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Season 1

1x01 Something Wicca This Way Comes
based on
a play on a line from Shakespeare's MacBeth, Act IV, scene 1. Second Witch: "By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes. Open, locks, Whoever knocks!" (Followed by MacBeth's entrance)

1x02 I've Got You Under My Skin
I've got you under my skin" is the title of a Cole Porter song

1x03 Thank you for not morphing
A play on "Thank you for not smoking"            

1x04 Dead Man Dating
'Dead Man Dating' is a play on the Susan Sarandon/Sean Penn movie title "'Dead Man Walking"
"Dead Man Waking" is also a saying.

1x05 Dream Sorcerer
refer to the song 'Dream Lover'

1x06 The Wedding From Hell
refer to the saying 'The Wedding from Hell'

1x08 The truth is out there... and it hurts
This is a spin off "the quote the truth is out there" from the TV show "X-files"

1x09 The Witch is Back
'The Witch is Back" refers to the Elton John song with a similar name:  "The Bitch is Back"

1x11 Feats of Clay
refer from phrase, 'Feat of Clay'

1x13 From Fear to Eternity
The title is a reference to the Montgomery Clift vehicle named "From Here to Eternity"

1x14 Secrets and Guys
The title is a play on that of the multi-Oscar-nominated film, "'Secrets and Lies"

1x16 Which Prue is it, anyway?
The title of the episode is a play off of the name of the television show, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

1x17 That 70's episode
This episode most likely got its title from "That 70's Show" which premiered the same season as Charmed did.

Season 2

2x02 Morality bites
The title of this episode refers to the 1994 film "Reality Bites".

2x08 P3 H2O
P3 stands for the Charmed Ones (Prue, Piper, and Phoebe; but now Piper, Phoebe and Paige)  and H2O is the chemical name for - water.

2x10 Heartbreak City
This could have been taken from Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel.

2x12 Awakened
Refers to the movie

2x16 Murphy's Luck
A reference to Murphy's Law, "If anything can go wrong, it will"

2x17 How to make a quilt out of Americans
refers to "
How to make an American quilt"

2x19 Ex libris
Latin "from the book" (

2x21 Apocalypse not
Refers to the movie "
Apocalypse now"

2x22 Be careful what you witch for
Refers to the saying "be careful what you wish for"

Season 3

3x04 All Halliwell's Eve
Refers to All Hallows Eve (Halloween)

3x06 Primrose Empath
It most likely refers to the movie "
Primrose path"

3x08 Sleuthing iwth the enemy
Refers to the movie "
Sleeping with the enemy"

3x09 Coyote Piper
The title of this episode comes from the 2000 movie "
Coyote Ugly" which was about young women in New York City who worked at a bar which was famous for the fact the bartenders (who were all female) were very crazy and danced on the bars, flirted with the male customers, and were all around very slutty the way that Piper was after she was possessed. Also, as a separate irony, the first name of the actress who played the lead in the movie was Piper.

3x14 The good, the bad and the cursed
The title is a reference to Clint Eastwood's western, "T
he Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

3x16 Death takes a Halliwell
The title probably refers to the movie Death Takes a Holiday.

3x17 Pre-Witched
Probably a twist from
Bewitched (the series) to Pre-Witched (which could also been read as "before becoming witches")

3x19 The Demon Who Came in from the Cold
Refers to "The spy who came in from the cold", a novel by John Le Carre

3x21 Look Who's Barking
Probably a play on the title of a popular movie, "Look Who's Talking", in which a baby's thoughts are revealed through voice-over.

Season 4

4x03 Hell Hath No Fury
The title is from a poem by William Congreve "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned"

4x04 Enter the Demon
Refers to the famous kung-fu movie starring Bruce Lee, "
Enter the Dragon" (there also appears a dragon-blade in this episode)

4x08 Black as Cole
The title is a play on the saying "Black as coal"

4x09 Muse To My Ears
From the saying "News To My Ears"

4x10 A Paige From The Past
From the phrase "A Page From The Past"

4x11 Trial By Magic
Refers to the saying "Trial By Fire"

4x12 Lost And Bound
A reference to the phrase "Lost And Found"

4x13 Charmed and Dangerous
Refers to the 1999 movie
that is about a man, tormented by beautiful women, that decides it's all a giant conspiracy of women against him. He vows he can survive entirely without them, and sets out to rescue other men from falling victim to the feminine wiles ... but he soon discovers it's not as easy as he thinks

4x14 The Three Faces Of Phoebe
A reference to the movie "
The Three Faces Of Eve"

4x15 Marry-go-round
The title is a play on Merry-go-round

4x16 The Fifth Halliwheel
The title is a play on the proverb "A fifth wheel to a cart is but an encumbrance" where Paige is the "fifth wheel".

4x17 Saving Private Leo
This is a twist on the popular movie nominated for an Academy Award called "
Saving Private Ryan"

4x19 We're Off to See the Wizard
Refers to "
The wizard of Oz" (Dorothy: "We're off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz..." This song is sung on the way to Oz)

4x21 Womb Raider
Refers to the movie title "
Tomb Raider"

Season 5

5x01 A Witch's Tail
A play on the movie title "
A Knight's Tale"

5x03 Happily Ever After
A twist of word in every end of good story, "and they lived happily ever after"

5x07 Sympathy for the Demon
A play on the song Rolling Stones song "
Sympathy for the Devil"

5x09 Sam I Am
based on movies "I Am Sam"

5x10 Y Tu Mummy Tambien
refer on Spanish movies, Y Tu Mama Tambien

5x11 The Importance of Being Phoebe
This title is in reference to the film "
The importance of Being Earnest"

5x14 Sand Francisco Dreamin'
Sand is been change from its original word San

5x15 The Day The Magic Died
The lyrics of Madonna's American Pie, "the day the music died"

5x17 Lucky Charmed
based on its real word, Lucky Charm, as amulet

5x19 Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun
based on Cindy Lauper song, Girl Just Wanna Have Fun

5x20 Sense and Sense Ability
This is a pun on Jane Austen's classic novel, "Sense and Sensiblity"

5x21 Necromancing the stone
The title is probobly a reference to the 1984 movie "
Romancing The Stone" starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

Season 6

6x01 Valhalley of the dolls
The title refers to the 1966 book "valley of the dolls", a term, which passed into the American idiom to describe the addiction to prescription drugs more

6x05 Love's a witch
Probably a reference to
"Amores perros"

6x08 Charmed in Camelot - Sword in the City
Refers to the legendary King Arthur's stronghold
The word Sword in the City refers in series Sex and The City

6x10 Chris crossed
Title refers to "criss-cross" (cross in a pattern, often random)

6x11 Witchstock
Title refers to the famous Woodstock concert
6x14 The legend of sleepy Halliwell
The title is a spin on '"
The legend of sleepy hollow"

6x15 I dream of Phoebe
This title is in reference to the series "
I Dream of Jeanie" (1965 - 1970)

6x17 Hyde school reunion
The 'Hyde' in this title refers to "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".  Dr. Jekyll faces horrible consequences when he lets his dark side run wild with a potion that changes him into the animalistic Mr. Hyde

6x18 Spin City
Most likely a reference to "Sin City". This  is the overall title for a series of stories by Frank Miller told in comic book form, in what one could call the Noir style

6x22 It's a bad, bad, bad, bad world
The title may be hinting at the comedy "
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World".

Season 7

7x02 The Bare Witch Project
A play on the title of the movie "
The Blair Witch Project"

7x03 Cheaper by the Coven
A reference to the book "
Cheaper by the Dozen" which has also been made into a movie.

7x04 Charrrmed!
The three "r"s in the title refer to the 3 Charmed Ones.

7x05 Styx feet under
The title is a play on the TV series "
Six feet under"

7x06 Once in a blue moon 
Once in a blue moon is a common saying to express that something happens seldom.

7x07 Someone to witch over me
Refers to the song "Someone to Watch over Me" - words by Ira Gershwin, music by George Gershwin. Introduced by Gertrude Lawrence in the stage musical "Oh, Kay!" 1926.

7x09 There's Something About Leo
An episodes based the title on the same movie titled, "There's Something About Mary"

7x10 Witchness protection
A play on the term "Witness protection"

7x11 Ordinary Witches
Based on the novel entitled "Ordinary People"

7x12 Extreme Makeover World Edition
The title is based on the show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" where a group of people totally remake someone's home.

7x13 Charmageddon
It is a play on the word "Armageddon".
Armageddon in Christianity is anticipated as the final battle between the forces of good (Jesus and his angels) and the forces of evil (Satan and his demons).
It also refers to any great loss of life in battle etc.

7x14 Carpe Demon
A play on the phrase "Carpe Diem" which is Latin for "pluck the day," meaning "enjoy the moment".

7x15 Show Ghouls
The title is a mix of Ghosts and Souls and maybe also a reference to "

7x16 The Seven Year Witch
This episodes refer to the one of Bewitched episodes "The Eight Year Witch" and refer in the movie "The Seven Year Itch"

7x17 Scry Hard
refer to the saying, "Try Hard" and refer in movie "Die Hard"

7x20 Imaginary Friends
based on a movie, "Imaginary Heroes"

7x21 Death Becomes Them
Refer to the movie "Death Becomes Her"
starring Bruce Willis

7x22 Something Wicca This Way Goes...?!

A little but weird same title of Season 1 Episode 1, Something Wicca This Way Comes

Season 8

8x01 Still Charmed and Kicking
refer in saying "Still Alive and Kicking"

8x02 Malice In Wonderland
based on the comic story tale 'Alice in Wonderland'

8x03 Run Piper, Run
A twist on the movie filmed, 'Run Lola, Run'

8x04 Desperate Housewitch
based on the TV series "Desperate Housewives"

8x05 Rewitched
Probably a twist from 'Bewitched' (the series) to Pre-Witched (which could also been read as "before becoming witches")
Probably a word Re is again and witched is becoming witches, so "becoming witches again"

8x06 Kill Billie: Vol. I
based on the movie 'Kill Bill Vol. I' starring Uma Thurman

8x07 The Lost Picture Show
taken from, 'The Rocky Picture Show'

8x08 The Battle of the Hexes
refer in the word, 'The Battle of the Sexes'

8x09 Hulkus Pocus
based on saying, 'Hocus Pocus'