Book of Shadows & Outline
What exactly goes into The Book of Shadows?

This should be an accurate record of all the magickal hand-on things that you do. It should also hold research information, facts and figures on subjects, such as astrology, elements, herbs, crystals, etc. It may have works of wisdom, insights you have had, and perhaps the beginnings of your web weaving information.

It may also contain a list of stores and order houses where you can obtain items that you cannot make or grow yourself. Affirmations can be found there as well, and, of course, the spells and rituals you use, and their results.

You can use a three-inch binder, divided into two sections, each with A-Z index tabbing. The first section contains researched information, quotes, tables, etc. The second section holds "working" information, such as rituals, spells, healing items, formulas and other basic instructions.

Your notebook as then becomes YOUR first Book of Shadows. On the inside cover it is customary to write a book blessing. This is done for both protection and dedication purposes of the information therein. Take some time to think about how you would like to word this blessing, and then transfer it to your notebook.

Table of Contents

The Wicca ABC's - we define witches as wicca (modern witch), and these page explain the simplest meaning.
The Witch, The Warlock and The Witchcraft - the difference of three major term
Wiccan Rede - Witch rules and regulations
The Spell - The entire meaning of spell and some spell you can use
Casting A Circle - Your circle is important
Some Witches Greetings - How to greet one witch at a time
List of Gods and Goddesses - Your Deities
Witches Powers - Can you handle these
Herbal Knowledge - medical knowledge
SALEM Witchcraft Trials - Remembering Old Salem (1690)
Magical Creature and Beings - Other beings connected to witches