Witch Zone


Season 1

The Charm Ones (Darrel, Darrin, and Darren) receives their power in the Magical Book, but they didn't handle it with care causing to change the Great Divide, used in Personal Gain, and even got themselves Backfire in their own spell.

1.01 - "It's A Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Witch" - Hot summer when the Darrel, Darrin, and Darren chant over the Magic Book and call forth thy power. Darrel got the power of releasing more cum and to freeze time, Darrin got the power to elongate his dick and shimmering, and Darren got the power for his dick to detect the bad thing and premonition.

1.02 - "Pimp My Ass" - Knowing that the Power of Three can destroy her, Victoria, a Pimp Demon try to seduce the three and try to steal the Magic Book to relinquish their powers.

1.03 - "Wicked" - "Boy Frog" - When the evil witch cursed the boy to become small frog, the Three must bring him back to his original form.

1.04 - "Fountain of You" - Darrin encounter the Lady Hanna who curse by his boyfriends and cut his vagina by an athame that cause her to become old but never die. Darrin try to help the Old Lady to become younger by fucking her by the Power of Three.

1.05 - "Power of Three" - After receiving their power and help some of the people and kill demons, the Three summon their Grandpa and Father and rename them as "The Charm Ones".

1.06 - "Double Witch" - Having problem with his project at school and some demon hunting, Darren used a spell to do his work done, but it adversely goes wrong when the spell make him double terrible.

1.07 - "Boys Meet Gays" - The Charm Ones faces with Rockers Demon that is so gay, they try to used Charm Ones dick for them to produce more of their kind.

1.08 - "Son from the Mars" - Hardship, Alien from Mars was sent to find the Charm Ones and beg for help for them because of the Destroyer Demon want to destroy their planet.

1.09 - "Craft" - "Don't Be Personal" - When Charm Ones try to used the Magic Book for their personal gain again, the Elders appear in the attic and warn them not to used it without the guide of whitelighter, so the Elders assign William to be their new whitelighter and guide.

1.10 - "Massive Attract" - Being Whitelighter, William cannot control himself to express his feeling to Darren. Lately he tell the Charm Ones that he is a gay and fell in love to Darren.

1.11 - "It's Magic" - "Magic Never Hide" - With the help of William and Darren, the children of orphanage make smile when they show them some tricks that make them happy, they used their power as magic tricks.

1.12 - "Eye of the Beholder" - Having nude painting Darrel goes, he realized that one of the painter their is a demon who used their model to trap in the painting after their finished the paint. Darrel trapped nude in the painting where he is been chased by other gay demon.

1.13 - "Whitelighter, Dark lighter" - When the full moon arise before Halloween day on its 200 years, the moon takes an effect to him that cause him to change in a Darklighter and haunt for witches who are more powerful.

1.14 - "Trick or Threat" - The Charm Ones receive a threat that is too tricky, the threat means their new danger they encounter that must have to prepare. Darren takes William in a party.

1.15 - "One, Two, Three Witch" - Busy for their work as normal people, KIRK, a demon used the Charm Ones as his experiment for the coming of New Danger. He put every Charm Ones in their own world.

1.16 - "Extreme Makeover: Witch Edition" - When the Great Divide between good and evil broke, the demon who are vanquished by former witches such as Charmed Ones, Angel, Buffy, Charmed Men are now alive because of Zankou, a demon on Season 7 of Charmed. He put all the witches and mortals into change by using his paranoia spell that make them not remember anything.

1.17 - "Bitch Me" - "Spider Bitch" - When the Spider Demon attack William, he almost turn into a girl and a demon that want the Power of Dick.

1.18 - "Spellman's Spell Guide" - Having adore in their Whitelighter, The Charm Ones used a spell to vanquished the Tyranny Demon with their own might.

1.19 - "The Danger Zone" - When Danger came into the Charm life, the forces of good and evil expected that the threat is too dangerous, but things go wrong when they realized that the Threat is not harmful. Danger is the new witch on town who need guidance and care by the Charm Ones.

1.20 - "The Demon Who Inside Us" - When an Infector Demon try to release the Nexus at the Charm Manor, the demon hidden in the Nexus make great effect on Charm, they almost release their evil side and became a demon who feeds on mortals cum.

1.21 - "The Hands Effects" - Taking the effect of Midas' hands, Darrel must bring Danger that he almost turn her into a gold girl.

1.22 - "Don't Touch My Pussy" - A tired Danger must saved by Charm Ones when a Hoard Demon almost touch Danger's Pussy.

1.23 - "Witttch" - The spell takes a backfire when in episode, "Fountain of You", Darrin help an Old Lady Henna to turn into a young woman, he began to become older. He must saved by the athame that been used to cut the Lady.

1.24 - "The Real Forthcoming" - Backfires is the real deal for the Charm, having the wrong used of Magic Book on the past episodes, the Three must kept themselves that they need to practice more witchcraft before facing the Reel Deel.

1.25 - "An Ye Charm None" - Finishing their consequence to backfires all the magic, they also must remember not to hurt anyone to perform their duties.

Season 2

In these Season, the Elders gave the Charm Ones a Whitelighter named Williams so he can help the brother in their magical craft. But Williams also give in to temptation and joined the brother in their sex educational life. In other hand, Marl, Williams old mentor seek help for the Charm Ones and even threat the Charm Ones in order to change their world and intersect with parallel world.

2.01 - "That's A Lot of Witch" - When coven of witches come and celebrate the coming of Charm Ones, they didn't realized that a Japodil Demon attack in the Manor joining with his minions.

2.02 - "Yin-Youngs" - Yin, a 2nd year high school that has the power to draw a in the paper and make it alive used by Hatter, a Darklighter. Where he used Yin to draw his younger look to fight the Charm Ones.

2.03 - "The Secrets of Magic Book" - Busy working with revealing potion, Darrin accidentally drop an amount on the book and it reveal the true color and true power of Magic Book.

2.04 - "Lady Magenta" - Lady Magenta drop by in Charm Manor and try to make some help because the Engkantasya is attacked by the demon, Luca.

2.05 - "Damn You Salazar" - Salazar, a reptile demon, got the Charm trap in a web where Spider Demon, Xenia teamed up with Salazar to get the Charm Ones' Magic Book.

2.06 - "Leverage, Beverages" - When a Drunk Demon kidnap a 14 year old girl, the Charm Ones must try to saved the girl or else the Drunk Demon get the Eye of Newt in the her forehead.

2.07 - "Tempted To Witch" - Because of Potion made by Williams, The Charm want their Whitelighter to be fucked at the same time.

2.08 - "William Enchanted" - Fairy from Frell made a spell to William that cause him to fuck all people who block his way.

2.09 - "Charm at Work" - Being busy at their own work, the Charm Ones didn't forget the duty of being the Charm Ones.

2.10 - "Addicted Gnomes" - When a bunch of Gnome learn how to used abusive drugs, they been become rude in the Magical School.

2.11 - "Darrel's Secret Recipe" - Putting some spell on Darrel's recipes makes his visitors become animals, he must reverse the spell before his brother know the Elders see what happen to the mortals because of the Darrel.

2.12 - "Suck Mine, Fuck Yours" - When Belinda, Spellman's neighbors, knock in the Manor and peek on bathroom where Darrin is get a bath. She see Darrin have a big dick she ever saw in his life.

2.13 - "Family Appears" - Danger and Williams almost had a fight where the Charm Ones are involved. They summon their ancestor so they judged who will be leave the Manor to end the fight.

2.14 - "2 Become 1" - Having summoning the ancestor to choose who will leave the Manor, Danger can't stop crying where she found out that she will be the one who is leaving the Manor. She is assigned to other witch by the Elders.

2.15 - "Anxious; Demonic God" - When Anxious, a God of all demon try to manage the Charm Ones, he failed because the Elders helped the Charm to fight the demon and put him back to his lair.

2.16 - "Charm Late" - Late student, Darren got to finished the exam before he can go in vanquishing evil that attacking in their premises.

2.17 - "Fun Now, Magic Later" - Been stress all the months in their lives because of magic thing and work, the Charm Ones decided to get their way to make fun and release their stress in any form.

2.18 - "Flow Job" - Having an affair with Elena, Darrel been blowjob by Elena even at work.

2.19 - "Enchanted Kingdumb" - Marl, William's old mentor, called the Charm Ones to help in the Magical School because one of the student conjured a kingdom that full of dumb people.

2.20 - "Don't Mention It" - When the last incantation is been chant by Darrin, the spell get a backfires in their Manor when it almost been burned like an ash.

2.21 - "Danger Backfires" - As a sign of threat Marl used Danger as the leverage when Marl want to set his plan.

2.22 - "We're In Double" - Attacking in the Manor to get the Magic Book, Marl used the parallel spell so the Charm Ones, in evil form, release and the other good Charm Ones will fight them busy.

2.23 - "Too Bad Baby" - Fighting their evil side, the Charm find a way how to reverse spell that Marl made and bring the evil side of Charm in their own world. They also find a way how to vanquished Marl on the first time.

2.24 - "Changeling Places (I)" - Reversing the spell to bring back the Charm evil takes an effect in the whole world, the world bring too happy and all people are not fine because of the changing the Grand Design.

2.25 - "Changeling Places (II)" - "Witch Zone 50th episode" - The Charm gives again a shot when they try to make few spell to reverse the spell they chant to bring people in normal lives and mental system.

Season 3

In Season 3, the Charm Ones alert when Williams had a hidden sexuality knowing that he is a gay, he joined in the Gypsy clan and making his wish come true to be one of the Gypsy and make himself into a woman. Now William is now Wilma.

3.01 - "The Wrong Twitch" - A overprotective brother Darrel try to saved an innocent in the hand of a demon, turn to be wrong. Darrel almost gave his life just to save an impostor innocent just to get the power of Darrel.

3.02 - "Holy Witch" - Save other life make William risked his life as he encounter the Elders and grant him a gift that is sacred.

3.03 - "Doom Raider" - Scarf Demon who ride in a motor bike must find by Charm Ones before it take more heads to chop.

3.04 - "The Third Question" - Being the third in the family line, Darren summoned their Grandpa making it reveal why he is the third Spellman bloodline.

3.05 - "Delete Asterisk, Doc" - Witch Doctor is been summoned by the Charm Ones to check if their is a demon who is hiding in their manor. They didn't realized that the Doctor put a hex on them so that the doctor can watch them.

3.06 - "Queer Tongue for the Straight Fuck" - The cast of Queer Eye for the straight guy try to makeover the brothers. When Carlson see the Magic Book he used the seducing spell that cause his tongue seduce the Charm Ones and fucked him and the rest of the cast.

3.07 - "Spell Bounce" - Doing lack of motivation regarding his homework, Darren used a spell to bring his work in a nice flow, but it backfires because the Elders put the spell in a danger for personal gain use.

3.08 - "Pandora's But" - Pandora who is curious about what is inside the box she is holding with, The Charm must saved the box before Pandora got to open it.

3.09 - "Vision Question" - Going on a Vision Quest, Darrel got some issue want to know.

3.10 - "Weakest Winx" - Krista, been attacked by the horrifying beast must saved by Charm because she is losing her power.

3.11 - "Afro-disiacs" - A gangster that consist of men who is in afro attack an innocent and get their head just to be the collection for their galore, must vanquished by the Charm Ones.

3.12 - "Lick My Nuts" - When William met Gypsy, he made a contract to them to be one of them only not to tell the Charm Ones that 'He' will be turning to 'She'.

3.13 - "Will I Am" - "Can You Stir A Secret" -Afraid to tell the Charm Ones the truth, William tell the fact to one of the demon that know all about the secret of Underground and Above, The Stir.

3.14 - "The Bitter Truth" - Telling the truth for what William just decision with, make the Charm Ones alert because some great power will arrive and might sucked their power.

3.15 - "In His/Her Case" - Having a member of Gypsy, William been called by The Trinity to set a case regarding his sex changing as a female.

3.16 - "Ambush Made Over" - Doing what is right for her, Hilda saved Ambush as it used herself to be the instrument of a demon.

3.17 - "God Know Who Does Not Pair" - The Carlson Twin made a different change to themselves that they realized that this can be too dangerous for them.

3.18 - "Lift Let" - Trap in Dagger Demon, Let, member of Gypsy called William to saved her and saved the entire Gypsy family by means of Charm Ones that been attacking by the same Demon.

3.19 - "Wilma Whitelighter" - Despite William been member of the Gypsy and the Charm Ones help him, Wilma, in girl form, been assign as the new Whitelighter of other people by the Elders.

3.20 - "I Dream of Cenie" - More wanting the power of three, Cenie try to be good in the Charm Ones by granting three wishes each and try to get their power in return.

3.21 - "Cleaning Darrel" - When Darrel bust by the policemen using his power at the street, the Cleaners do their moves to protect the magic in the innocent and put Darrel lost his memory.

3.22 - "Freaks Out" - The Thread demon release another kind of evil in the Above, The Freaks. They eat and suck people cum and blood as too much to made them dress up like a human.

3.23 - "Revenge of the Shit" - More revenge takes a lot in Spellman line, The Shit attack at Darren when she is masturbating at the bathroom.

3.24 - "Too Clone" - Feeding too much mortal in Above, the Freak clone the Charm Ones and set them up as they were attacking the whole world.

3.25 - "Saved Zone" - Making believe to mortals that they are good witches, The Charm Ones must help the people to save them in attacking of freaks in the Above.

3.26 - "That's All Freak" - Finishing what's freaks are done, the Charm Ones use a anti-memory spell not to remember anything about them and about the demon freaks.

Season 4

The Charm Ones realized that they have another brother named Darius who is lost in the galaxy and must saved him. Meanwhilw Wilma got a better place in the manor. In the finale, a demon who take the manor in his hand and shift the balance between good and evil using the Magical Book.

4.01 - "Charm Beast" - Affecting the world they saved, the Charm Ones transform themselves into a beast that hunt a witches.

4.02 - "Wanted Private Wilma" - Don't have any idea what is going to be as a girl in the Manor, Wilma first think how to deal with do's and don'ts for being a gal in the Manor.

4.03- "From Dust 'Til Hole" - Being the gal in the Manor, Wilma been doing the chores when demon attack her. That demon killed all the Gypsy in the Above and use them as the trap in other demon.

4.04 - "The Wheel of Misfortune" - Ignoring their duty to fight demon, the Charm Ones been used by Hype Demon and went them in their own desires, Darrel into the world of non-demon life with more pleasure, Darrin into the world of more gals and gays he can handle and Darren in the world of more learning and desires.

4.05 - "Chance Encounters" - Darrel got passed on his exam on Mathematics but all of its was just a dream when the Hologram Demon try to adjust Charm life.

4.06 - "Don't Touch The Verdict" - "Public Showing" - Being the Charm Ones is tough, so Wilma off go to bring some vanquishing potion while the demon attack the Charm One at the mall.

4.07 - "The Sound of Muse-sic" - Attacked by the Colossal Demon, Jina, the Muse must help by Charm not to steal her pearl and used it to spread love in all Cupids.

4.08 - "Get Night" - Bidding with their nightmares, the Charm Ones must find out who's demon try to make a spell on them and turn their nightmare into real.

4.09 - "Annual In Came Task" - More task as a Charm Ones, Darrel, Darrin, and Darren, attacked more demons as their doing more job at home and office.

4.10 - "The Witchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy" - The Charm was alert when their parents says that the long lost brother of them are lost and now must find them in the Galaxy.

4.11 - "Little Black Book" - Not yet receiving his power, Darius, their long lost bro, got lure by the demon and used the Magical Book as an evil Grimoire.

4.12 - "Gentlemen Prefer Blend" - When the inheriting of Darius power is now begun, he didn't expect to have a short blond hair.

4.13 - "Fargo" - When Fargo, want to try Darius power, he lure him into his lair and fucked disguise himself as Farrah, the lost witch.

4.14 - "Meet Hera" - When Hera, Earth Goddess, meet the Charm Ones. she gave them a duties regarding being the guardian of good in the Above.

4.15 - "Diary of a Mad Black Witches" - When Three Witches of Macbeth kidnap Charm Ones' soul, they create a portal that make people dead people send in nowhere.

4.16 - "Evil Box" - When the Playstation that Darrel buy, the PS2 box contain demon that almost attack the Charm Ones.

4.17 - "Ra is Hot!" - Invoking more gods, Darrin got himself trapped in Ra, God of Sun in Egypt. He used Darrin's body to kill the demons who is he hunting since a years ago.

4.18 - "Demonic Hi-Jacks" - Being hi-jack by gods, the Charm Ones also hi jack by demons who is want is to take revenge on them.

4.19 - "The Two Darius" - When Darius escape in the trap of a demon Zancoo, he didn't realized that he got his double trouble Darius.

4.20 - "Key-witched" - New Threat is forthcoming in Spellman Manor, but this time the brothers didn't know that this is going to be the worst threat of all.

4.21 - "Cheaper by the Demon" - Thinking that the New Threat must affect demons, they attack the Charm Ones to steal the Magical Book and used it to hide for the coming of threat.

4.22 - "The Time Shift" - Some sorcerers and sorceress sense that the threat will vanquished most of them because of what The Sees saw in her vision. So they planned to take the world imbalance before it happen.

4.23 - "Deeper Quest" - Darren secretly visit the Sees to share a vision in a this demon and see the threat that terror the brothers.

4.24 - "Ban The Brothers" - "Witch Zone 100th episode" - Deeper than where demons are, Anacleto, the demon who is most powerful than other upper level demon got in Spellman Manor and attack the Charm Ones for the very first time. He used the Manor to break the tunnel between good and evil, and used the Magical Book as the primer key to release it.

4.25 - "Charm Trapped" - Wanting to get back in their own manor, the Charm Ones must fight back to get what is their owned. Things go wrong when the Manor been duplicated and the Charm Ones driven in their own trap and must find a way out alive. Unlucky to became but one of them can't take the trap ones and fall in demons hands.

Season 5

In these season, Darius is about to received his power, but he is been drawn by the Judicial for nor to reconstitute the Power of Three. More exciting adventures await on the Charm Ones. As the season finale came, two gays named Janna and Jaya want the Charm Ones so badly that they even want to marry and fuck them. And as to gain them, the two battle them as them unleashed the Power of Three.

5.01 - "Lost Spellman (I)" - Not yet completely receive his power, Darius been trapped by The Judicial in order not to reconstitute the power of three.

5.02 - "Lost Spellman (II)" - Wanting to get back their brother, Darrin and Darren set a trapped to the Judicial to get their brother back and make the Power Three alive again.

5.03 - "Case of A Witch" - Sandra, a witch who ignore the Wiccan Rede begun to used her power to harm people, must stop by the Charm Ones and back in her normal lives.

5.04 - "Cleopatra Naked Desire" - When a coven of warlock summoned Cleopatra and fucked her, the Charm Ones must bring her back in her world or she cannot make history.

5.05 - "The Thirteen Witch" - Wanting to see his future, Henry gave drunken Darren a blowjob to used his premonition.

5.06 - "Faking Snowhite" - Fairy tales go wrong when Snowhite been kidnapped by the Sorcerer to used her body as leverages to kill her step mother.

5.07 - "Cape of Good Holy" - Holy been attacked by the pirates and must saved by the Charm Ones in Order not to changes history.

5.08 - "Be-Twin Too J's" - Jaya and Janna appears when the arrangement planet is now organizing itself. They tend to last weeks before the arrangement will release, and now they are in Earth to ceased witches and warlocks.

5.09 - "Desperate Gays" - Making their moves Jaya and Janna kidnap an innocents as slave in their upcoming lair at the Underground, they kidnap male that have big dick and used their cum to create fighting soldiers.

5.10 - "Plan B" - Doing their moves in Charm Ones, Jaya and Janna summoned the Judicial and teamed up to them so they can fight the Charm Ones.

5.11 - "Judge Who Mock" - The Judicial call upon Saxa, the destroyer demon, and used mortals as leverage to attacked the Charm Ones.

5.12 - "Vampire Sucks" - The Vampire Drag Queen singled Darius just to taste one of the Charm Ones cum, but fail to plan, the Charm Ones saved Darius right on time.

5.13 - "The Good, The Bad, and The Witch" - The Charm Ones goes Texas Rodeo when a group of wild cowboys that hunt for the golden mime, escape from the book and try to find it in the present world.

5.14 - "Will You Whale For Me?" - A cry for the king of the whale when they summon the Charm Ones in the ocean to help figure out who did the mysterious missing of their kind.

5.15 - "Pay Back Time" - Making his moved, Darren used a spell to make himself transform in one of Judicial demon so he can track what happening in the Underground.

5.16 - "The Left Makes Right" - Doing their part, the Charm Ones vanquish different demon who answer different answer in their one the same question.

5.17 - "Friday Night is Gay Night" - When Friday the 13th came in to town, Jaya and Janna make their moves as they victim different hunks who party over gay guy. They suck the guy and used their cum as charge for their coming battle between Charm Ones.

5.18 - "More Fun To Cum" - Collecting more cum in every men in the world including different continents, Jaya and Janna make the events more happy by collecting more sex toys they can handle to used as trap in Charm Ones.

5.19 - "Dick Friends" - Allan, Darrin friends who is has a 14 inches dick been summoned by the Charm Ones to saved him by attack by the gays in other planet (Jaya and Janna) .

5.20 - "Cold Freak Manor" - Moe to come and more adventure, the Charm Ones encounter they manor going crazy when they found out that the Nexus is going to release itself.

5.21 - "Sex and The Witches" - While Darrin enjoying sex with her girlfriend at manor, Darren enjoying sucking by the gay friend, and Darius enjoying masturbating at their comfort room, the shapeshifter demon attack Darius at the Manor and used him and copy him to joined at his brother Darrin sex trip.

5.22 - "Gay Lord" - Finishing their fighting soldier, Jaya and Janna kidnap again some of men in the other country and used them as the food of their soldier.

5.23 - "The 3D Adventure" - To be ready and fore come in Jaya and Janna's powers, the Charm Ones goes adventure to practice their knowledge and abilities due to their own desire.

5.24 - "Hunks vs. Gays (I)" - Starting the battle between gay from other planet and male witches, Jaya make the first move by stealing a ancient lamp on a museum and release the evil genie that grant one wish at a time. Meanwhile Janna went on the Underground to release other demon that been vanquished by the Charm Ones over past year. But Janna didn't make his planned because Darren and Darius put a spell on the passage between Above and Underground to block all past demons that will come in their world.

5.25 - "Hunks vs. Gays (II)" - Not yet finished Jaya used genie to attacked in the Manor but certainly the Charm Ones been alarmed then and put the genie back in the lamp. With Jaya and Janna now in the Manor, all tied up, the brother must bring the two gays back where they came from before their soldiers came to attacked them. Meanwhile The Judicial had nothing to do in the fight and still remained silence.


Season 6

Darius gained a power of Empathy where he feels all people emotion. Hence, Darren see a vision on his premonition about changing the world of their own, Netopia. Darius knew and close to a She Male demon Tanya, but the Judicial send a demon to capture Tanya and must saved by Darius before the implementation of Netopia will be done. When Netopia is done, the demon are very angry and decided to release Murphy to destroy the Netopia world.

6.01 - "Search for Block Empath" - When Darius visit an old Manor to find a lost souls to rescue, he didn't realized to gained one more power that can bring him to help others feelings, Empathy.

6.02 - "Revenge of the Sees" - The Sees knew that Darius gained an empathy. Being the jealous ones, she make a clone of one of the brother to give up his power and transfer it to Sees.

6.03 - "Chick Dicks" - A She-male Demon try to scry for bigger dicks, she landed on Darius that is in the club and having fun. Having Darius on his side, Tanya, the She-male demon try to quit his demon life and live with Darius.

6.04 - "Witch-ney and Bobby" - Tanya and Darius travel back in time where they concern as Whitney and Bobby, trying to chase a ghost lived in hundred century and hunt different kind of children.

6.05 - "The World in Witch I Wish I Lived " - Wanting to make the world be better, Darren and Darrin do their way to make attack the Sees. But the Sees share a vision on the second time with the Darren, seeing the world that no demon and even policemen exist.

6.06 - "Wishing for a Warrior" - The Charm Ones are summoned by the Demonic Council to battle in the events of the century that been held in the Underground.

6.07 - "Reel Demon" - When Hola, William old mentor, told about the Charm Ones, she realized that one of them must help in the Magical School. Darren been the ones who chose to be the lead in the school, so he decided to hired a teacher. Wrongly, he hired ex-demon who is so demonic form been have a deal with a sorceress

6.08 - "No Big Dish" - "Charm On Murder" - Doing the activity in the Magical School, Jef, an ex-demon used his power to teach children. He try to solve a case of murder in the school and even risk his life.

6.09 - "The Grass Is Greener Than I Taught" - Darren switch power with his brother so he can share what he saw in his vision. Meanwhile, when the brothers are busy switching power. The Demonic Council send The Judicial a message to make a plan to destroy the Sees and not to continue what the Charm Ones saw in Darren vision.

6.10 - "Dirty Spouting" - The Judicial send Gargoyles to destroy the Sees that been protecting by the Charm Ones to help them construct the Netopia world.

6.11 - "His Loves He" - Andra, a she-male demon, who is jealous in his friend Tanya who is fall in love in one of the Charm Ones. He attack and seduce Darius by morphing himself like Tanya so he can taste Darius cum to control him.

6.12 - "Tanya In The Middle" - The Judicial send a sorceress to get Tanya to bring his demon side so The Judicial can attack the Charm Ones and try to get the most mysterious power who is their hiding in the attic.

6.13 - "Let's Change" - Leaving all the demon in the Underground, the Charm Ones including Tanya set the change and implement the Netopia in Above so no demon can attack somehow in them. Tanya been gave a gift by the Charm Ones to transform his dick into vagina for Darius sake.

6.14 - "Darius and The Changes" - Now that the Netopia is done, no demon is attack the Manor. Darius spent more time Tanya for fucking all night long, their sex lasted almost 10 months. Darius' dick became 8 inches long for Tanya's sake. Darius always make a smile because of the Netopia world.

6.15 - "The Spellman Brothers" - Doing like Darius did, Darrin and Darren enjoy their life in a bar where they can masturbate and fucked free, so they can enjoy life without demon and they are the leader and lord in the world they created.

6.16 - "If There's A Good, There's Always A Bad" - Realizing that Netopia is always good, their forget that Netopia has a reverse thing called Fetopia, a world of evil and destruction.

6.17 - "Broken Somehow" - While not end yet, the Charm Ones reverse the world back and put the people in sleep, but reversing the world makes Tanya reverse also her vagina into his own dick.

6.18 - "Murphy's Fuck" - When the demon knew that the Netopia is being reverse, they release Murphy to take revenge in the Charm Ones and make Tanya bring back as his minions.

6.19 - "Reach Or Not To Reach" - Now that Tanya is in Murphy's hands, Darius must saved him and have to vanquished the Murphy. But unluckily, he can even scry where they are.

6.20 - "A Taste Of What Charm Made" - Knowing that Tanya can transform into a girl, Murphy's She-male demon minions cast a spell that bring the gay into a girl and fucked one of them so they can produce a children that bring Murphy's bloodline.

6.21 - "A Demon In Process" - Jogi, the ex-demon that Darren hired in the Magical School, help them how to bring the Charm Ones in the Underground without any demons knew.

6.22 - "The Witches Hunter" - With the way they knew how to get in the Underground, the Charm Ones make a plan how to bring all Murphy's minions vanquished without his knowledge and how they can prevent the born of the new Murphy's bloodline.

6.23 - "Jogi Must Die" - Some demon told about Jogi's been helped the Charm Ones in Above, Murphy decided to trace Jogi and release his power so he can reveal his true form.

6.24 - "This 6th Year Witch" - "Witch Zone 150th episodes" - After Murphy realized that the Charm Ones are in his lair now, he went to the Manor only to leave all his cocoons in the basement so it can easily hatched by the Nexus.

6.25 - "Upper Demons, Upper Witches" - The Charm Ones are able to find Murphy's lair, Darius able to saved Tanya from Murphy. But they must saved their world before the eggs of Murphy's hatched in their Manor and release it own evil things.

Season 7

New on witchcraft, Tanya want to learn magic, like what the three did, but mistakenly for every trials she do worst effect of each spell. Meanwhile, the Charm Ones are planning to destroy the Judicial and seek an help for Hola. In finale, the Judicial bring the brothers in their own time by traveling each path. New lovers in Darren is Claire

7.01 - "Crotch City" - Tanya mistakenly travel in a one of the magical tales in the world where no women exist and only nasty and naked men who lives that full of sexy thoughts.

7.02 - "Mummy In Law" - Lepartini, a demon who known for her mummification, used one of the Charm Ones body to make her boyfriends become alive and relive their love again.

7.03 - "Mr. and Mrs. Witch" - Darren, with the helped of Claire, become a dress a-la-James Bond to protect innocent into the hands of a deadly stalker.

7.04 - "Witches Wear A Trust" - An Infector Demon try to spread HIV in the Above, so the Charm Ones must protect themselves form the attack by wearing condoms.

7.05 - "The Witch Life" - Now Claire is on Darren side, they helped each other on simple life and simple living like Tanya and Darius does. not knowing that Claire is a newly assigned Whitelighter of Darren.

7.06 - "PlayGay" - A Shape-shifter demon, Dallas, played trick on male witches by using of voodoo dolls and try to release their cum to make a clone for them to go in the Dallas lair.

7.07 - "Star Wars Episode 7" - Anakin Skywalker get the touch of revolving in Above when Darius mistakenly summoned his spirit and he want to take a revenge on his great mentor.

7.08 - "Too Much Dosage" - Getting back from the way she are Tanya want to make a potion that can bring back her true form, only to find that when she drink too much potions, she realized that the potion makes a great effect on her body.

7.09 - "Catch The Fog" - Smokers Demon try to rule in Retrograde and steal their Magical Book.

7.10 - "The Huntdown" - Hunting for they want the Judicial takes their revenge on the Charm Ones, they planned to kill one of them by using innocent's body to vanquished one of the Power of Three.

7.11 - "Dear Witches" - A magical mail comes from the Grandpa of Charm Ones need a help for them because of the Judicial send a a demon who try to kill their spirits side.

7.12 - "The Three Masturbate" - The three insist Hola to help them how to fight with the Judicial which is very powerful. Hola teach Charm Ones to used their dick and masturbate, if they will be cumming, the cum must sip by the one of the Elders.

7.13 - "Ping Dong" - The Judicial set up the war on TV using the comedy kid show which purpose is to attract the children in darker sides.

7.14 - "Teen Grandfather" - Wanting to get help from their Grandpa, the Charm ones didn't realized that they Grandpa been kidnapped the soul by the Judicial minions, and they replaced they're Grandpa with 21 look-as-like of their Grandpa.

7.15 - "All Witch Go To Heaven Too" - Helping an innocent who's been attack by Pluto Roman God of Underworld. They are too late to saved the innocent which claimed her soul to be a witch then in Heaven.

7.16 - "When Clock Strikes" - Its time for saving innocent and the Charm Ones try to saved a group of mortals who' been trapped their soul in the limbo and must bring back their soul before the clock strikes twelve.

7.17 - "Summoning Time" - The time for summoning time needs more qualification as a witch when the Charm ones force and try used their matriarchs power as the power boost of their body.

7.18 - "All For One Witch" - As the vanquishing issue made the Charm Ones decided to attack their planned doing the vanquishing of the Judicial.

7.19 - "In the Realms of the Unreal" - Delia shares a premonition with Darren and a vision quest that will lead the Charm Ones into their dreams of thei own.

7.20 - "Apocalypse Now Redux" - Fighting for the balance, the Charm Ones face the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse. Who wanted the Charm Ones to become dead

7.21 - "The Barbarian Invasions" - The Charm Ones time travel themselves in Stone Age where the demons try to destroy their community and let the Stone Age people can't produce more generations.

7.22 - "The Judgment That Right For Us" - The brothers are been summoned in a trial where they been involved in different kind of exposure.

7.23 - "Bring Back That Lost and Feeling" - Easily came, Darius feel with his empathy the worst case will happen in their life when they attacked by the Judicial, but the things that Darius may change when he saw other creature in his vision who can stop the battle.

7.24 - "How To Deal With Judicial in Several Days" - The Judicial make their attack by sending off Saxa from previous episodes, to destroy the Charmed Ones. Saxa been vanquished in this final attack, but the Judicial find a way to get them attacked in the next day.

7.25 - "The Season Finale...Much Worst" - Judicial make their moves to time travel in the past of Charm Ones lives so that they can interchange the grand design, before the Charm Ones came. But before the Judicial destroy the past of the Charm Ones, the Havoc alter the loop and put the Judicial in the another time where no power exist

Season 8

Claire and Tanya must saved by the Charm Ones so that they can create their next generation, Meanwhile Darrin is very upset and want to have his own partner. Two agents, Agent Clyde and Agent Haile is on the Charm Ones track but its seem that Clyde is now on Charm Ones sides. The world is automatically turned and changed it Grand Design because of the demons   A new breed of demon, Words, summoned Zendrax and be their leader so the Nexus is given to their sides. When Haile see what is happening to the manor, the demon put him in coma and finally when he woke up, they erase their memory.

8.01 - "Sin Celebrity" - A demon who want to make name of his won want to destroy the world by using the Seven Deadly Sin to infect the human minds. Meanwhile, Agent Clyde stuck on their way in the events.

8.02 - "Changes and Passion" - Passion, a lady want to find a missing earrings that full of mythological story about the changing soul from one body to another that she has been get from her ancestors. Must keep its away to other bad people before they used it in bad things.

8.03 - "Eight Legged Witch" - Darren been singled out by the Spider Demonic Lord and try to used his body as the spider. He pested people off and scared them making Agent Clyde front in the way.

8.04 - "Meet the Spellman" - Agent Clyde meet the Spellman and talk about all their cases that been joining.

8.05 - "Total Eclipse of Hart" - Hart, a student girl who have the power to control time must be saved by the Charm Ones in a demon Temper who want to steal her power and used it against them.

8.06 - "Please Witch" - Having an affair with other bitches, Darren used his 12 inches dick to a normal person that almost made the bitch surrender to his big dick.

8.07 - "Do What The Woman Said" - Claire and Tanya been brain washed by the Hallavar, who want to pleased the Charm Ones to change their faith to them.

8.08 - "Hallavar Girl" - Secret joining by the Hallavar, Claire and Tanya must face the life by having two responsibilitites.

8.09 - "To Witch Or To Not Witch" - Telling the truth about the Hallavar, Claire reveal herself in her boyfriend the truth about the Hallavar and Tanya use Darren premonition to share with the brother about what Hallavar want to them.

8.10 - "A Cause For Celebi" - A time travel pokemon Celebi must captured by Claire and Tanya so that the changing faith must done with the help of Hallavar.

8.11 - "Halfway Round The World" - With the used of Celebi, the vision that Darren saw in his premonition is coming through by fastening the time and helping the change by the used of Hallavar.

8.12 - "Changing Faith" - Not exactly yet finished the changing faith, the three men where been sent to the Limbo to fight a Chinese Fighter who try to destroy human in a ghostly plane. The men realized that the Limbo set-up is a plan of Hallavar to erase the Charm Ones memory and put back aside a new clone of Charm Ones in the manor without Claire and Tanya knowing.

8.13 - "Not Just Ordinary Demon" - Like In Netopia version the Charm Ones realized that Hallavar is like a The Judicial demon who almost ruin Charm's life but this time the vision is just a trick to knew that the boys are after the real world.

8.14 - "Year 2100" - Darrin sucks into the big Nokia phone ever, the Nokia 2100 where he finds some demon try to lure him to become more evil than the other two.

8.15 - "Certified Virgin" - Having feeling of become one of the loser for having the girl in the family, Darrin summoned a virgin girl for one night and adversely wrong cause the one that virgin he was summoned is a gay one that can bring him into wild.

8.16 - "Lives Don't Cost A Thing" - A Bailer Demon try to bid Charm lives and try to sell it the most upper level demon who want to enjoy them.

8.17 - "Night Watch" - A demon try to steal the Moon in the guardian of its so it cannot be shine in the night time.

8.18 - "Tales From the Cream" - A Cream that made by the sorcerer freak out the Charm Ones because of its effects that change the Grand Design of the People Living.

8.19 - "World And Its Design" - The world takes a extreme makeover because of some demons try to rule it with their gadgets, the Charm Ones must bring back the world on its own design before generation came .

8.20 - "Darren Darken" - Four wicked witch summoned Darren from their time to knew about what will one of these Charm Ones men have inside by luring his dark side. Meanwhile because of the balance thrown off in the Grand Design, the two brother with Claire and Tanya must find a way how to rid the evil side and bring Darren back

8.21 - "Witches In the Dark" - For fitting themselves to get the balance back, the Charm Ones glamoured themselves as wicked witches and used it to kill other demon that hurting mortals.

8.22 - "War of the Words" - Words, the demonic team that came to destroy the manor and help themselves to taste what inside the Nexus. With the new agent Haile come into town to investigate what the Charm Ones connection in this case.

8.23 - "Much Worst Case Scenario" - For the attempt to re-organize the world again, Zendrax, the leader of Words, take his minions in the manor while the Charm Ones are at Magical School, to see what inside the Nexus then Haile take a peek in the manor to see what is going on.

8.24 - "Something Witches This Way Comes" - "Witch Zone 200th episodes" - When the spell are done and the only way to do the change back in Grand Design is to go in the manor and sayeth the spell, but wrongly demons surrounded the manor and they put Haile into coma so he can't see what the demons want to do.

8.25 - "The Design" - With the new demon who try to get the Nexus, the Charm Ones must find a way to get all the Words back in the Underground and put their leaders into sleep while they erase Haile memory by not remembering what came in to his mind to investigate the manor.

Season 9

Don is the new in the family of Spellman, he is a half brother of the Charm Ones. Meanwhile, these season the next generation of the Charm Ones are born and must rescue by the brother before a demon used them in evil ways. The Demonic Council send Chelle in the Above and try to seduce Darrin. Darrin give in and fall in love with Chelle. She used Darrin to get the Magical Book and marry Darrin to be the King of the Underground. These is the season where we can see the release of the power of the children.

9.01 - "Charmbitious" - With Haile erased his memory, the Charm Ones are free again from the hand of every federal agents in their way. Meanwhile Don, a male witch, is trying to enter in the Spellman line is about to attack by the demon, they must saved their half brother or else a demon used Don body to trap the his soul.

9.02 - "The Seed of Charm Ones" - Doing the best for last, Darius and Tanya just been conceived their first baby, so Darren and Claire too.

9.03 - "Just for Cock" - A group of harassment demon try to steal all peoples knowledge by using their cock as weapon.

9.04 - "The Design...Not" - Some Young Demon try to manipulate again the world by destroying its Grand Design and seeking more great power in the Above.

9.05 - "Witches Honour" - The Charm Ones summoned by the Elders in the Elderland to knew about the witches honour they been posting to people in Above. They also teaches a lesson by the Elder for taking care their new brother, Don.

9.06 - "Witchbreaker" - A coven of witches want to break the rule of Wiccan Rede by cursing innocent person and putting hex on them.

9.07 - "Crazy in Mutt" - Darrin make a potion that makes the girls in love with him. But things when awry when the girls are gone crazy knowing for his love.

9.08 - "Once Upon A Moon " - As fast as time came Tanya has to deliver a baby that hold the power of Darius as a new male witch, so did Clare too deliver a baby that hold the power as Darren has.

9.09 - "Witchy, Witchy" - A sorceress try to manipulate Claire body and try to seduce Darrin in any way. Darius and Darren are busy for the preparation for the Wiccaning of their babies but it is not happened that day.

9.10 - "Brother Witch" - Having a full responsibility as father and as brother, Darius and Darren take care their 16 years old brother Don, while Darrin doing his new job as nude artist in painting and still have time to search a right girl for him.

9.11 - "Parent, A Witch Style" - Double duties are what the Charm Ones are facing with, they baby sit their children when a Tyrex demon attack in their manor and target their young brother Don.

9.12 - "Once You Witch, You Never Go Bitch" - Don miss his job as a callboy when he realized that he can't do it now that he is a witch who protect the innocent.

9.13 - "A Test For Future Reference" - A Kidnapper demon try to kidnap the Spellman's children, bringing them into Underground. The Charm Ones try to scry them but the lair of demon is must be protected. The demon was vanquished by the two children using their special powers. Meanwhile, Don been take a test by the Elder in order to get his power as a witch

9.14 - "Kitchen Witch" - The witch brother faced a Chef demon to try to destroy the whole mall in the world. Darren and Darius struggle to get the name of their children.

9.15 - "Don of the Nights" - When Don start using the Magical Book, he wrongly misused it and gave him an elongated dick for an effects.

9.16 - "Especially For Witch" - The summoning of two children named Allen and Aldrin is almost begun when the 500 years old female warlock visit their and try to cursed their Grandpa. Danny, Charm Ones father, together with the Charm Ones help his father to avoid the female warlock.

9.17 - "The Demonic Graveyard" - Chelle an higher demon who dress as secretary fell in love with Darrin knowing that it is a Charm Ones. The Demonic Council try to stop Chelle for what will happen when she fell in love with the Charm Ones.

9.18 - "The Importance of Being Witch" - The Demonic Council send Darrin into Underground where he is been trapped with thousand of demonic bitches who wait for his dick. But Chelle see what happen and try to help Darrin and vanquished the Demonic Bitches.

9.19 - "Wickedcraft" - A craft used by the two brother, Darren and Darius to test Chelle if she is the right for Darrin. When the test is done, they found out that Chelle is a higher demon and see it on the Magical Book. Darrin try to get some advised, summoned Darrel's spirits so he can ask for suggestion.

9.20 - "A Power That Be" - After the longest test that the Elder gave to Don, they decided to call the Charm Ones to the final test, the test of family. They receives the power of all: Darrin has the power of elongation and shimmering, Darren got the power of dick detection and premonition, Darius got the power of cum maker and empathy while Don receive the power of fatty long dick and the power of astral projecting with an additional of healing for the gift by Elders.

9.21 - "Not Yet A Demon" - A not yet a demon Jill make her name for the Underground by killing one fo the Charm Ones, Don preparing himself for go to his school when he attacked by Jill. She flirted with Don first and even fucked her by Don, but luckily Don not killed by this demon because of his power of astral projection.

9.22 - "As A New Witch..." - Duties and responsibilities are in Don's hand when he was only in the manor alone, while Darius and Darren has got their own lives and home in their wives. Chelle make her moves to Charm Ones little bro, Don, by sending some sexy demon who try to lure him into his darkest side so he can reverse the Magical Book into a Deadly Book that can bring Chelle and Darrin married with the Deadly Book and be Darrin as King of Underground.

9.23 - "Deadly Book of Demon" - With the magical Book turn into Deadly Book without the knowledge of Charm Ones, Chelle used a spell in the Book where turn Darrin possessed to married Chelle as became a King of Underground.

9.24 - "Children and Their Duties" - As the marriage end, Allen and Aldrin sense that they're uncle Darrin is in big trouble marrying the wrong girl. But when Darius and Darren went in the manor, things go wrong because their two brother were possessed by Chelle, they saved Don but Darrin is now the King of Underground and no one can bring him back.

9.25 - "Demon and Deadly (I)" - Now that Darrin is a evil together he bring Deadly Book to him, the three remaining brother must saved him for last because Chelle is attacking the Above with lots of demon in the Above. Chelle attack the Charm Ones by simply making them vulnerable, she used the Book to get one by one their power.

9.26 - "Demon and Deadly (II)" - .With two magic down, Darius and Darren, Don is next on the line, they used Don power of astral projecting in order to saved Darrin and Above. The demon Chelle is vanquished for the meantime, and Darrin with the Magical Book back to normal and safe.

Season 10

Chelle who vanquished by the Charm Ones for the meantime teamed up with Marl, an old demon who vanquished on the previous season.

10.01 - "4CO" - The Charm Ones live their lives normally again, Darius and Claire together with their son, Allen, attend a mass wedding of their friends while Darren and Tanya got to check Aldrin for his first day in school, Don busy doing chores at manor and booking some band in their club. While Darrin depressed staying bed because what happen to him and his lover Chelle.

10.02 - "Hyper Demon" - The old mentor vanquished on the previous episodes is returning with bunch of surprises, now he team up with the higher level demon but now a human, Chelle who help themselves attack the Charm Ones. Marl that been vanquished for changing the design into an awful one make another point to make the Charm Ones life more desperate.
10.03 - "Marl in the Middle" - Now that Charm Ones has their own lives, Marl team up with Chelle how to figure out to kill the Charm Ones. Chelle decided to glamour herself and try to reorganized her love to Darrin, Meanwhile Marl got himself a demon to attacked the Charm ones.

10.04 - "Beat the Beak" - Darren fights a Duck Demon that try to lure his boy in dark side, while Darius got an abnormal parenting knowledge taking care for his son, Allen.

10.05 - "Wrongfully Cleaned" - A demon, who hired by Marl, try to kill Darrin in a bank while he is depositing cash. When the Cleaners saw the events, they alter the events. They erase the demon involved and the magic occurs but wrongly they set Darrin who did the robbery. The three remaining Charm ones summoned the Cleaners and ask to wipe again the events. Agent Gulliver is the new fed that hold the Spellman case.

10.06 - "Dickwitch" - A boy to impress her girlfriend by making his dick longer than it used before, make a deal with demon who grant his wish and give her body in return.

10.07 - "A Life For Cost" - After an horrifying premonition of Darren of getting himself killed by a demon, he put his family in safety together with his brothers. The Charm Ones must saved their brother before they got to lose one of them again

10.08 - "Super Witch Me" - Because of loneliness of Darrin, he didn't even get himself a proper diet that cause him to gain weight and change of figure. Nonetheless, a sorcerer mistakenly swap body to him not knowing that Darrin gain weight.

10.09 - "Beauty and the Strip" - Claire and Tanya been singled out by the Stripper Demon who try to lure their beauty side into a demonic one. Meanwhile, the Charm Ones are busy for investigating Agent Gulliver's wanting for the Charm Ones.

10.10 - "Classical Don" - Don been kidnapped by the Miller Brother and sucked themselves in a book made by the magical brothers on they time 1920's.The brother realized that Agent Gulliver is their uncle and trying help them to clean the magic mess they did.

10.11 - "Marl Attack" - Using his power of shimmering, Marl attack the Don and Darrin that was in the manor. He used the Alchemist's tools to trap Don and Darrin spirits to locked them up the two. Now in his hand the manor and without the other brother's knowledge. Marl called Chelle and all their troupe and live in the manor. To be continued...

10.12 - "Oops, The Nexus Again" - Marl wanting to take revenge take the Nexus in his hands with Chelle. The nexus is called by Marl but it seems that the Nexus are in Charm Ones side so it helped Don and Darrin's spirits and vanquished Chelle and Marl.

10.13 - "How Son is Now" - An evil witch test the two magical boys, Allen and Aldrin, and make their friends also their family in a dark spell that turn them into animals. The two boys are crying and moaning when they realized their first strike of their powers.

10.14 - "Gulliver's Travel" - Agent Gulliver seek an help for the Charm Ones to solve the case of his own parent death, travel in 1950's and realized who killed his parents. Meanwhile not so trusted with Agent Gulliver, a cop named Henry is off to track Gulliver down to solve the case of Spellman.

10.15 - "The Demon Back Then" - Andras, a 4000 years old demon, who disguised as new single well built men get himself enter in Magical School without the Charm Ones knowledge. He planned to be a professor new hired in the school and study the Magical School before it will attack.

10.16 - "A Long And Nowhere Road" - Andras seek an help with the old demon Temper to change the Charm Ones faith regarding their witch lives. Darrin seek for his princess turn bad when all the girls decided to marry him, Darius and Tanya got their children problem for raising it, Darren and Claire went to an morgue knowing that their kid is in it, and Don new job went awry.

10.17 - "What A Nice Cop You Have" - A handsome guy named Henry went in san Francisco to find out what Agent Gulliver had to do with the Spellman. He disguised himself as a whore, not knowing that Gulliver is transforming his image in a one gay thing at night.

10.18 - "Old Rules, New Rules" - The Charm Ones summoned Grandpa and blessed the children when minions of Andras attack at Magical School and try to destroy their source of power.

10.19 - "Band of Babies" - Being held as a witch male, the two kids mistakenly played the Magical Book and multiply themselves.

10.20 - "A Wicca's Virtues" - A coven of witches seeks help from the Charm Ones because Andras try to destroy the Magical School.

10.21 - "Not So Very Best" - When Andras almost destroy the School, he forget that the Magical School is protected by good not evil, his minions are been vanquished by the astral projecting Charm Ones and Andras protect himself by getting himself out of the School for the meantime.

10.22 - "Don't Cry For Me Little Witches" - With the help of Evita, a shamanism student, she help Darrin to see a path where the Charm Ones will lead their lives.

10.23 - "Around The World in 10 Days" - "Witch Zone 250th episodes" - The demon Andras make his move again by killing the Temper demon so he can used its time loop spell to alter the Charm Ones and kill all the generation witches in Magical School.

10.24 - "Sense and Sensitivity" - The brothers lose their senses when a demon Cronnie got it and used to the monkey totem for being alive again. Claire and Tanya help their husband and brother in law by searching the Cronnie sensitivity to released the brothers senses.

10.25 - "Happy Than Ever Thought" - A happy family is worth living by the Charm Ones but things get awry when their happiness been destroyed by a Sucre Demon.

10.26 - "Andrasmeda" - Andras want to get rid all people happy by sending them in outer space, he used his powers to transport every single human beings who seek happiness.

10.27 - "Fright of the Demon" - The Charm Ones knew what Andras really scared with, happiness. They decided to bring forth the happiness within Andras personality making him vulnerable. But before they do that, a Reptile Demon is in their way crossing the path where Andras is hiding. Darrin lost his love memory because the Reptile Demon attack him making him unworthy.

10.28 - "Next Demon, Now Human" - The power of three loses one brothers mind, making them first vulnerable. The three must find a way to make Andras a vulnerable but before it they must kill the demon before they pass Andras.


Season 11

11.01 - "Brother, Bigger, Bolder" - Chosing a better way of living, Don and Darrin got to find themselves a better idea to get a girl, they rehearsed themselves in a gym center and even get more bigger body.

11.02 - "C'est La Vie" - The couples wrongly went on France went a bunch of demonic kings are live there and want to cease them.

11.03 - "Slow Potion" - Claire and Tanya is made a potion that bring the brothers to forget the past and live again in future that wrongly made and turn the brother become so stressfull against demon attack.
11.04 - "And We Meet Again" - A long lost friendhip of Halliwell family visit the manor and share witch stuff to them.
11.05 - "Family and the Fuckers" - Generation came when the Spellman never forget the word sex in their lives.

11.06 - "Untitled Plan" - A young group of demon try to insist a plan in which they attacked the children of Charm Ones.

11.07 - "Kids at Gnome" - After a big attack of Felix The Demon, Allen and Aldrin are got their way lost in a forest where they seek help from a groups of gnome, that by time is having an orgy, to find a way home.

11.08 - "She Looks Familiar" - Marita, the long lost familiar of Darrel is been seek a help in the Charm Ones in her human form. The brother must saved their familiar before something must happen to them too.

11.09 - "Wishing Wealth" - Curse is everywhere when an evil wicked witch curse all creatures form the forest. The brother helped them make a point how to reverse the curse and put the witch in a bottle.

11.10 - "Young Make You Older" - Mr. Young make a deal with the demon and trap people's souls and make them older so that Mr. Young can maintain his younger look.

11.11 - "Darrin's Awakening" - Darrin, who don't have any wife at the manor, seek a Vision Quest and see for himself as dead Darrin with no rule and no future.

11.12 - "That Old Family Recipe" - The Charm Ones been summoned by the three old women who's been in track for the Spellman line and perform a forcedly ritual to return Picturax, a warlock who is has dick. Picturax is now after the men and not the ladies.

11.13 - "Making History" - An ancient mythology of Poland is been break by The Haunter Brother and the take effect on the Grand Design.

11.14 - "Simple and Culture" - The Charm Ones children is now on the age of nurturing their brotherhood. While Darrin luckily find a way to escape the death he foresaw in the future for the meantime.

11.15 - "Demon Wrath" - Picturax is now behind all evil in the Design. He summoned his three bodyguard: Jinax, Antox, and Fendrax and all his minions.

11.16 - "Desperate Wifewitches" - Claire and Tanya used the Glamouring Powers to disguise themselves as minions of Picturax. Things went wrong when three bodyguard of Picturax seems like the two and fuck them hard at the Underground. After the fucked, the two reveal themselves as the Charm Ones wives, so Picturax trap them and used other minion as clone of Claire and Tanya.

11.17 - "Switch Shaft" - Kula and Kela(clone of Claire and Tanya) faced the Charm Ones husband and try to played trick on them while they didn't knew the two are only clone.They take a sample cum of the two and bring it to Picturax to make another clone.

11.18 - "The Guardian of Eleventh Road" - Darrin want an information regarding Picturax seek an help on an ex-demon Nemesix, a old friendship of Picturax, who found in the End of the Eleven Deadly Road of Detoir. But before he speak to him, he must get through the Guardian Damiex before he seek Nemesix an advice.

11.19 - "El Don Romantico" - A potion help Don get the girls fall in love with him. but wrongly Kula and Kela also fall in love with Don revealing that they are not Claire and Tanya.

11.20 - "I Hate Witches" - Now that Darius and Darren clone is finished, they steal the Magical Book so Picturax can release the ultimate power, except the Nexus and beyond the Charm Ones knowledge, to be revealed.

11.21 - "Diswitched" - With Picturax is holding the Magical Book and trying to destory the brother by relinquishing their power first so they became vulnerable to attack. Meanwhile the ultimate power is still finding by Picturax and his minions.

11.22 - "The Power of Force" - The two children of Charmed Ones are been leaved at the Magical School so that they can be protected. Meanwhile, Darren make a planned so that the remaining three brother must Claire and Tanya.

11.23 - "The Ultimate Power II" - Picturax and his minions must find a way how to handle the Ultima, the ultimate power. He set a trap that make Ultima moved its power to Picturax. Now Picturax has the Ultima's power and he's been called the Pictilma, the most powerful neutral demon ever.

11.24 - "Episode XXIV" - At least twenty four hours is remaining to the brother how to saved the two girls, Don, Darren, and Darius moved to the plan of their brother. They summoned the spirit of Darrel to seek and help and make what Darrin told to them. Meanwhile, Henry, on the previous season, came back to see not Agent Gulliver instead the Charm Ones. Now he was on the track to see what the Charm Ones did.

11.25 - "The Last Vanquished: Bodyguards" - The plan is working when they decided to attack the bodyguards of Pictilma, but since they are not so powerful enough to defeat the bodyguards, they have to remain leaning on their selves.

11.26 - "The Last Vanquished: A Dead End" - After destroying the bodyguards, the brothers must saved the ultimate power and also Claire and Tanya. Paying attention on saving the Ultima and two wives, one brother must overcome what the future said, and the death is the answer for that.


Season 12

12.01 - "The Lost Brother Show" - Losing again one of Spellman brother, Darrin, and their two wives, the Charm Ones feel weaker for having the family is falling down. They must be strong for the another attack of Picturax that is still alive. The Ultima, ultimate power is now saved and lying against the Magical School.

12.02 - "The 'D'licious" - Hungry for powerful male witches, Dimara, an evil sorceress capture Spellman's body to used them as her cloning device. The brother must bring their clone or vanquished their clone before Henry will now be seen the double trouble witches

12.03 - "Minimum Exposure" - With no excuse, Henry captured by video Darius using magic as they vanquished a phantasm who is inside a bad guy. The Cleaners reappear again but this time they erase the video and instead making Darius got in jailed. The brother must make a deal with the Cleaners and bring back their brother before another brother will lose again.

12.04 - "Witch As We Know It" - The Charm brother must take care Alena, a new witch sent by the Elders to protect against demon before she knew her powers.

12.05 - "My Stupid Witch" - "The Past" - With the kids are at Magical School, Alena cast a spell that put the three brother back in 1690's where they meet their ancestral. First Levita, who like to travel in different country using her power of levitation. They realized that 1690's are great because witch are everywhere. They also encounter the demon who brought danger in their witch lives before, Danrol.

12.06 - "Make It Twelve" - Wanting to seek revenge, Darren cast himself a self that cause him to multiply in twelve to attract many demon as he wanted to vanquished.

12.07 - "The Cuming Soon" - A possessor gay demon try to used Alena's body to suck the Charm Ones and almost seduce Henry while the Spellman boys (Allen and Aldrin) are busy learning at Magical School.

12.08 - "The Zone Cut" - A new breed of demon are trying to escape from Underground without the permission of Demonic Council. They killed innocent so they must face the brother who now vulnerable for having their own lives.

12.09 - "Warlock, War Not" - Hedi, a human who forcely taken to be warlock in time must help by the brother so that his human form remain and kill its demon form. Allen and Aldrin are went to growing and must learn to face the world.

12.10 - "The Long Weaker" - When the Aurora Borealis become more stronger in the sky, the Charm Ones takes a long day make them vulnerable for not having their powers. Meanwhile Alena bring the boys in the Magical School to take a school learning.

12.11 - "The Wild, Wild Witch" - Alena is now meet for the first time her power of speed, but the power she had turn her wild because she don't know how to used it.

12.12 - "Sex, Hex and No Videotapes" - Henry try to get again on Spellman line by seducing Alena and forcing her to use her for power while the brother are busy for the planned they made for Henry.

12.13 - "Time Before Time" - As time goes by, Darren, Darius and Don consult the ancestral of Henry by traveling back time where they realized that Henry's ancestral are wizards and witches too.

12.14 - "Bye Bye Witch" - Helping to not in their tracks anymore, the Charm Ones help Henry to bring his power as they do in Alena too. Now the two hold their power good and they have to leave in Spellman track. In Underground, a new demon lord is trying to build a minions where they have to track all the powerful force in the Above.

12.15 - "Appear of the Eyes" - The group Appear bring the Above in threat when they realized that more powerful witches are overcome they power thru the help of the brother and now the brother must find a way to resolved this. as this will be the easy way to get rid off the last demon they had to fight with.

12.16 - "Simple But Hazardous" - Now that Appear are in the Charm Ones must saved first their family first before anyone will got die too. Unluckily the Appear got the two person who's been helped them, Henry and Alena.

12.17 - "Fucking Demon" - Henry and Alena gave demon a service that almost fucked them all the hole in their body.

12.18 - "The Big Bad Boom Box" - An evil box who contain chemical waste from Underground is now spreading diseases in the Above is must stop by the Charm Ones to spread.

12.19 - "Still Charm and Quicking" - "Witch Zone 300th episodes" - The Charm Ones go to Spain to saved all the normal witches who gained powerful powers that been captured by the Appear, but first they must get rid off in the Appear's bodyguards.

12.20 - "Ojos Asi" - The Charm Ones must killed the demons who brought the Appear in the Above, they must used different chant from around the world to destroy them all.

12.21 - "The Best of Dick" - The two brother lost impotency. Darren and Darius must saved Don dicks as it will be the reserve for the future source of generation.

12.22 - "Netopia Not Fetopia" - Now the Charm Ones are three they must implement the Netopia again, but first they must destroy the Fetopia that cause them to reverse the world.

12.23 - "Hide But Don't Run" - The Appear knew the Charm Ones idea of getting to reconstruct the Netopia again, so they must made a plan how to break the Charm Ones rules. They bring havoc on the Above that causing it to destroy the whole Grand Design.

12.24 - "The Design or The Demon" - Confusing who will gonna be first, the Charm Ones must try to make several plan first before implementing the Netopia.

12.25 - "Nude-topia!!!" - The Charm decide to kill the demons Appear first but thing got wrong when half of Grand Design is been destroyed and killed by the Charm Ones. As they implement the Netopia world, something strange happen the world bring back together the other half into a nice one world but things are change really change because of no more malice are include in the season finale and almost all the people in the Netopia got themselves a nudity portions.

Season 13

13.01 - "The Naked Truth" - The world is now in nudity form and only the Charm Ones can bring back the world if they want. Malice are out of site in everyone, so when someone meet they just ignored it like nothing is change. As they want to continue a world, the Charm Ones been summoned by the The Elders and warned them about the world they made, the world without malice. The Elders said how the people continue their next generation if they don't know how to make one. So they must decide how to do it. The three must find a way how to made it happen without remaking the Netopia.

13.02 - "Witch and Regulation" - Darius construct a spell that can cause the people bring back their malice, but people realized their being naked so they dress themselves causing the Netopia broke, so Darius reverse the spell and their is no malice again. Meanwhile, the Netopia affect the demon because they dont have any clothes, causing them to bring the more hot issue in Underground. Some demon bring their true colors and a group themselves as the third sex.

13.03 - "Hoola Zoola" - Hoola Zoola, a plan where demons made to reverse the Netopia, in order to made the world in really danger zone. With the demon Chola, in disguise, she sneak on the Above to trace and bring the people in their own fold.

13.04 - "Chasing A Path" - 'While the cat is not around, the mouse is out', and that the expression happened here. While the Charm Ones and the two boys are busy in Magical School, Chola sneak at the Charm Ones manor and put a crystal like camera to for see what the brothers doing to maintain the Netopia. 

13.05 - "Season of Witch" - While the Charm Ones celebrate their sabbats naked, they didn't realized that the Underground are watching them and illusioning them to be with.

13.06 - "Enough For Demon" - The Charm Ones been called by the Elders to warned them because of the danger they would encounter for implementing the Netopia. Darren got a premonition about their manor been attacked by the demon and he see they put cameras on the wall. 

13.07 - "The Modern Godiva" - As naked Netopia, Darren, Darius, and Don, face the world they made, with their gift attached in their two legs, their big dick. They decided what to girl to be fucked since the girls on that Netopia world don't know what fucking means.

13.08 - "The Witch Boys" - Allen and Aldrin is now teenager for these more past 13 years, they shared stories about preparing their manhood. They also leave the Manor and find a work and live together as independent. With the consent of the Charm Ones, the two have their own lives now and living with the outer world, Netopia.

13.09 - "No Trust, No Enter " - By the idea of Don, he conjure his own group of person and teach them the safe sex, by using condoms or donating men's sperm cell and transfer it to women by injecting it.

13.10 - "Because of Don Done" - Months been passed by and seems the idea of Don is working, but in Underground, demons are having a conversation about what Don done. Because of that the demon call forth an ancient demon, Lucifer to figure out how to reverse these Netopia by the demon. Lucifer got an idea by attracting the people to eat the apple (like Adam and Eve did), and the when the people take a bite then they realized the thing they do and can bring back the malice.

13.11 - "Naked Eye" - An apple cause the Netopia break apart. The Charm Ones didn't also realized that these fruit can break their spell, they eat the fruit and something happen that they seen themselves walking naked on the street with others. and almost their dick erect. Good on thwarting, they used Darren premonition to see who did reverse these Netopia world.

13.12 - "Watch Out Demon" - The Demon are celebrating Underground and make Lucifer as leader because of reversing the Netopia, as a reward, Lucifer conjure some whore in the Underground and  gave to the demons to be fucked. he also give other female demon a stripper to be fucked and spread their generation. Meanwhile at the Spellman manor, the brother are very angry and making a plan how to vanquished an old and ancestor demon Lucifer because that demon is an old enemy of God. 

13.13 - "A Demonic Advice" - "Illusive Of A Powerful Demon" - Bringing some potions and spells, the three goes Underground. They vanquished demon they been headed. An when they see Lucifer, they been attacked by him by sending one of them into they own fear. The only way they can unite together is to remember when was the last time they planned to attacked the Underground. When the three meet again, Lucifer send a letter to them saying that is just an advice not to come in Underground anymore.

13.14 - "Get Witch'ed" - An nasty witch is been chased by the Demonic Bug must help by the Charm Ones to makeover and bring back the new male witch within that nasty witch. 

13.15 - "The Demons Are Out" - After what the Charm Ones did to attack the Underground, Lucifer bring forth the evil side of people in the Above by giving them what they desire like money, sex, drugs, and alcohol.

13.16 - "Oh My Demonic" - Allen and Aldrin been affected in the evil side because what Lucifer take effect. The Charm Ones must help their next generation and vanquished Lucifer as soon as possible. 

13.17 - "Eat At Darius" - Secrecy and hidden feeling on what Lucifer did, Darius ride on and make fucked for some whores. He didn't know that these may effect on him, Darius turn his evil side that make the Charm Ones so vulnerable to fight.

13.18 - "Darker Episode" - Lucifer thwart that Darius is now one of his minions, he call all his minions including Darius and make a planned that will change the world and make it more hazardous and dangerous.

13.19 - "Demon Impossible" - As time is running out, Darren and Don must save their brother and their two magical boys. Lucifer come up and idea to used Darius and all his minions to attacked in the Spellman manor and release the Ultima which the brother is been saving with since Season 11.

13.20 - "Hear Us Witches..." - Losing hope and faith to saved the three members of the family, Darren and Darius magically summoned Christ, who is the one responsible for vanquishing Lucifer for the time. Christ seems cannot fight the demon alone, so he summoned his own Father and make a planned how to vanquished Lucifer that now is so very powerful in the modern world. 

13.21 - "More The Witch Can Say" - Magical being and creature from forest are now going out on the street and making their moves to saved their own place. They help animals and other living to saved their places.

13.22 - "Cosmetic Hell" - Lucifer thwart the coming of Christ and Father, so he decided to evacuate the place and change it in the beautiful salon. He went to other Underground and form his own minions with help of three magical bodyguards, Darius, Allen, and Aldrin.

13.23 - "For Christ Sake" - Christ and Father made their moved, but it seems that Lucifer is so strong and defeat Father bringing him again back where he came from. And with the help of Charm Ones, Christ planned to vanquished Lucifer with the help of brothers spell that can bring effect in time when needed by Christ. Christ almost lose the battle and also kick his ass back where he also came from, but the spell cast take effect without Lucifer knowledge.

13.24 - "The Thirteen Days" - "The End of Netopia" - Lucifer bring more evil and dangerous side of the world. But the knowledge he didn't know is the spell used by the Charm Ones is to end life lives after Thirteen Days. After thirteen days, Darius and the two brother bring back to normal and in the thirteen hours, the events that used by Lucifer is automatically reversed, also joined to reversed the Netopia and bring back the real world.

Season 14

14.01 - "The Flight of The Virgo I" - "The Virgin Goddesses I" - Greek Goddesses are accidentally conjured by a teenager in an ancient Greek Book at the National Museum. The Goddesses are shocked to what they saw in the world and start wrecking havoc at Above. While the world is still fresh from the Netopia attacked, the Goddesses made their moves by attacking the Above with their powers. They turn all human they saw into statue and make modern buildings back into old one. A demon Coluxos who is behind why the Goddesses are now having misundertood about the modern world.

14.02 - "The Flight of The Virgo II" -  "The Virgin Goddesses II" - The Charm Ones must seek for the teenager to bring back the Goddesses in their time but first they must vanquished Coluxos before it kill more innocent people and so reversed the spell that these demon cast on the Goddesses.

14.03 - "Wiccapedia" -  "Charm Ones Knowledge" -  An evil witch doctor is about to hexed the Charm Ones and make them show their power in the mortals so they must erased by the Cleaners.

14.04 - "Fashion De Amor" - Don found out that the ancient dress of their ancestor bring back more oldies fashion into effects. He mistakenly summoned the time of old fashion in his own time and make people not ahead on time and instead bringing back the old life.

14.05 - "Mama San" - The Charm Ones saved a lady in the hand of an ancient warlock who kidnapped her long time ago. The Charm Ones realized that they are trying to saved in their mother. But it seems that they didn't vanquished yet the warlock who kidnapped their mother. Emilia's first appearance in the show for the past 13 years.

14.06 - "Ladies' Choice" -  These is the first time Emilia served his sons again since birth. She pick her favorite to impressed to her sons. Meanwhile Lino, an ancient warlock is making his moved to bring again Emilia in his hand.

14.07 - "Mardi Trap" - A magic beads were made by Lino to trap all the magical beings who celebrate Mardi Gras with humans.

14.08 - "Witches and their Duties" - Lino who made kidnap the Charm Ones mother is now made his decision to get Emilia back to his arms again. He conjure some naked wicked witches to will help him to get the Charm Ones out of his way. Meanwhile Darren is busy for having Allen and Aldrin ready for their circumcision; Darius and Emila do the household chores and Don is busy for their clubs for booking some band.

14.09 - "Family Vonn Trap" - "Lino Loco" - As warlock, Lino kidnap Emilia again without the Charm Ones knowledge. But when the time the brother knew that Lino did that, they vanquished him but never realized that all of these connectivity can also banished their mother.

14.10 - "Mr. Piper" - An old piper man lure a demon using his flute and grant all his wishes but wanting his human body to release his evilness in the world.

14.11 - "The Exorcism of Darius Spellman" - Wanting to help a family who suffer in the poltergeist, Darius is been infected by these being and begin to feel the emotion of these poltergeist.

14.12 - "Bald and Beautiful" - Its Don birthday and wanting to elongate more his dick, he mistakenly used a cream that the reaction of its chemical is to change his hairy dick into an bald one.

14.13 - "Witches and Cream" - Delrina, an evil sorceress, used a magical cream to transform herself into Charm Ones mother so she can trace where the Charm Ones daily routine is. She is planning to take the Above in her hand as well as the Magical School to get the Ultima.

14.14 - "The Luke of Hazard" - The Prince of Welts, Luke, is kidnapped by the gay bodyguards of Delrina. While Darren is out for booking some band at their club, Darius is also busy for his new job as an adviser from a newspaper, Don is only available Charm Ones who can help Luke to saved in the hand of Delrina's bodyguards.

14.15 - "Who's Don" - After doing to saved the innocent, Don been summoned by the Tribunal to warned him not to fight demon alone. Because of that, he is sent to a time where he is not yet exist or known as brother at the Spellman line.

14.16 - "Oedipus Dex" - A new 'D' in line of Spellman is now recovering an want to enter at the manor, Dex. But he is not yet known by the brother because Delrina holding him and making him as leverage to the brothers.

14.17 - "Living In France" - "The Sixth Spellman" -The brother travel in France magically with the help of their Grandpa and Danny. They knew that they went in France to shop but instead they realized that they need to find their another brother who is missing.

14.18 - "The Dick Next Door" - New neighbors are on next on the Spellman manors. And they are seems to be hunky a little bit because the newly neighbors are five hunk men. What they are up to the Charm Ones?

14.19 - "Open Besame" - Kiss is the key to open a magical box that contain love in the air. But the kiss is not easy to get, you need the power of three to transform the kiss into magical before the box open and reveal what is inside.

14.20 - "Witchbreaker" - "Witch Zone 350th episode" - Saving their next generation brother, the Charm Ones must vanquished Delrina and saved Dex, but they made their move, Delrina make a time illusion to fight each brother her gay bodyguards.

14.21 - "Death Becomes Them" - An Angel of Death visit the brothers with the two named listed on his death list; Allen and Aldrin. Darren is so scared about the new and cast a spell to hide the two children but wrongly misfires when suddenly all of the people looks like Allen and Aldrin.

14.22 - "Extreme Makeover: Demon Edition" - While the Charm Ones are now vulnerable for having the lost of two magical boys, Dex is on the way to solve the mystery why he is on the line of Spellman. The demon attacked the manor and find a path how to get in the Magical School to get the Ultima again.

14.23 - "A Witch To Kill" - "A Coven To Saved" - A coven of witches summoned an evil power that made to destory human beings. These power have its own mind that its spread along the coven of all good and bad witches and also practitioners.

14.24 - "Retro Manor" - Spreading of the evilness of that power, the manor got its own mind too to protect all the people inside by reversing the power its absorbing and doing it by reversing also the time inside the manor. Changing the modern into old fashioned one. Because of that the manor make an little crack that causing some demon are able to enter in the Magical School and release the Ultima.

14.25 - "Dis-School" - Now the Magical School is Demon Central and now releasing the evilness inside of it. The Ultima is also release and ready to fight the Charm Ones. Meanwhile, Dex is about to received his power to an old ancestor, the power of lightning and cumming. 

14.26 - "Class Dismissed" - The Charm Ones knew what happen in the school and for that the Elders leave the Magical School with the students who living on it. They must do something to vanquished Ultima and saved the school.

Season 15

15.01 - "Witch Family" - The Charm Ones are now welcomed their new member of the family, Dex. Meanwhile, the Ultima is now gone like the Nexus, but the Magical School is still new demon's lair.

15.02 - "Back into the Failure" - Dex first time to used the Magical Book and cast a spell to protect the innocent, mistakenly put every person's life in danger.

15.03 - "Power Danger " - "All Power Is Out" - The Charm Ones are now in danger again when Dex cannot trust his power and want to relinquished his power causing to remove all the brothers power too.

15.04 - "Four Witches" - Dex been kidnapped and possessed by a demon in the Magical School. The Charm Ones are making a planned how to vanquished the demon and try to saved Dex. We see here how the four bonded together.

15.05 - "Sex on Hiatus" - "Charm On Sex Rest" - The Charm Ones realized the effect of having family and kids, so they decided to take a hiatus in sex life and focus on their witch life.

15.06 - "Giant Spellman" - A demon infected Darius a virus that cause him to become bigger in height. Meanwhile, Darren is busy for the home and the club. Don cast a spell in Dex's dick to make his dick bigger in his birthday.

15.07 - "An Old Warcraft" - A family feud is the cause when Don help his, Daniel, friends who happen to be also with witch bloodline. 

15.08 - "Is There A Gay In the House?" - The brothers have something didn't understand about the real characteristic of their brother, Don, who actually infected by the blood of a Gay Demon.

15.09 - "Hidden Temptation" - "Peeping Dex" - Dex who seems to be the bisexual in the family happens to be had a secret desire for his three brothers. He peeping tom whenever one of his brother is changing clothes, taking a bath, and even sleeping. He even break the rule of hiatus.

15.10 - "Revolving Riots" - An Magical Earthquake suddenly struck in the Above and reversibly transform and change the intersection of parallel world; good and bad. But in a few hour the Above change into their normal paces again. Sounds that the world changing on the final season.

15.11 - "Camenousca" - Camenousca, an evil perfume used by the demon Catrina to lure man in order not to spread the next generation in Above and make her way as the queen. Hence, the four brothers are now ready to face the challenge that been given by the Elders to them that will change their fate forever.

15.12 - "Limbo Jumbo" - Darren and an innocent souls sent on the jumbo limbo, when a Darklighter is trying to kill the innocent and get its pure crystal heart.

15.13 - "Saint Demon" - When an innocent is about to be killed by an evil monster Bunyip, a demon named Temara help him an saved him from the beast. She seek the Charm Ones to help her to transform into fully human.

15.14 - "Rock-A-Bide Baby" - "Saving Private Baby" - Dex saved a baby monster who is about to be exonerated by the Demonic Council. The baby took many time before he knew his real family and the baby is only to be grown up when his family is to be found.

15.15 - "Catrina is Out on the Bag" - Catrina from the previous episode, is now out again and taking over in the Magical School (Demon Central). As her first planned she used a human transforming cats to monitor every person in the Above to know their weaknesses and learn all the people doings.

15.16 - "Witch in the City" - By the used of her senses, Catrina point out where is the location of the Charm Ones and find a planned how to exposed them. She used an events where she needed the Charm Ones to show their power in public.

15.17 - "The Heart of Indians" - The Charm Ones goes Texas to find out and help a group of people who believed that they're ancient totem was robbed by the people who hate their lord.

15.18 - "Milk of Magnolia" - Using Darren premonition, He saw that the one that can banish Catrina is by using a Milk of Magnesia who is guarding and holding by the Goddess Magnolia on the Galaxy.
15.19 - "Charm Ones Goes Italy" - The Charm Ones take the whole day on sabbatical and fly thru Italy to see the beauty of the country but when the day is almost done, a demon followed them and almost killed Darius.

15.20 - "Dex's Favorite Toys" - "The Dildo Boy" - Being a teenager, Dex wanted to play with dildos, vibrators, and any sex object he want. A sexy ghost Andrea, materializes herself into an naked girl stuff toy and want to feel Dex dick in her mouth.

15.21 - "A Cat's Meow" - Catrina made her planned and transform every person she see into a cats. 

15.22 - "The Nine Times" - Catrina been chasing and vanquished by the Charm Ones for almost seven times. They realized that these demon is a cat demon containing nine times of her life.

15.23 - "Time To Kick Some Cats" - "The Cat Killer" - Darrin reverse what Catrina do to the people and sending them back into their human form. Don and Dex conjure a dog demon and transform it into Super Dog to chase the Catrna's cat bodyguards. and Darius travel himself in the Galaxy and get some Milk of Magnesia without any permission to the Goddess Magnolia.

15.24 - "Chasing Catrina (I)" - Afraid to be vanquished again because of her remaining two life. Catrina used a spell that she learn in magic school, a spell to multiply herself into 9, so that the Charm Ones cannot found her. Darius used a potion that he get from the Galaxy but it seems that the potion is not working. The potion must be blessed by the Goddess.

15.25 - "Chasing Catrina (II)" - No time to lose and no time for chasing demon, the Charm Ones set a trap for Catrina and put her into cage so they can bring it to the Galaxy. In Galaxy, Goddess Magnolia see the demon Catrina and angry put a milk of magnesia in Catrina's vagina and banishing her so quick.

Season 16

16.01 - "Eht Marhc Seno" - "Trading Charm Ones" - A Soothsayer shuffle the soul of each body into the body of their won brother; Darren's soul into Dex's body; Dex's soul into Darius body; Darius's soul into Don' body; and Don's soul into Darren's body.

16.02 - "Lust Four Ward" - An evil wizard use his magic trick to convince the four into seducing four mortal girls and luring them into the wizard's lair.

16.03 - "Darius' Thong" - A magical thong bought by Darius magical transport Darius into a bar where he can be a gigolo and went in different country. 

16.04 - "The Witch I Am" - Don and Dex must saved a coven of witches who are in danger in the the trick of an old wicked wizards, Mere. This wizard is seen on episode 2: Lust Four Ward

16.05 - "Wizard of Ooze" - "Slimy Episode" - Mere start to fight against the powerful Charm Ones by making a slimy potion. Holding these potion make the person who hold it obey the rule of Mere.

16.06 - "Tiny Witches" - A struck of lightning at the Spellman's manor make the people inside shrink into 3 inches. The effect can only be gone if they find a apothecary who has the ability to help and see them.

16.07 - "Darren and The Love Below" - "Witch Gigolo" - Darren was joined on a reality game show where he can had a chance to pick his girl he want. But the girl is been possessed by a demon which turn him into wild animal gigolo.

16.08 - "Witches Donor" - Darius and Don decided to donate sperms at the Sperm bank when accidentally they met a girls named Ayah and Amah, who they fuck in the bank and help them to get their sperm in a bottle.

16.09 - "Wizzzard" - "Old Charm Ones" - The four brother been attacked by Mere and make them look like an old wizard so they can't easily vanquished Mere. But the effect of what the wizard did take not too long so they back in normal and vanquished Mere.

16.10 - "The Teenage Witch is Back" - Sabrina, the Spellman's ancestor is back with more surprise for her great great grandchildren. Meanwhile, on the Demon Central a.k.a Magical School, a new breed of powerful warlock is about to take advantage how to survive on the Magical School. 

16.11 - "Mr. St. Witch" - Darren accidentally take a Santa's belt which transform him into a powerful witch who help good people and grant their wishes in a blinks.  

16.12 - "Leave A Particle" - Cantos, a powerful warlock, leave a mark for every victim so the Charm Ones can help him to figure out where now is the great power.

16.13 - "Finding Demon" - The Charm Ones cannot scry which demon who did the pattern like and help them to vanquished him so easily. While an Imp master is about to killed all people in the Above.

16.14 - "On Lynx" - A creative boy is been helped by a demon, Lynx to download all his drawings in the net and when someone upload it, they became infected by the evilness of the drawing.

16.15 - "Living With Frat" - Two gang demon, Follos and Marcolvic, are wanting to get an ancient belt of Osiris who is packed with magical powers in the Demon Central (Magical School). The belt is in the safe place of the  Magical School, where evil cannot found it, so the gang decided to kidnap one of the Charm Ones to scry for it.

16.16 - "The Witch of All Witches" - Saving the world for grater good, the Charm Ones summoned by the Elders and all the good being and sealed a title for the Good Living Witches of the Century.

16.17 -  "More Witch To Cum" - A trickery wicked witch called a help for the Charm brother to trcik them and fall in the hand of a coven of witches who want to used their bodies as entrance into the Demon Central to vanquished the demon there and make the Magical School to be their lair.

16.18 - "Confession of A Good Hulk" - A boy named Hercules is about to prevent himself transforming into a hulk, the Charm Ones must help these children to remove what the curse held to their family for more than a year.

16.19 - "Meet The Charm Ones" - "Witch Zone 400th episodes" - Daleek, Damien, Dante, and Doc morph into a Charm Ones and trained to be the slayer of the Demon Hathrune, but seems that the four need the power of the brother to complete their transformation and kill the people in Above.

16.20 - "Missing Lot" - An demon named Hela, a bodyguard of Hathrune, conjure Lot in the Bible and used as the leverages to summon the Charm Ones.

16.21 - "Harpy Holiday" - The four brother must destroy the demon Tracer who kidnap more Harpy and used them as slayers.

16.22 - "Saved The Last Twitch To Me" - The Charm Ones do all they have to do to become the Holiday much more beautiful than from other years, they secretly used their power to beautify the Manor and decorate them. Not knowing that that was the last time they will used their powers. Meanwhile on the Demon Central, the Morph Charm Ones (Daleek, Damien, Dante, and Doc), are making their plan to get the Charm Ones power and put them in themselves.

16.23 - "Los Embrujados" - The morph Charm Ones make their moves and used a potions to destroy the four and one by one getting their powers. Daleek to Darren, Damien to Darius, Dante to Don and Doc to Dex. They also gained their power to have the biggest dick ever. The Charm Ones never realized that they're power is gone.

16.24 - "What A Season Here?!" - The morph Charm Ones are now holding the power of the brothers. They can actually see where and when the real Charm Ones attack and their next move. In Demon Central, these Morph Charm Ones are wrecking havoc out of the school and conjuring and destroying histories in every pages of every book like Lady Godiva, Julius Caesar, Atilla The Hun, Diogenes, etc.

16.25 - "Witch Just Wanna Have Fuck" - The real Charm Ones are hiding in their lair, they put a spell to protect them against thwarting by anyone and no one can see what will be their next move. Together they handle and carry the Magical Book so that they can see the info about those witches and how to defeat them.

Season 17

17.01 - "The Big Bad" - "Charming Havoc" - After the Charm Ones vanquished their clones, the brother must saved and cleaned up the messes they made on the Magical School, the demon are now gone and the protection of the Magical School against the demons is back. But the Charm Ones didn't escape much further cases in their Above, they must cleaned up their name to live in the Above.

17.02 - "Joint Pleasant" - A twins sister attract the Charm Ones into falling in their lair and try to reunite their world by using the Charm Ones powers.

17.03 - "Dex Museum" - Dex must help his three brother to change them into human form before they complete be in a wax state. 

17.04 - "Do Charm Ones Sleep?" - A sandman try to used the Charm Ones body by using a dream dust to make the four sleep and never wake.

17.05 - "The Tale of Two Darren" - A mystical Apothecary is against Darren's idea of stopping their generation, transform him by dividing him into two Darren; (1) Darren who loves to do magic and incantation stuff, and (2) Darren who loves to go out and party all night.

17.06 - "Japanese Cruising'" - Anta, a Japanese model, realized that she is a witch in her past life. But the Yuma, the demon Gatekeeper is about to trap her soul in a limbo so that her generation cannot be spread in the modern world.

17.07 - "Always Be Abuse" - A Sexnapper demon kidnapped a twenty gals and used them as leverage to Lora, a Kirsch demon who killed their ancestors. 

17.08 - "Breed of Pain" - An meteor land on Above and reveal a new breed of demon outside the world who is invoking their master to rule over the Above.

17.09 - "Another Day in Parasite" - New breed conjure a four brothers named James, Jade, John, and Jas to destroy and imitate the real Charm Ones and get their power to rule the above. Meanwhile the real Charm Ones are busy for the coming of death anniversary of their beloved family.

17.10 - "Reincarnation Above" - The Imitating Charm Ones are ready to attack the brother and get their powers to rule. They trapped the four in a cage to get their book and reincarnate the demon who are been vanquished on the last season, Hathrune. The brothers are very vulnerable, used the power of astral projecting, and kept their own bodies for the meantime in the lair where no demon or anyone can see and thwart them.

17.11 - "As Above, So Below" - Hathrune is alive again and the Imitating Charm Ones are now on the manor with the Magical Book. Without any time wasted, Hathrune make his moved by bringing the balance of Grand Design combined and so evil and good where faced. Meanwhile, the Charm Ones' spirits are busy making potions so they can morph themselves into somebody and hide theirselves.

17.12 - "He's All What" - The Imitating Charm Ones are talking about their boss, as the Charm Ones replacement, they cast a spell in Hathrune so that Hathrune fall in love with them and made their boss as sex object for the whole day.

17.13 - "Super Size Meat" - While the Imitating Charm Ones are busy doing the Grand Design more evil with both good and bad, Hathrune curious used a spell in the book that can create his penis into a super size. When the Imitating Charm Ones see the effect of the spell to Hathrune, the true color of the four made Hathrune think.

17.14 - "Wonder Witches" - The real Charm Ones are back with their astral and new look witches. Without anyone knowledge in the bad bad world, they fight the right of the good.

17.15 - "Trasher Masher" - In order to hide themselves, the four real Charm Ones who are on their astral and mask self make a plan for themselves by joining the bad Grand Design by dressing themselves as trasher look while sneaking at the manor. Inside the manor, the Imitating Charm Ones somehow feel that the Charm Ones are alive because it seems that the Charm Ones power are trying to force scry for their owner.

17.16 - "Give My Body Back" - An Alchemist found the Charm Ones' bodies at the cemetery and want to get their body as his minions, the Charm Ones make a move how to scared the Alchemist and get their body back.

17.17 - "World, World, World" - The Charm Ones back to their own bodies. The Above seems cannot change by with themselves. They seek help to the neutral magical beings, the Avatars. They planned with the Avatars help they must change the Grand Design and bring it back again. But they must deal with the Avatars for their terms and conditions regarding implementing the Avatars world, the Mutopia. 

17.18 - "Miss Witch" - The Avatars help the real Charm Ones to get close in the manor by transforming them into a girl and seduce the Imitating Charm Ones while the Avatars will be the one to take care Hathrune.

17.19 - "Dealing Witches" - After vanquishing the Imitating Charm Ones and Hathrune, the real Charm Ones are get back in the manor with their powers and the Magical Book. Now they have to deal with the Avatars and implement Mutopia. 

17.20 - "Peep No More" -  Avatars get rid off first the demons Above and all demons in the Underground. They create a buffer where no demon can trespassed on the Above, even the higher level demon.

17.21 - "Mutopia: Watch Your Plan" - Alpha and Delta joined the brothers to construct a planned how they will implement the Mutopia. The Magical Creature such nymphs, dwarfs, etc. protest in the Mutopia, but the Avatars make a better place for them.

17.22 - "Mutopia: Doin' It" - The Implementation of Mutopia is implementing now, but the second problem of them is the Elders who is don't want the Avatars in the first place. But Darren stalk the Elders and see what lies behind when the Mutopia will implement. To that they agree to implement the Mutopia.

17.23 - "Mutopia: Leave The Cast" - The Mutopia almost done and the people, beings and Elders who are against in the Mutopia are been leaved in the Old Above and suffer the danger there.

17.24 - "Mutopia: Final Wash" - The final wash is the most complete changes of the Mutopia. Mortals, magical beings, Elders, Avatars are now in the one World. They have their own one world where they can seek help to the higher Elders and Avatars. These Mutopia is similar in the Netopia that the Charm ones built, full of naked truth.

Season 18

18.01 - "Way To Glory" - The Elders and Avatars are now monitored the flow of Mutopia, while the Charm Ones enjoying again the life without demons and bad elements. They enjoyed also their sex life. Alpha also flirt with one of the Elders named Hanes.

18.02 - "One Step Loser" - Some demon are now hiding and the Underground is guarded by different Avatars. They tried to get closer at the Spellman manor but it seems that the manor is protected like Underground. Their lair is only on the Magical School.

18.03 - "The World Without Warning " - Anything can happen in the Mutopia world. The sudden death of someone in that world make the Avatars caused to loosen one bytes of their power, so when someone get ready to die, the Avatars giving the people to change and bring back their own health.

18.04 - "Sick Flick" - An Angel of Death and Angel of Destiny are now discussing for what the Charm Ones done by dealing with Elders and Avatars. They caused Darren a mysterious ill that will warned them to bring back the Above instead of Mutopia.

18.05 - "Do What Angels Said" - The Charm Ones was alert by the Angel of Death and Angel of Destiny threat, they must bring the world back or else the two Angels must reverse the Mutopia by their own forcedly.

18.06 - "Angel For Cause" - The witches brother are busy fixing themselves to help an innocent who bump into a car when suddenly the Angel of Death appears and get the soul of the innocent.

18.07 - "Trial and Error of Witch Brothers" - The Spellman summoned by the Tribunal because of what they did in the Elders, Avatars and the Above. They must reversed the Mutopia now or else one brother must say goodbye to them. The Spellman with the help of Tribunal saw a premonition that one of them is destined to die...again.

18.08 - "A Season To Die For" - The Charm Ones talk to the Avatars and Elders to bring back the Old Above before its too late. But the two beings refuse, so anger with themselves, they teamed up with the Angel of Death and Angel of Destiny to undo what damage they cause.

18.09 - "The Avatars, The Elders, and The Witchcraft" - Hoping they must undo what the two beings done, the Charm Ones made a potion and a spells to create a path where no Avatars nor Elders must pass through their craft.

18.10 - "The Death of The Spellman" - Almost complete the Above to undo again, the Charm Ones deal with the death of their brother Darren as they foresaw it in a premonition.

18.11 - "18-Eleven" - As they remember the loses of their brothers, the remaining Charm Ones are still unhappy for what happen. Dex don't want to see his family sad cast a spell to erase a memory to the past and face the future happenings.

18.12 - "Untitled" - 

18.13 - "Untitled" - 





The Charm Ones cast

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Darrin (Season 1 - 11)

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