ones trying to figure out what's going on and what happened to adult Chris. Phoebe decides to take a sabbatical from work, and her ghost-writer replacement turns out to be a surprisingly attractive man named Leslie. The demonic disembodied head speaks to Leo. Paige finds out that the magic school is being shut down now that Gideon is dead, and decides that she should be the one to save it.

#2 The Bare Witch Project: Aired Sunday, September 19, 2004

Phoebe is worried about her column in the hands of Leslie, and also pissed off when Piper is asked to leave an outdoor cafe for breast-feeding Chris. She tries to convince Leslie to answer her advice request about breast-feeding in public, and Leslie asks her to please stop hovering over his shoulder. Piper is worried about Leo and his obsession with vanquishing every demon he can find, and tries to convince her ex-husband to spend more time with his sons. While Paige is trying to convince the Elders not to close down the magic school, a bored student accidentally conjures up Lady Godiva on her horse and a demon that feeds on repression. Paige tries to figure out how to get Lady Godiva back to her own time so that she can finish her ride, while the demon takes away everyone's repression, starting violent fights all over the place. The Charmed Ones manage to send both Godiva and the demon back in time, but the demon kills Godiva, basically deleting the history of women's liberation. The Charmed Ones re-conjure up Godiva and the demon, but the demon feeds off of Piper's repression and she lets loose on how frustrated she is with Leo. Finally, the Charmed Ones tell Leo to let the demon feed off him, and Leo's enormous amount of repression overloads the demon and he dies. Also, Leo is able to get his frustration out, explaining how he is jealous of demons and their ability to kill without guilt. After Godiva is sent back to her own time to complete her famous ride, Phoebe takes a page out her book and rides naked on a horse to make her point about breast-feeding. Leslie decides to answer her letter. The floating green head continues to haunt Leo. The Elders agree to keep the magic school open, and tell Paige that she can run it.

#3 Cheaper by the Coven: Aired Sunday, September 26, 2004

Against Piper's wishes, Paige plans a wiccanning for Chris, inviting both Grams and Victor to attend. A new demon, who wears a blue mask, is after Wyatt. Meanwhile, Wyatt has been torturing Chris, constantly stealing (orbing) things from his little brother, and even orbing the baby away once. Grams casts a spell to remove the sibling rivalry from the two boys, but the side effect is that the Charmed Ones have teenage personalities again. Phoebe, who has a crush on Leslie, shows up an at award ceremony for her column that she originally told Leslie she wasn't going to attend. She makes a fool of herself accepting the award, and is saved by Leslie. Paige kisses a cute student at the magic school who is 21 years old. Leo consults a Seer who shows him that the demon that is after Wyatt looks just like Leo. Sure enough, the demon attacks Wyatt even at the magic school, and is revealed to have Leo's face. Grams worries that Leo is evil and is attacking Wyatt, and doesn't want to reverse the sibling rivalry spell so as to save adult Piper from having to deal with this possibility. Victor thinks this is a bad idea and insists that they call in Patty to help make this decision. Patty agrees with Victor, so Grams takes off in a huff and Patty casts the spell that brings the Charmed Ones back to their normal selves. With help from their parents, the Charmed Ones realize that this demon is just a figment of Wyatt's imagination, and he is punishing himself for causing his parents' separation. When they finally assure Wyatt that he's not at fault for anything, the demon disappears. Grams returns and Chris has his wiccanning. Phoebe apologizes to Leslie for acting silly at the awards ceremony, and he hopes that she's interested in him romantically.

#4 Charrrmed!: Aired Sunday, October 3, 2004
Inspector Sheridan is doggedly staking out the Charmed Ones, with a reluctant Darryl at her side. When her investigation turns up nothing, she turns to the Feds for help, and gets more help than she expected in the form of Agent Brody, a mysterious FBI agent who knows that the sisters are witches. Piper tries to get Leo back into Elder/Whitelighter mode, and Leo is told by the other Elders that a bunch of witches have gone missing from San Francisco lately. The Charmed Ones discover that a cursed pirate, Captain Black Jack Cutting, is kidnapping and prematurely aging witches, just as he was cursed and aged by a witch hundreds of years ago. When Paige starts aging rapidly, the Charmed Ones steal a goblet from a museum to activate the fountain of youth, reversing the curse on Captain Cutting. However, when the Captain breaks his word to the Charmed Ones and shows himself to have no honor, his crew turns on him, and they all turn to ancient dust. Piper and Phoebe are prevented from saving Paige by Inspector Sheridan, who is confused but excited when she finally busts them doing something magical. Sheridan is knocked out by Agent Brody, and Brody lets the sisters go, saying that they owe him. Leslie manipulates a newspaper contest to win a date with Phoebe, but she ends up standing him up because of magical issues. They argue over how neither of them can admit they're attracted to each other, and end up in a passionate embrace. An Elder tells Piper not to give up on Leo, because they will need him before the gathering storm. Leo is still haunted by the floating face that vocalizes his worst fears, but following Piper's advice he tries to ignore it.

#5 Styx Feet Under: Aired Sunday, October 10, 2004

A half demon, Sirk, is trying to kill off all of his blood relatives so that he can become fully demon. Paige casts a protection spell to protect Sirk's cousin, Arthur, but the spell has a side effect that no one, anywhere, can die. The Angel of Death gets frustrated and works with Sirk to break the spell. Arthur dies, and the Angel of Death "kills" Piper to help him with the back-log of souls he now has to collect. Sirk goes after Arthur's wife, Harriet, to get at her unborn child, and after the Charmed Ones rescue her, Piper is horrified to see that Phoebe's name has gone to the top of her souls-to-be-collected list. With help from The Seer, Sirk also sees Phoebe's future death, and decides to mess with The Charmed Ones by going after Paige instead. Paige dies from Sirk's attack, and while Phoebe is mourning her sister and Piper is guiding Paige's soul to the afterlife, Sirk goes after Harriet again. Phoebe gets her first premonition since her powers were taken away, and she and Leo arrive just in time to save Harriet. Phoebe trades Sirk's unexpected soul for Paige's, and the Angel of Death lets Piper come back to life. Brody, in the morgue, witnesses Piper's awakening, and says that this once again proves to him that magic really does exist. Brody tells Piper that he'll tell everyone she was working undercover for him and had to fake her own death for a case, but that in exchange, he'll need her help with something in the future. Darryl is even more freaked out now that Inspector Sheridan has suddenly been transferred far away, and Brody is pumping him for information about the sisters. Phoebe is nervous about talking to Leslie, but they finally agree that they like each other, they're both scared, and they'll just see where the relationship takes them.

#6 Once In a Blue Moon: Aired Sunday, October 17, 2004

It's not only a rare blue moon, but the Charmed Ones all have wicked PMS. They find that they're losing control of their powers, and at night, when the moon rises, they turn into vicious beasts and attack Whitelighters. At first, Leo is under suspicion for the attacks, but it soon becomes clear that he has nothing to do with it. In the meantime, the green floaty head demons step up their plan to mess with Leo when Piper asks him to move back home. To drive Leo away from his family, they send a demon to possess him. The plan almost works, but the Charmed Ones figure out what's going on. In the meantime, Paige investigates Agent Brody. He proves to her that he's not a demon, and warns her that there is a new evil that is trying to get power to rule again like they used to. He says that he's been tracking this evil, because it killed his parents when he was five. Phoebe and Leslie realizes there is no future for them when he moves away, so they bid a fond farewell.

#7 Someone to Witch Over Me: Aired Sunday, October 31, 2004

Agent Brody (Kerr Smith) convinces Paige to help him solve a mysterious string of accidents, only to discover that the demon Sarpedon (Neil Hopkins) is capturing innocents' Guardian Angels and using them to protect himself from the forthcoming threat of a New Power. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe convince Leo to go on a Vision Quest to face his demons. While on his Quest, Leo finds guidance from his son Chris (Drew Fuller), but awakens to find Piper and Phoebe killed by Sarpedon. An Avatar, part of the New Power, offers to bring them back to life if Leo turns over his free will. The Donnas perform at P3. John Paré directed the episode written by Rob Wright.

#8 Charmed Noir: Aired Sunday, November 14, 2004

While investigating a murder at Magic School, Paige and Agent Brody (Kerr Smith) are sucked into an unfinished novel written 20 years ago by two students. They suddenly find themselves in a 1930s film noir, where they are chased by gangsters in pursuit of the famed Burmese Falcon. With no way to escape, Paige and Brody must help Eddie Mullen (Bug Hall), the missing young author of the novel, learn to be a hero so the story can end. Back at Magic School, Phoebe, Piper and Leo frantically try to rescue Paige and Brody by writing clues into the pages of the novel. Meanwhile, Phoebe tries to help Leo win Piper back, but Piper is still struggling with her feelings.

At Magic School, Paige is mediating an argument between the librarian and a teacher gnome. Their argument concerns books the teacher wants to see banned ("Lord of the Rings" is historically innacurate!). Paige makes the teacher read one of the books from the list but something happens while he reads and he is found dead, murdered. It's not the first time bullets kill someone at Magic School! Paige brings Brody to the school to get his help solving the case. As they investigate, Paige and Brody are sucked in the book about gansters the teacher was reading. The duo will be turned in "black and white" as we see them in this "dicks" film noir and Paige will be powerless. The other sisters and Leo must find a way to bring back Paige and Brody. Leo must find a babysitter so Piper will agree to go on a date. Phoebe has a vision.

#9 There's Something About Leo: Aired Sunday, November 21, 2004

The sisters are after Enoch demons who need to be invisible to attack. The rescue an innocent but this doesn't end the battle. The Enochs are a gang, whose members all wear a yellow and black armband. They are marking their territory, by killing innocents, so another gang, the Sokols can't take what's inside their territory. Since the Halliwells don't know who they are up against, the Enochs will try to shift the Charmed Ones' attention from them to the Sokols in order to keep the sisters busy while they finish marking their territory and also to help them get rid of their rival gang (because the sisters will now want to take out the Sokols). After Leo drops his sons at Magic School, a female Elder orbs him and tells him that there is a great power shift going on and that the Avatars must be doing their move. Brody and Paige go out on a breakfast date.

Leo reveals to Piper that he is an Avatar, despite the warnings from Alpha (Joel Swetow) and Beta (Patrice Fisher) that Piper should find out in her own time. Phoebe and Paige call on Kyle (Kerr Smith) for help, but his reaction to the news causes disastrous results. While the Charmed Ones are distracted by Leo's news, the demons Malvoc (Kevin Alejandro) and Vassen (Brad Hawkins) kill an Innocent that they are protecting. Leo is forced to use his power to reverse time to save himself and vanquish the demons. Meanwhile, Darryl suspects that Kyle may have had something do with his partner's mysterious disappearance, and Paige and Kyle go on their first date. Derek Johansen directed the episode written by Natalie Antoci and Scott Lipsey. Sandra: Elizabeth Dennehy. Alpha: Joel Swetow. Kyle Brody: Kerry Smith.

#10 Witchness Protection: Aired Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Avatars insist that Leo protect the Seer (guest star Charisma Carpenter, "Angel") because she has information that can help them destroy the demons. The Seer shares with Phoebe a vision of a future in which there are no demons, leading the sisters to consider the possibility that the Avatars might be good and allowing Leo the opportunity to admit he is an Avatar. Meanwhile, to stop the Seer from selling them out, the demons release Zankou, the most powerful demon in the underworld; Agent Brody (guest star Kerr Smith) shares his darkest secret with Paige, bringing them closer together; and Phoebe and Lt. Morris become more suspicious of Agent Brody.

Leo, Piper, and the kids, have a family picture taken. As the photographer takes the picture, Leo gets a visit from the Avatars asking him to help them have the Charmed Ones see the beauty of the Avatars' ways. Phoebe has a premonition of an idyllic future when Wyatt is 8, Chris is 6, and her daughter (insert the name of a past female character many of you thought would be Piper's kid here) is 4. Other demons in the episode are a Thrull Demon and a Swarm King. There is a bunch of demons who keep arguing but they agree on one thing: the Seer must die. Since the sisters are protecting the Seer, they must find Zankou. Brody appears in the episode.

Phoebe consults the Seer to have her ID one of her demonic friends. A Shouter Demon, a Shouter Demon, a Shapeshifter, and a Demonic Wizard, revive the most powerful demon of the Underworld since The Source's death: Zankou. The Source had incarcerated Zankou but even if he was in prison, he knows about the Seer and the Avatars. Zankou kills the Shapeshifter in order to gain his powers as the only way to trick the Charmed Ones is to change form. He'll use the Seer to get to the Charmed Ones. Piper and Leo go to Brody's apartment.

#11 Ordinary Witches: Aired Sunday, January 16, 2005

In this episode the demon resurrected from the previous episode is now trying to organize the underworld, under his reign. He now sees that all is as he thinks it should be and when a couple of his advisors tell him that he should kill the Avatars he states that they are no threat. He says that The Charmed Ones are because they have the powers that The Avatars need in order to make the plan they have in mind existent. Paige is off with Kyle trying to find out what really went on with his parents only to have Darryl and the sisters find something out about Kyle that makes him suspicious (his alliance with the Seer). Zankou goes out to execute his plan, meanwhile at the manor Phoebe is still shocked from the events that happened the previous day (previous episode) in which she saw the idealistic future and then tells Piper about it. Phoebe then decides, along with Piper, to switch powers so that Piper can see it for herself. Only when they switch powers they are attacked and they are defenseless, very A-lá Charmed and Dangerous. Leo still has not told about himself being an Avatar. This promises to be a great episode possibly the best this season.

#12 Extreme Makeover: World Edition: Aired Sunday January 23, 2005

This is a play on the T.V. Series Extreme Makeover and in this episode the Avatars are trying to manifest their plans on the world and they are trying to change the future of the world including The Charmed Ones. Leo helping may allow this to be possible but seeing as how changing the future changes the world this causes the entire world to change as well. Though not much of this episode is revealed a couple of spells and acts allow for the world makeover to take effect and different doesn’t always mean better.

#13 Charmageddon: Aired Sunday January 30, 2005

This is a play on the Biblical War that in Latin means “end of the world or End of All”. Though no information has been released on this episode I will speculate and say that maybe the episode deals with a great battle between a force of incredible good (The Charmed Ones with the help of Zankou) versus and force of evil (Avatars Demons), even though it has been stated that the Avatars are not good nor evil the things they are doing is shifting the balance of good and evil and maybe this will lean them more into the power of evil than the power of being neutral, I think that the episode will be great and will be a great way to close the first half of the season.

#14 Carpe Demon: Aired Sunday February 13, 2005

Piper is concerned the Elders will punish Leo for joining the Avatars. Brody may appear in the episode but we'll at least learn his new state (aka job for life). Paige seems to be drowning herself into work instead of dealing with her emotions. A potential new teacher, Drake Robin, wheels in (literally) Magic School. He wants the literature teaching positions that librarian Miss Donavan also want. Drake seems really qualified even if all his credentials aren't over a year old... why? Because he was a demon before that and now is human but with his powers! But to become human he made a pact with a sorcerer: he must not use his offensive power for a year or his powers will go to the sorcerer and he'll die. Will he be able to hold that part of the bargain especially when the sorcerer realizes he needs Drake's power to face Zankou in the battle to rule the Underworld. Piper and Leo are decorating P3 for Valentine's Day. A muse appears in the episode. Wyatt, Chris, and Morris also appear.
When Paige attempts to hire a new professor for Magic School, she learns that one of the candidates, Drake, is an ex-demon who made a deal with a Demonic Sorcerer to become human. In an attempt to convince the sisters of his good intentions, Drake transforms himself into Robin Hood to help them see that life is not so bad. However, the Sorcerer vying for Drake's powers casts a spell on him causing Drake to believe he really is Robin Hood. Convinced that Phoebe is "Maid Marion" and the corrupt owner of the phone company is the evil "Prince John," Drake takes him hostage, causing a media frenzy. Meanwhile, Piper can't enjoy Valentine's Day knowing that Leo's fate is in the hands of the Elders.

#15 Show Ghouls: Aired Sunday February 20, 2005

Darryl's old mentor becomes possessed by a Lost Soul. He then starts to warn people about a fire that broke out in 1899. In order to free those possessed by the Lost Souls from 1899, Drake and Phoebe go back in time to free a the souls who've been trapped in an endless loop and forced to re-live their own fiery deaths. A reporter wants is doing a featured article on Phoebe... but Phoebe is in 1899. What will the sisters do to make sure the article happens? Paige gives a tour to a potential new student. Elise, Leo, and Piper, appear in the episode.

In this episode Darryl is afraid that a long-time friend of his is possessed by a being, and leading this fear he goes to Phoebe to see what she can do. The sisters then go to where Darryl says he thinks that he might have been possessed, and then they discover that Mike (Darryl's friend) might have been working close to where a cabaret was burn down a century ago and many people were trapped inside and that the supposed possession of Darryl's friend is just one of the incarcerated souls trying to use Mike as a medium in order to get plea or pity for the trapped or lost souls that died in the cabaret, so in order to stop this night which the spirits are forced to live for eternity they travel to the past to stop the events and they travel back in time but as always happens they get stuck in time and some type of dying act occurs, meanwhile back at the manor Piper and the family are on vacation.

When Inspector Morris fears his friend Mike is possessed, Phoebe, Paige and Drake discover that Mike had been working close to a site where a cabaret was destroyed in a fire in 1899, killing hundreds of people. The spirit of one of the victims is using Mike to plead for help on behalf of all the Lost Souls who are trapped in the cabaret, forced to relive that night for eternity. However, when Phoebe and Drake transport themselves back in time to the night of the fire, they get stuck in the 1899. Meanwhile, Piper, fearing that Leo will be taken away from her, convinces him to take a family vacation; and Paige impersonates Phoebe.

Phoebe's big interview with Cosmopolitan is put on hold while she and Drake investigate the possession of Darryl's partner (Charlie Robinson) by the soul of a man who died in an 1899 fire. When the magazine reporter starts getting antsy, Paige takes Phoebe's place. Also, Piper pushes Leo to take a vacation.  Excerpt from a Q&A with David Anders: "I also just took an offer to play an evil over-the-top proprieter of a cabaret in the late 1800's in the WB show Charmed. I'll be working with Alyssa Milano and Billy Zane and I am looking forward to it." 

#16 The Seven Year Witch: Aired Sunday, April 10, 2005
McMahon will return as Cole Turner, the half-human/half-demon ex-husband of Phoebe Halliwell, who was vanquished in the special 100th episode. In the 150th episode, which is scheduled to air in April, Cole's spirit will meet Piper's spirit in the cosmic space between life with death, helping reunite her with Leo. If all goes well, Phoebe's faith in love just might be restored. "CHARMED has had a loyal fan base since its record-setting debut on The WB," Mr. Janollari said. "It is fitting that we are able to give these viewers the bonus of adding one of the show's most popular characters for this milestone episode."
For all those who do not know this is the first in a series of episodes that are going to be taking Charmed in a more series finale type ending for the possible Series finale this coming May, for those who may not have heard Brad Kern wrote to a site that this is quite possible the last season of Charmed an preparing for this he decided to start closing loose ends and start making possible endings for the show that is why we are do the whole utopia thing in these episodes, Cole returns in the 150th episode of Charmed a lost soul who meets Piper in the after-life and gives many of the characters in the cast hope for a new tomorrow, from what I have read about the episode and part of the script I would place this episode with some of the season three and season four high ranking episodes such as All Heel Breaks Loose , Charmed Again and Charmed and Dangerous. Leo's memory is erased in this episode by the Elders in order to punish him for working for the Avatars. Piper getting a rare sickness starts fading until she dies and meets Cole, Piper and Paige look for Leo in the episode until they find an even bigger surprise.

Already stressed out awaiting word on Leo's fate, Piper is attacked by demons and ends up in a coma. Stuck in the cosmic void between life and death, Piper's spirit is surprised to find Cole (guest star Julian McMahon) waiting for her and even more surprised when he tells her that he is there to help keep her and Leo together, which he hopes will restore Phoebe's faith in love. Meanwhile, the Council puts Leo to the test by stripping him of his powers and memory and placing him in an unknown location in hopes that his heart will guide him to his true destiny, whether it is to be with his family or the Greater Good. As Phoebe, Paige and Darryl search for Leo, Drake (guest-star Billy Zane) does one last good deed before his time is up. Michael Grossman directed the episode written by Jeannine Renshaw.

#17 Scry Hard: Aired Sunday, April 17, 2005

In this episode Zankou finds out about the Nexus under the Halliwell Manor and he starts the work that the source supposedly had in mind had he not been vanquished the night in which he attacked the Charmed Ones (Charmed and Dangerous), following out this plan he decides to enlist the help of Tribal Demons to enter the Halliwell home and make the Nexus bend toward the evil side.
As instructed by Zankou, Craven visits Leo and Piper at the mansion and makes an injury on Leo’s arm. Craven also leaves his athame behind so the Charmed Ones will scry for him, which will, in the end lure them to Zankou’s lair where he as well as some other Tribe Demons will be waiting for them. While Zankou and friends keep the Charmed Ones busy, Craven is to go back to the manor and find the Spiritual Nexus, and with it, the Shadow. Their first attempt doesn’t go as planned, so the next time Zankou and Craven go to the manor when the sisters are away. Leo and Piper somehow get trap in a dollhouse without the others’ knowledge. Leo’s condition worsens as he can’t self-heal anymore… he need a doctor. Elise goes on vacation and leaves Phoebe in charge of the newspaper. Wyatt, Baby Chris, and Paige also appear in the episode.

#18 Little Box of Horrors: Aired Sunday, April 24, 2005

Katya, a demon who wants to make a name for herself, decides to find Pandora's Box. The Boxis now in the hands of a new guardian named Hope who isn't aware yet that she is a witch nor knows how to guard the box. The Charmed Ones take Hope under their wings in order to show her her destiny. Paige is stuck in an elevator and has to help the group of people gathered inside.
Paige is in pain (hears noises among other things) and it seems Phoebe and Leo can't help her. They want her to see an Elder but Piper would freak out. She eventually agrees to go to the Magic School and talk to Sandra, an Elder. Paige is concerned that she won't be able to help others. Sandra tries to boost her spirits and tells her that to make the voice go away, she needs to help someone. Wyatt keeps orbing things.

#19 Freaky Phoebe  Aired Sunday, May 1, 2005

Paige begins whitelighter duty when she gets a new charge named Mitchell Haines, 28, mechanic. Mitchell isn't interested in having a new whitelighter nor developing his powers. Will Paige be able to show him using his powers can be a good thing or will she admit defeat? Piper takes care of demons who attack at P3. Phoebe is annoyed because the newspaper is being sued and the legal department is clamping down all reporters. They want all of Phoebe's columns to be reviewed by a professional shrink so that she doesn't get sued for giving bad advice. A hideous-looking sorceress named Imara switches bodies with Phoebe so she can be out in the real world and take care of three of Zankou's lieutenants who are above ground. Destroying Zankou's trusted men will weaken the powerful demon. The real Phoebe is trapped underground. Will the sisters discover the switcharoo in time? Leo is working at Magic School.

After a spell is cast on Phoebe by a power-hungry sorceress, Imara (guest star Suzanne Krull), their souls switch bodies and Phoebe ends up a prisoner in the Underworld. Armed with Phoebe's identity and power, Imara attempts to gain control of the Underworld by weakening Zankou (guest star Oded Feher), destroying his lieutenants and plotting to kill the Charmed Ones. Phoebe escapes from prison in Imara's body, but Piper and Paige vanquish her, not realizing that it was Phoebe's soul inside. Meanwhile, Paige is left in a quandary when Mitchell (guest star Seamus Dever), her first charge as a Whitelighter, refuses her help and appears to have been lost to the dark side. Brian Krause also stars.

#20 Imaginary Friends  Aired Sunday, May 8, 2005
Piper is concerned about Wyatt's development and safety. It seems Wyatt is now going to a normal preschool. Leo is concerned that Wyatt is talking to himself but the teacher says to not worry, kids do that. Unknown to them, a demon named Vicius has dressed playfully to not scare the child while he's trying to tap into his dark side and lure Wyatt into evil. Phoebe, who seems to be going to school (maybe to get a degree in psychology?) asks one of her teachers for advice on Wyatt. The teacher says that he must have an imaginary friend as so many children do. The sisters summon Future Wyatt to help understand what Baby Wyatt is going through.

Unbeknownst to the Charmed Ones, baby Wyatt's (Kristopher and Jason Simmons) new "imaginary" friend is actually the demon Vicus (guest star Marcus Chait), who is trying to win Wyatt's trust to turn him evil. Piper casts a spell to be able to understand baby Wyatt, but inadvertently brings 25-year-old Wyatt (guest star Wes Ramsey) back from the future. When Vicus places a curse on baby Wyatt, the effects are seen immediately in future Wyatt, who physically transforms into a darker version of his previous self. Evil and powerful, future Wyatt kidnaps baby Wyatt so that the sisters can not convert him back to good. Meanwhile, before future Wyatt leaves, he gives Phoebe, Paige, Piper and Leo insight into the future.
Drew Fuller hasn't shown up in any of the scripts up to Episode 21, so it's looking doubtful. But maybe this'll interest you: Wes Ramsey just started shooting Episode 20, in which he'll will reprise his role from last season as Future Wyatt

#21 Death Becomes Them: Aired Sunday, May 15, 2005
Tim, a fellow grad student, helps replace a tire on Phoebe's mini. In front of Phoebe, a raptor demon appears and attacks Tim... Zankou is working with an alchemist that has a passion for the dead. Attacking Tim was another of Zankou's ways to get the sisters vulnerable so he can eventually defeat them. Tim's body has a role in Zankou's plan... Phoebe gets Darryl to help her investigate as she is sure Tim was killed because he was with her. Paige ha a new charge, Joanna, a young troubled woman with a lot of problems. Paige is concerned about Joanna's boyfriend, he doesn't seem to be a good guy. Zankou wants to revive an innocent that has been dead for four years and that will help remind the sisters that they are in a never-ending battle. Sheila, Piper, Leo , Sheridan also appear.
Zankou's (guest star Oded Feher) plan to make the sisters vulnerable so that he can take control of the Book of Shadows starts to work when Phoebe is left guilt-ridden when a classmate is brutally killed in front of her and comes back from the dead to blame her. Also part of Zankou's plan, Paige is devastated when she finds her new charge dead and realizes she was powerless to save her. Realizing that Zankou was behind the deaths, Piper, Phoebe and Paige go after the Alchemist (guest star John Kassir), who is helping Zankou, and are confronted by all the undead innocents they were unable to save over the last seven years, allowing Zankou to take the Book of Shadows without the sisters knowing.
The undead corpses of innocents the sisters failed to save are sent to weaken their power.

#22 Something Wicca This Way Goes...?!: Officially Aired Sunday, May 22, 2005

Zankou is in the manor and has the Book of Shadows. He and his men are trying to open the Nexus in a non-threatening way so that the nexus will not hurt them. With the power of the nexus as well as the BoS, Zankou will now have ultimate power. The sisters are at Magic School trying to prevent, from their hiding, Zankou to take the nexus' power and to get back the BoS. An agent from Homeland Security, Agent Keyes, drops by the police station to have a chat with Sheridan who called him. They discuss what happened to Brody, Andy, Rodriguez, Davidson and even Prue, and her suspicions about the Halliwells. Keyes reveals to Sheridan that Brody put her in a coma per his orders because they didn't want her to mess up with Homeland Security's investigation. Will the sisters be able to not only prevent Zankou from getting ultimate power but also prevent Sheridan and Keyes from exposing them as witches? Darryl, leprechauns, fairies, trolls, and a vampire queen similar to the one from episode "Bite Me" from season 4 will appear in this episode. The episode will end in a similar way most of the end-of-season episodes ended.Victor, Sheila, Wyatt, and Chris also appear in the episode.
With the Book of Shadows finally in his possession, Zankou (guest star Oded Feher) plans to open the Spiritual Nexus and take in the power of the Shadow. To divert Zankou's attention away from the Nexus, Piper, Phoebe and Paige successfully goad him into coming after them instead. Using a spell from the Book of Shadows, Zankou steals Phoebe's premonition power, which enables him to anticipate and thwart their attacks. The sisters come to the realization that the only way to stop Zankou may be to sacrifice themselves.

The sister with the help of Leo, learned what can Prue's power do...Astral Projection. Piper and Phoebe learn also how Paige used her Glamouring. The sister hide themselves in another personalities.The season ends with the question leave in fans: How will the sister reveal themselves is Season 8? What will be the role of Victor Bennet in Season 8? Did the manor will be open again? Where is the Book of Shadow? Will the three unknown girls that the Charmed Ones' been glamoured with will appeared in the Season 8 onwards? How they can escape in the hands of demons and cops? Will Piper's sons and Phoebe's daughter soon to be will leave their life with demons or a non-demon free? It runs in the family. Just watch soon...