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Charmed Story

The hit WB Show Charmed has been through many changes over the last 7 years. The storyline has been through many ups and downs and twists, it never ends! To Start off explaining lets recap what happened before they were.

The Family line was started by a witch named Melinda Warren who beheld the starting powers of the Charmed ones, Telekinesis, Temporal-stasis (freezing time), and premonitions (seeing the future and past). This took place during the Salem times where almost all women were being accused of their wiccan beliefs and practices and were being burned alive or hung. Melinda as we've seen was born from a woman named Charlotte in the third season thanks to the Charmed Ones who had to go back in time and help save their family line because of the Source's plans. Later on in Season 1 we heard about Melinda's death, where she was burned alive, but yet bearing a child to re-kindle the family tree. A few members later we get to the girls of the 20's, as we saw in Season 2. They were te girl's past lives, 2 of them (Prue & Piper, P. Baxter and P.Boens) were good and Phoebe (P.Russell) was bad. P.Russell was killed by her cousins back then and most likely Piper and then hubby past-life Dan got together and continued the line having Penny Halliwell (Grams), Dan's past-life probably started the Halliwell name. Penny married a few times, one of those times creating Patty Halliwell, the sister's mother. Patty married Victor and had three blessed daughters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Patty and Victor later got a divorce and Patty hooked up with her whitelighter Sam. In that time witches and whitelighters weren't supposed to have any seperate mutuals outside of the magic world, but they did. They even had a baby together, Paige Matthews. They kept her identity hidden from the elders and gave her up for adoption to a nice family. But before we go anymore ahead lets get the Charmed storyline going!

Pre-lude to Season 1- The youngest sibling of the Halliwell three is living in New York after feuding with her eldest sister Prue about a misunderstanding with Prue's ex-fiance' Roger, and now boss, that she walked in to find Roger making a move on Phoebe. Prue and Piper the middle-sister are now living in the Halliwell Manor where their grandmother, Penny Halliwell has just passed away leaving the Halliwell Manor to all three of the girls. Piper previously met her then current boyfriend Jeremy at the hospital where their grandmother was. The story starts here:

In The Beginning of Season 1, Prue and Piper are moving back into the manor their grandmother left for them. Secretly Piper phoned Phoebe asking her to move back, for both their wishes. A series of murders are turning up all over the city of San Francisco where they live of all young women who are all linked back to witchcraft. Around that time Phoebe shows up making Prue a little upset, Prue always thought of Phoebe as never having a sense of the future. Piper and Phoebe pull out the Spirit Board to give it a go for old times and strangely the pointer points out attic. Prue unimpressed and Piper freaking out after the power goes out and wanting to find Jeremy, Phoebe then ventures off to the attic which has locked for years. There, Phoebe finds an old dusty trunk which holds the Book of Shadows, a book a witch keeps of all their spells, potions, demonologys, and wiccan rituals and beliefs. She finds the book and opens it and reads the first page in it which si the incantation to release their powers. Phoebe persuaded by what she's done trys to convice her sisters of her finds. Magically the sisters all stumble upon their powers triggering them all different ways. Prue obtains the power of telekinesis where she uses it on Roger after his arrogance. Piper obtains the power of temporal-stasis (freezing time) after panicking on her boss and freezing him. Phoebe obtains the power of premonitions after she is riding her bike in the same area as an incident with a car accident and two boys. Piper later learns her boyfriend Jeremy is a warlock and comitted all those murders to those women, and planned to steal her and her sister's powers after they recieved them. The Charmed Ones engage in trying to kill him and in the end read the inscription from the back of the Spirit Board repeaditly and killing him. They then slowly picked up the super-hero roles in the season growing into their powers and trying to adapt to a Charming life.

Season 1 took the girl's to a whole new level of not so normal. They faced all kinds of weird enemys from a derranged warlock after young woman's youth, dream killing sorcerers, demons and warlocks from the past and future and the Queen of the Underworld! This Season left the Charmed ones trying to adapt to being a witch, along with trying to live normal lives as possible, and Phoebe looking for a job whether it be with her powers or not. The Charmed Ones also had to hide their secret from the men they loved, their bosses and friends. The girl's also had to grow into their powers and learn to handle them to protect the innocent and not use them for their own personal gain. Two demons out to get the Charmed Ones in the first half of the season let the girl's know that it's never too safe to trust anybody after Prue's bosses Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster turned out to be demons set out afetr stealing the sister's powers. Later on after that their powers grew more under control when facing werewolf creatures, a demon of fear amplification, grimlocks, and a shadow demon. Piper also fell in love with the handyman who turned out to be a whitelighter, a being who gaurds and protects witches, but not yet discovered by Prue and Piper. Piper and Prue later found out and understood his journey and why he had to later leave. Rearing the end of Season 1 more files of un-solved cases with the Halliwell Sisters started appearing as did top detectives turning out to be a powerful demon trying to frame Andy, a detective Prue loved and grew up with. Prue and her sister's handled this with their stronger powers, as so Prue could move stuff with her hands and Piper could about control her emotions to freeze things. The demon took Andy's life, something that hit home to the girls, especially Prue. This left us on how the Charmed Ones would cope losing an important innocent that loved them and protected them and tested their loyalty to their witchy duties.

When Season 2 began we saw the girls with updates in looks and their Charmed duties. Phoebe's hair grew out and she was more comfortable with her witchdome. Piper was a bit leniate on some of the subjects and Prue was in a lock down. After Andy's death her duties didn't seem as important anymore. They faced an astral demon who stole the BOS and read it backwards rendering whatever the charmed ones did useless unless they retrieved it back and vanquished Abraxas. Some old season 1 enemys came along as well like Jeremy (Piper's ex), The Woogy Man (a shadow demon), and Nicholas. Prue couldn't defeat the demon on a couple of tries with her sisters, but faced her fears and vanquished Abraxas, getting their BOS back. Also announced was Piper's new club P3, after her breakup with managing the resturarunt Quake. The Charmed sisters also took a trip into the future by 10 years, where Real World was on the moon! One of Phoebe's premonitions took them there in order to find out what she did and to stop it. Prue took her future-self's role as the owner of Bucklands, un-married with no kids, assistants, a limo, not in the manor's residence, personally gained, and Blonde! Piper took the role of a wholesome divorced woman with a daughter named Melinda, and Phoebe took the role of a jailmate. We saw Piper's divorce with Leo Wyatt, and hers and Prue's powers 10x stronger than ever. They later got sent back. Prue also gained a new power called astral-projection, where she could mentally move her spirit out of her body, rendering her real body useless in the process. Piper's love life was forced to choose 2 men, Leo or Dan, this cause Dan to hunt and find out who this Leo was, and fighting between the two, in the end of course Piper picked Leo. Season 2 took Phoebe to college, and booked Piper good bands like Dishwalla! Also Prue with a new career motive for photography. We also saw the girls face a love strought demon with a ring, a grim reeper demon, and the demon of illusions. Phoebe also got taken back into her past life to see her evil, fire-throwing side. Closing to the end we saw the Charmed Ones face the four-horseman of the Apocalypse and almost faced losing Prue. In the season 2 finale' the Haliwell's got their wishes, literally, only with a consequence, from a Genie. This is where we see the departure of Dan, Piper's former man and Prue's death, but in the end was wished back to life. And Piper got to go with Leo to the heavens, leaving Prue and Phoebe behind to fend for themselves.

In Season 3 Piper returned from her "honeymoon" to a blondly-high lighted Phoebe and Prue wondering why she hasn't been back for so long. We learn that time in Elderland is slower than time here, so like a month up there is a day down here. Early on Phoebe gains the power of Levitation and the girl's defeat the guardians and trial council. Phoebe also met a lawyer named Cole, an undercover cop working for the Source of all evil and the Triad first-hand on killing the girls. His plan was clear when he would talk to his shadow associate about luring the youngest, Phoebe, to fall in love with him, and penetrate the power of three. Of course this didn't work with his love for Phoebe getting in the way of his attacks. Prue is now suspicious of him. Phoebe wasn't the only one working her charms in season 3. Piper and Leo planned to get hitched, but secretly. See a witch and a Whitelighter marrying is against the rules. But that didn't stop Piper and Leo's true love. they made an attempt, but it failed. Leo was then forbidden to see Piper. Piper was furious at this and demanded they send Leo back to her after all the good she's done. This being said the Elders allowed them to see each other and see how things would go. Meanwhile Prue's photography took new heights as she began shooting front cover issues of '415'. Piper and Leo tried to get re-married, but once again something got in the way and it was....PRUE!? Yes, Prue. But her conscience was the one doing the decision making. The girls did get to see their mother though, then for one last time Piper and Leo made it work and they got married. This event re-opened the witch and Whitelighter relationship making. Phoebe eventually told of Cole being the upper-level demon Belthazor to her sisters after she found out. He was on the run too for killing the Triad after they attempted to kill him. Phoebe was at crossroads when her sisters left her to kill Cole, she let him escape and faked the whole death scene. She didn't tell her sisters, but this eventually ate her all up inside and she had to tell someone, and that someone was Leo. He was shocked. Phoebe then told Piper, then a furious Prue before fighting two wrestling demons to boost her anger towards them. Prue and Piper finally accepted the Cole factor and he played on their side and fell in love with Phoebe. This all led up to the finale' of season 3. We were left with the Source's assassin, Shax, blasting the innocent through the Halliwell's dining room window, and Prue and Piper through a wall. Phoebe and Cole were in the Underworld after a deal Phoebe made to reverse time and save her sister Piper at the expense of her own will. Cole and Phoebe then decided to escape and Leo was in the heavens waiting to be called on to save the girls......

......At the beginning of Season 4 we see Piper trying to conjure her eldest sister Prue back to life. All her attempts are a failure. Why did this happen? Well in Phoebe's deal with the Source she had to stay in the Underworld to save her sister Piper who was fatally wounded by a bullet from the crazed media who knew of their secret because of the girl's vanquishing attempt exposure. Before that when time wasn't reset Phoebe was still at the manor searching for the vanquishing spell that needed the power of three to vanquish Shax to try and wound him away. Then she was there to call for Leo and heal her sisters before their near deaths. But now she wasn't. This slowly but surely killed Prue. Cause when Leo got there he could only have time to heal one sister and that was Piper.....

Now Prue is gone and Piper and Phoebe have to live up to that and are off to burry their sister. Paige, a unique rebel. A very big flirt and very stylish. She works at Social Services Office in San Francisco. Every day Paige Matthews receives the daily paper. One day in particular she catches the daily deaths section. Instinctively she feels attached to one departure, that is Prue......

"I'm sorry for your lost", as Paige and Phoebe shook hands.......Phoebe is taken away by one of her premonitions, she sees the familiar looking girl being struck by the demon that killed Prue. But shortly after that the familiar Bounty against Cole war began. But in Cole's benefit. Now Piper who is usually up to living a normal life is now wanting to end the good vs. evil fight. She believes the power of three is over. But Phoebe is still open with her duties, her and Cole go to save the girl in her premonition, luckily they find the right rooftop and save the girl at the expense of her boyfriend being hurt badly. Piper and Phoebe are visited by their mother and Grams explaining of Paige.......their half sister. How can there be another sister you ask? Well when Patty (their mother) shacked up with her Whitelighter (Sam) there was one big detail left out...a daughter. This was against the rules, so they had to hide their identity, this explains why Leo didn't get any information about her from the elders. Now all they have to do is find her in hopes of restoring the power of three.....

Wandering in the manor is a confused Paige. The girls quickly re-unite under the famous chandelier. Piper and Paige shake hands and it starts to glow on them and it shakes. A sign of her destined arrival. Suddenly the doors blow open to the sight of Shax. Leo distracts him knowing now to let him have any chance of breaking up the sisters. The girls run to the Book of Shadow and flip through the pages, Paige is now scared and alarmed at what's going on. Piper quickly tells her what to do and when Shax blows the attic door down they recite the spell to finally vanquish him. Paige runs out astonished......

 .........They later find her and plead with her to reconstitute the power of three. The Source has other plans though. Since she has not chosen the good side the gateway for her to choose which side she wants to be on to use her magic is still open. The Source tries to make her his, but unfortunately she takes the good side.

 In Season 4 Piper took a while to grow accustomed to Paige. She still missed Prue, her anger was open to becoming a pathway of being a Fury. Phoebe and Paige both helped her deal. The Source even brain drained her to bring out her worst reality. Cole continued to work against the source battling heaps of demon-hunters. His and Phoebe's love also blossomed. Later on that season Cole was stripped off of his demon half and was fully human. This took time accustoming to. The Charmed ones finally encountered their main enemy, the source. He made his attack in the seer's first vision, but he failed, after realizing he couldn't win he released the 'Hollow', an unearthly power that is said to envelope worlds. He killed the good side of the guardians, and possessed the evil guardian with the hollow to steal the girl's powers. He took Piper's, then took back the hollow and had her power, he then sent a Darklighter and took out their Whitelighter, Leo, and almost Paige, but escaped with her powers. The girl's called for their powers and the Source came, and knocked out Piper. Phoebe and Paige dragged her to the attic and they tried their crystal cage, but he escaped by orbing one of the crystals out of the crystal circle. Phoebe, the only witch with powers, levitated and kicked him down, Cole came in with the Hollow in him and stole the Source's powers. He then used them against him and the sisters vanquished him. To put the Hollow back in it's box a good and evil being had to unite and read an incantation, so Phoebe and the Seer resisted it and put it back, but that wasn't the last of the Seer or the Source......

So if Piper and Paige got their powers back...where did the Source's go?...The Void, and that would be Cole. Phoebe and Cole married without Phoebe knowing that Cole got back his evil side, and now is the Source. Paige was the only sister witch that didn't have faith in Cole. Paige quickly grew into her craft with the aid of her sisters. She and her sisters took down Cole once in for all sending him to the demonic wasteland and leaving Phoebe in shambles. But the seer left her mark, she planted "her" spawn in Phoebe, she could now throw fire, which was an upper-level demonic power and she killed a demon that was un-vanquishable. The seer finally took on the baby from Phoebe and tried to become the new Source, she almost even had the girls right where she wanted them, but failed like all the others at the hand of "The Power Three" even taking out the Council. Leo then hid the Grimoire somewhere in the mountains where nobody can ever find it and conjure up the source's position again.

The Seer had this all planned out we found out later on, she had manipulated Cole into pregnant Phoebe and marrying her into the darkest of all evils, with being pregnant and twisted by evil from the seer's tonic Phoebe would become evil. Piper and Paige figured out the truth about Cole, but they were too late for Phoebe, she surrendered as the Queen of the Underworld along side Cole. Phoebe still however cared very much for both of her sisters and Leo, but the evil spawn that grew within her took over her every chance it could, wielding fire at things that angered it or it's mother. When it came time to choose Phoebe had been stripped of the baby by the Seer, realizing that it was never her she sided with her sisters. In two sequences they all together have banished the Source's power into oblivion, along with Cole sent to the 'Demonic Wasteland', a plane for the departed evil where a tentacle like demon dwells and absorbs once-handy powers.

For vanquishing the Source of all evil once and for all the Halliwell's got a chance from the Angel of Destiny to change theirs, and live normal lives. This would wipe the plate clean and they would never be bothered again by evil or magic. Striking away their spells, potions, enemies and their Book of Shadows. By doing this they ended their charmed destiny, or finished what they were destined to do. Piper and Phoebe were open to this option, but Paige wasn't. The majority vote would win the decision, but Piper and Phoebe re-thought it over and decided to stay Charmed for the rest of their lives and rescuing an innocent at the same time which also was a catalyst of why they wanted to stay Charmed. But one more surprise was in store, that if they would've chosen the normal destiny this wouldn't have effected their future for having children, meaning she was pregnant.

In Season 5 the Halliwell's were excited to welcome their new family member, then they were calling it by a girl, from what they saw in the future. Piper flaked out of battles too because of her fear of dieing like her mother and ancestors had a tendency to do. She got over that eventually. Cole returned from the Demonic Wasteland with a whole new set of powers. He was now invincible from stealing other demons essences and power. Paige even got her first charge which was her dad. This was flop, but they grew tighter from it. On the 100th episode of Charmed, the sisters finally destroyed Cole once and for all. He was wanted to crossover to the outside planes by the Avatars, but before that he casted a spell to change the one moment that reconstituted the Charmed ones back together again. But Paige slipped through the cracks when she accidentally sneezed and orbed when the spell was cast. She had to convince Piper and Phoebe that were unsure that she was their long-lost half sister. Piper eventually believed her after Paige told of how to kill the Lazarus demons. Later Paige, Piper and Leo came to the manor which now belonged to evil and rejoined with Phoebe who with clasped hands and deflected Cole's energy balls. In this reality he was still Belthazor, and vanquish able. So they used the potion on him with his own flesh and destroyed him. This was the final end of him. Piper gave birth to her child, a boy, named Wyatt Matthew Halliwell. In this season he was captured by several demons, but in the end they were all vanquished. At the end of this season a boy from the future named Chris came to try and help the sisters as they encountered Gods out for the Elders. Chris lead Leo to eventually lead the surviving Elders to safety and for him to turn the girls into Goddesses. Then they could defeat the Titans. The girls did vanquish the Titans and had to give up their ultimate power, but Piper wouldn't let go of the power or her loss for Leo, as he became the head Elder. She gave it back and he healed her pain, so she would result in being chipper. Worried, the sisters watch on as time will only tell, as her pain sets and deepens........but in the midst of another plot development rearing the end of Season 5 Leo had suspicions on the newcomer, Chris. Advising him to look after the sisters, but in effect he'll be watched as well, take it as a warning. About to orb back to 'Elderland', Chris, with the wave of his hand, scattered Leo's orb's. Ok...what just happened?

Coming into Season 6 Piper suppressed her feelings to hide how she felt, mainly for the purpose of "moving on" and raising Wyatt properly. On yet another adventure, 2 weeks later, the girls found themselves battling demons in their living room yet again and traveling to Valhalla where Leo was kept hostage by Valkyries. The result of Chris blasting Leo's orbs was Leo being held hostage by the Valkyries and made into a man-warrior. The girls had to find some way of bailing Leo out and to do it they needed to blend in with the civil, yes they became Valkyries! They fought Leo out of Valhalla, but Piper didn't want to go back, she'd rather stay with the other Valkyries, with only seconds before their exit would close, Paige, Phoebe, Darryl and Leo departed back to San Francisco. Later on Piper and her gang of Valkyries set their sights on San Francisco too, Phoebe and Paige caught on to this and followed her. They reasoned with her and she stayed with her sisters to raise and lover her child. Her gang went back to Valhalla, and Leo left on another goodbye.

After returning back from San Francisco, the Charmed Ones faced different kinds of problem when it comes to raising Wyatt and having splitting up of Piper with Leo. They encounter the Cleaners when they found out that Wyatt is almost losing with them when it uses his power on public. The sister must find a way how to get their power back when the Stillman Sister want the Power Of Three. This season is also for love interest of Paige with Richard Montana whose having problem with his family feud. Chris Perry use also his to remind the Charmed Ones that what will be in the future when Wyatt turn in evil side. He also reveal to them that he is Wyatt future brother and try to help them by saying any clue how to get rid of the evil way Phoebe also lose her power because of using them in public.

Gideon, Leo's old mentor, being the threat in Wyatt evil side so he set plan how to make the Charmed Ones forgot Wyatt. he used is evil side by sending Leo and Chris in the parallel world when all the evil exist, when the Charmed Ones are ruling very bad, and when all the good people are hiding somewhere. its like a mirror world. They Charmed Ones find a way how to get Leo and Chris (good and evil) in their own world. But destiny has to fall and future Chris killed by Gideon. Luckily baby Chris is born in the end, but they must prove to Inspector Sheridan and Darryl, that now is not in their side. They must restore the Grand Design or else the world will be never been the same again.

In new Season 7, we see Leo is not so ok because of losing his son in future and find Barbas to vanquished. But instead of that, Piper and Leo are hijacks by Shiva and Shakti and consummate their love again. Their love almost change the world in effect. Phoebe's manager hired her a ghost writer to take in her place and her in sabbatical days. But because of Shakti and Shiva effect, Phoebe almost fall for his new writer, Leslie. With losing Gideon, Magic School will shut down when Paige came and saved it from the Elders. They encounter Lady Godiva and Lord Dyson that change other century on effects. With new baby on town, Paige and Phoebe conjure their Grams for baby Chris' Wiccaning even without Piper wishes. But things when awry when the spell backfires and turn the trio in a bickering teenager. Phoebe won a Reader's Choice Awards, Paige is now a new teacher in Magic School and Piper is now a normal wife with 2 kids and taking care of a P3 and his demon hunter-Leo.

The sisters in this Season 7 encounter also Captain Black Jack Cutting and his pirates who almost turn Paige in a one old woman who is losing her memory and aging in a hour. They face Federal Agent Brody who is one after to investigate the Charmed Ones. They faced the Angel of Death for the second times around where he used Piper's soul to collect people's soul who is dying and maintain the Grand Design. The sisters having problem with Leo and the Elders, the Blue Moon takes an effect from them and transform them in a monstrous Beasts who attacked Whitelighter. Phoebe has her very own power to come back, her premonition. She used her premonition in order to saved a pregnant lady which attacked by a half human and half demon being. Agent Brody help Paige to solve a mystery of missing Guardian Angels only to find that Celerity Demon attack people's Guardian Angels for them to collect more power. Paige also get to know each other with her love life with Brody, they try their adventure as lovers when they sucked into a book and go back In a cliché of 1930's novel and figure out how to saved a murder case. Meanwhile Leo's unsuspected doing lead him to join force to Avatars to get rid of from the Creature Head. He joined the Avatars knowing that it can change the life of Charmed Ones as normal demon free person. He saved the Seer, that's been attack by demons, who hold the information that can give to Charmed Ones that the Avatars will give the life they want so they decided to made the Utopian World, the world without good and evil exist. piper want to see what Phoebe saw in her vision so she decided to switch power to Piper, but when time they switch power, Zankou attacked them causing their powers to go in two surprised people who received their power. Changing to Utopian world is almost done in the world, but things when awry when Leo knew that the conflict-free world became more dangerous for Charmed Ones because the Avatars want is to eliminate or remove the person who is against in their Utopian World. Leo gave his life in order to reverse the Charmed Ones the Utopian World and team up with the demon, Zankou. With the end of Utopian World, the sisters adjust their old lives. They met Drake, an ex-demon who is trade his demon side to a sorcerer just to became a human. They must saved him before the Sorcerer get his power. There's came to the sisters must saved Darryl's old mentor, Mike, who was possessed by the Lost Soul who trap in  the Cabaret Fantome. The sister realized that Count Roget, the owner of the cabaret, made a deal with a demon to trap all soul in his club. They help all the soul and vanquish Count Roget who used Drake body to escape at the Cabaret. When Piper and Paige are about to saved an innocent, Piper been attack by the demon and end up with coma. In the cosmic void between life and death, she met Cole who is hung their and try to help Piper and Leo to keep their love together. He also reveal to Piper that he don't want to give up Phoebe the love she want. This season we see Wyatt healed his mother and try to bring her spirit. Meanwhile Drake is make his duty and now its time to go where he came from, where Cole set him up and help him to help the sisters. Returning back from the Underworld, Zankou planned to get the Spiritual Nexus at the Charmed Ones manor. He seek for help in the Tribal Demon to make the girls distracted. Meanwhile Wyatt's power makes his parents (Leo and Piper) shrink into 3 inch and put them into old doll house so he can protect his parents. Phoebe been assigned as the head in their newspaper office for one edition because her boss been gone for vacation. Zankou plan no longer work when the Shadow been release by the power of three, it chose Leo's body so it can destroy the great evil, Zankou. Paige been tired on work in Magic School assigned Leo as the keeper in the Magic School for the meantime because the Elders remove his power for choosing to be a mortal. Paige got her head hearing some screeching from her head because of her Whitelighter part is now taking her apart while she was stuck in the elevator. Meanwhile Phoebe and Piper must help a Hope, the next guardian of Pandora's Box, to restore and help to protect the mythological box in a shape-shifting demon who want to impressed Zankou. Imara, a sorceress want to kill Zankou's lieutenant, used Phoebe's body and trap Phoebe soul in her body, Meanwhile Paige got her new charges, Mitchell who is a witch that she has to help for bringing that power out. Wyatt Halliwell made himself an imaginary friends that make them parents wondering why he is talking to himself. Worry about what happening, the sister mistakenly summoned Wyatt in future to talk about what happening to the little Wyatt. They didn't knew that the demon that Wyatt cause may take him change evil and also take effect on the future Wyatt. Leo sacrifice himself to make a father son talk to change the Evil Wyatt in good again.

In the second to the last episodes of the Charmed Season 7, Zankou making his moved to the Book of Shadow by distracting the sister and taking all the dead become alive again. Leo planned to have the first birthday for Chris but eventually it not happen because the sister must figure out the reason why all the dead becomes alive again, even Paige new charge Joanna. The sister discovered that the Alchemist and Zankou are behind of this event and while they are dealing with the Alchemist, Zankou got his way to get the Book of Shadow and used it to get the Nexus. Now that the Book of Shadow is in Zankou's hands, he figure out how to get the Shadow in his side using the book. But when Zankou try to get the Shadow, he realized that the sister has still their own powers so they can reversed the spell even in the Magic School. So Zankou, using the Book of Shadow, try to make a potion that will strip off sister's power and he got Phoebe's power of premonition so he can see what will the sisters next move, and then he get Piper's power of thermal blast. Now that Zankou get the Book, the manor, and two of sister power, he still Paige power so that the sister cannot make any move from Zankou. Before the sister try their next move, they went to their father, Victor Bennet, to leave baby Chris and Wyatt in his hand with all the papers property that the Halliwell's have. Zankou attacking the Magic School make the sister try their next move by using their sister's Prudence Halliwell power of astral projecting, that Leo learn to Prue before Prue died. The sister used it and try to used the Power of Three spell for the last time so they can hold again the Book of Shadows. A while ago, Inspector Sheridan been drawn by Zankou when she try to observe the manor and find Zankou holding the Book in the attic, Zankou blast Sheridan that cause the SWAT, and other federal agent went to the manor to see what's going on in the manor. After that the Charmed Ones are about to get the Shadow when Zankou attack them and said that the Shadow recognized him now. After the Shadow enter in Zankou's body, the sister used the spell that can banish the Suxen (Nexus in spell backward), and try to vanquish to with themselves to sacrifice. After the big explosion in the basement of the manor, the SWAT team enter the manor and check the basement and everything in the manor, but noone leave their even sisters body. Leo want to enter the manor but the police never passed him, when he is about to leave, three unknown girls speak to Leo and bring him in the hidden place and revealed that the three are the Charmed Ones. They told Leo that the they used astral projection so that to cover themselves. And now the three will begin again, and try to clean what mess they have done leaving the manor in police hands. The door closed that meaning for the end of Season 7. 

At the start of the season 8, the sisters are presumed dead. However, alive with a desire to put their old lives behind them and live a demon-free existence, Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo cast a spell creating new identities. They altered their appearances to the outside world, but still appear as themselves to those closest to them. Piper tries to live the normal family life by being a wife to Leo, raising two sons, and running her nightclub, P3. Phoebe embraces her new life and tries to form a relationship with Dex Lawson, a gorgeous artist who admired her from afar but never had the courage to ask her out. Now, with a new lease on life, Phoebe goes after Dex, especially after she has a premonition that she will marry him. Wanting to move on and put magic behind her, Paige still can't ignore the Whitelighter in her, and answers the call of a young witch named Billie. College student by day and fighter of evil by night, Billie is a fearless girl with raw talents. As the Charmed Ones work with Billie to hone her skills and teach her the importance of their calling, they realize how much they miss magic. They come to the decision that they can carry on their fight against evil while trying to maintain a normal home life. As the three most powerful good witches magic has to offer, the Halliwell sisters continue to wage war against evil as they seek to strengthen their sisterly bond and get closer to fulfilling their destiny.
Agent Keyes is ready to go back to D.C. even though he admits the case isn’t really closed. He has Agent Murphy stay behind to keep an eye on things. An Elder visits Victor to talk about Wyatt and Chris. Per Piper's suggestion, Phoebe pursues Dex. She also ponders on her future child (which she saw in her vision quest). Haas and his gang, including a female demon named Black Heart, take possession of the remains of Magic School. Haas still isn't sure the Charmed Ones are dead, which is why he has Black Heart lure teenagers to him by using the "Alice in Wonderland" tale in the hope it will force the sisters out of hiding if they are indeed alive. Billie is pursuing demons and missing teens. Paige gets arrested by a cop and while talking with the officer, she discovers that maybe becoming a cop could be an option for her... There are electricity problems at P3.

In the third episodes of Charmed, the sisters are still living undercover. Someone looking exactly like Piper’s alias Jenny is wanted by the police for murder. This “double” is named Maya Holmes. She meets with a corporate recruiter in order to get a full-time job. The recruiter offers her a job if she passes the background check… He takes a picture of her (as Jenny Bennet). It doesn’t take long for the company’s security to link her to Maya’s mug shot… Piper soon gets in trouble. Paige and Billie try to find Maya in order to help free Piper. But there is more to this case than meets the eye. Phoebe and Dex get closer. When they kiss, Phoebe gets a premonition of what will happen at Dex’s gallery opening… it’s chaotic to say the least. Leo hosts a playgroup for Wyatt and other toddlers at the manor. He must deal with the moms. BLESSED BE!!!

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